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  1. Hello. I had a really weird bug just a couple of minutes ago. I chose Malficus path and I only got two quests. I'm playing this mod the first time but it seemed odd to me that wow, only two quests? So I read forum and it looks like I didn't have the one with poisoning. Everything seemed fine at first but after total destruction of Shadow Thieves, I came to my shiny employer and I got three options; that I killed Aran, that I killed him and it was hard and that I didn't killed him. Choosing one of the first two resulted in him telling me that I had to bring him 50 000 in gold (with no options to reply). I have to mention here another bug - I could get 50k exp for each of my partymates over and over by only repeating this conversation. Ok, confusion started but I sold some stuff and came back to him. And then it happened - he told me to come to docks and we sailed over to Maztika. I have v10 of alternatives. Also, if it would be helpful, I've got saves before accepting the offer, before giving him 50k and at the beggining of chapter 4.
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