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  1. Is sr compatible with siege of dragonspear? Or will it ever be? And I mean the campaign against Caelar Argent and not bg1ee installation with sod. Atm I was able to at least install the mod. How severe will become the following possible problems: 1. The ai think that the spell work like vanilla and try wrong strategy to e.g. dispel it. 2. The ai cast a spell and the effect is totally different (e.g. blindness).
  2. About the fine weapons installation in BG1EE: Fine weapons instead of +1 weapons is a very good mod. But it seems to have some bugs: 1. A fine flail +1 has a damage code of 1d6+1. 2. The fine short bow sold by Taerom in Beregost gives only +1 thac0. Should it give +1 dmg also? 3. The damage and thac0 codes of the fine composite long bow in Feldepost's Inn are such low that the basic composite long bow is better. The faster or more realistic bears mean that bears may remain neutral even if 6 characters shoot them with arrows.
  3. Aid spell seems to give too much temporary hit points. My 4th level cleric gave my fighter (24 hit points) 17 temporary hit points. 24 => 41. At least by the spell text it should give only 9 (24 => 33).
  4. I put here some thougths about the combination: SR + SCS: The only way to protect yourself from the dispel magic spell is the dispelling screen, which protects only a single cast. If the enemy is much higher level, he needs only 2 dispel magic to remove almost everything. Or 2 mages in the fight to cast that spell simultaneously. At least against Torgal the 2 Yuan-Ti mages casted 2 dispel magics, which meant that my buffs were gone. Because the game gives you typically much higher level opponents, there might be a better way to protect yourself from dispel magic. If I have read th
  5. I think that at least 2 spell have icon problems: monster summoning 1 and obscuring mist. If you try to install scs (iwd spells) after sr, you need to move 1 or 2 spells from sr folder to the override directory before the installation can success.
  6. Difficulty was insane, Imoen's immortality is independent of party AI (I tested both).
  7. Now I have an installation, which contains tweaks anthology and scs. Nothing else. And Imoen does not die. I attached the save file and weidu.log. 000000023-Test.zip WeiDU.log
  8. Well, I researched this problem more. Sorry that I previously reinstalled the factory settings by using the Beamdog client. It seems that this reinstallation setup does not remove all previous problems. My bad. Moreover, it seems that the combination of scs and spell revisions does not cause the problem. But the combination of: 1. Npc project, 2. Tweaks anthology, 3. Spell revision and 4. Scs cause the problem. I checked that the problem did not exist before the scs installation. And scs was the last installed mod. The combination of tweaks and scs is my next bet.
  9. Hmm. I checked this. For example Imoen has not that kind of item in BG1 when I recruit her. Only the basic items (40 arrows, bow, wand of magic missiles etc). Still the black bears in the same map weren't able to kill him.
  10. I checked this bug. I installed only SCS 32.7 to mod-free version from beamdog server. Minsc go naked against a mephit in the corridor behind the golem in chateau Irenicus and cannot die.
  11. I'm not sure, is this bug because of scs, but in bg1:ee, npc companions does not die on insane difficulty level. Their health remain at 1, even if they get more damage. I have installed several other mods also: npc project, spell revisions, anthology tweaks. The other mods or combination of the mods may be the reason for this bug.
  12. True neutral familiar's disarm trap skill is grayed out. At least in the description, the rabbit should have 60% disarm skill.
  13. At least in my installation Shar-Teel romance stucks when the X#SHARINTERESTTALK = 15. My other variables are: X#SHARINTEREST =1 X#SHARKIND = 2 X#SHARLOVEFIGHT=5 X#SHARLIRTEARLY=0 Reputation 8 etc. According to the file X#shrom, the code does not have something special, what I don't have.
  14. The highest price to find Imoen should be 120 000. Now it is 1 120 000, which is too much.
  15. I installed IR to BG1EE recently. Basically it looks good but now Bassilus drops the Rift Hammer instead of the Ashideena. On average the Rift hammer does 0.5 dmg more than Ashideena against 1 enemy. And for 4 enemies the Rift Hammer is on average 5 dmg better than the Ashideena. Do you think that the Ashideena, one of the best weapons in BG1, really needs buff? Or is this a bug?
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