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  1. Minor item problem. In Ponab's Emporium, the Light Crossbow description and stats are not present. Fresh install of v8, no other mods. (I did try installing the IWD-in-BG2 tweaks, the this didn't solve the problem.)
  2. I know this is an old post, but hoping it's still looked at. Thanks for the effort with this; it's much appreciated. I'm just a little confused, though. the README for the IWD Fixpack states: The Animation fixes for Icewind Dale: TotLM [1pp] mod can potentially nullify fixes--specifically, if you install the 'enable combat stance animations' component and choose the 'Replace scripts' option. Using the component with the 'Keep Old Scripts' option should be safe, and should follow the Fixpack in the install order. Using the 'Replace scripts' option is not recommended, but if you insist, install it before the Fixpack. So, the README says it should go before the 1pp Animation fixes, but you suggest it should be opposite for similar reasons. Also, this doesn't state which option should be used, so I'm thinking it's better to follow the Fixpack README unless there's something else I'm missing or not understanding. Thanks for any comments.
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