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  1. Not to make excuses for them, but there are probably other circumstances behind closed doors as well. But we won't ever get access to the full story there. I think it's unfortunate in the end though.. Since Beamdog not being successfull, either by their own incompetence or simply bad luck,means the game might ultimately be left in a lackluster state. Which means it's a loss for everyone. Personally I don't think marketing old school nostalgia is as effective as it was in 2012. People just don't care as much as they used to and that already niche audience is getting older and fewer in numbers as well. Larians bg3 might be a decent rpg by itself, but its also a considerably more modern one. And from what I can tell that topic generates more traffic on the forum than any of beamdogs new releases. This thread also probably doesn't reflect the large number of people who left quietly as well.
  2. Well as I see it that essentially leads to the same thing. Regardless of the reasons behind the delays.. three years is a long time to wait for a patch and Nwn:EE is showing the same slow progress. Soon enough people stop caring and you don't have a fanbase to keep you afloat anymore. I mean what is their future plans at the moment ? ....Is there even one? Besides fixing bugs. There's also a boatload of potential features that have been requested in both the feature subforum and in the ask beamdog thread. Not that I think those will ever see the light of day... Giving an option to chose between the vanilla intros and beamdog version for example.
  3. Aside from the grievances in this thread, I'm pretty sure there are different reasons why a lot of users have left quietly as well. Among them has to be the incredibly lengthy patch cycles and no new announcement of any games other than Axis and Allies(which sorry is even more of a niche game than the BG series) We're getting further 2020 now and there doesn't seem to be that much progress.. actually barely any progress at all to be honest.. I would say Beamdog is in danger of being forgotten completely if they keep this up.
  4. Yeah I'm talking about the generation games that came after Dragon age origins and that's also around the same time(slowly but surely) Baldurs gate became celebrated for it's old school mechanics, but at the same time the battle systems were more simplified and streamlined because well old school is also ''bad'' I mean Swen Vinckes argument against implementing dice roll hit/miss based mechanics is because players don't like to miss nowadays....How do you expect to appeal to the old school crowd, if your first order of business is to shun everything about it...
  5. I've heard that argument for about a decade now with all games that tried to emulate the formula that made Baldurs gate so successful. ''We have to tweak the combat system to make it better than it was''... As of yet they haven't succeeded.
  6. I'd say it's been that way for awhile, but it certainly got a lot worse after SoD. It wasn't until very recently that it started to bother me and because the activity on the forum at large has decreased, in addition to Beamdogs situation. You're right that the SoD controversy was an unfortunate and somewhat unpleasant situation for the community, but keep in mind that was 3 1/2 years ago at this point. There's a limit to how long people can keep using that as a shield and at some point we have to move on from that... These things are fairly short lived anyway.. The ones who did the actual trolling and warmongering, packed their bags and left within the first month.. And as far as I can tell pretty much every gaming community and gaming developers has had their controversy at some point or another. If we're going to be fair I don't think Beamdog deserves special treatment.
  7. I don't think you should stop arguing your opinions, but being correct in your defensive attitude, depends on what the context of the original problem was. In this case before the posts were deleted and the thread locked I saw Tresset(a mod) write a rather sanctimonious post about ''complainers never being happy and how the eventually the company would stop patching the games because of that'' Which was followed by a post from what looked like a slightly ticked off subtledoctor. He probably realised his mistake and corrected that..Though I'm somewhat puzzled why the entire thread has just disappeared in the first place, since it contained information regarding Beamdogs somewhat unlucky thing with that tax credit removal. Which from what I understood was an understandable and bitter setback for the company. But either case my problem is more how the community culture over there responds to criticism.. and it's been that way for years. Most of the common arguments made by the most passionate fanboys(and let's be honest, that's what they are) seem to involve: ''you people complain about everything'' ''you should be happy you are still getting patches at all!'' And those people have just gotten worse lately...So my problem stems from the general immaturity of some users there and their awful response to legitimate criticism. batoor
  8. I've recently installed Baldurs gate 1/2 with the BGT trilogy along with a few other mods. When I tested starting the game before the widescreen mod I had no problems. After installing the widescreen mod with no errors, I try to launch the game, but I get nothing...The game won't even budge. I'm not sure if I even see a split second in the task manager of whatever happens. I have tried reinstalling both games once more with pretty much the same load/install order with a few exceptions, but I get the same result. When I try uninstalling the widescreen patch it works fine, but I can't get my game to load up no matter when the widescreen patch is installed. Anyway here is a log of the mods I have installed currently. I haven't tried without Ascension, but documentation regarding installation of that mod is rather obscure, with a lot of conflicting opinions. I will post more information if that is required, I just wonder if anyone has a solution or at least an idea of how to fix the problem. EDIT: Minutes after creating this thread i tried using the Reinstall function with the same coordinates in the Widescreen Setup and things seem to be working..Or is it? I can start the game fine at least and play. Strange though, what could have caused this? Anyway I hope I don't run into any issues as I proceed.
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