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    Ace's update!

    Day 2! We're at 400 something. Thanks so much to those who have pledged so far!
  2. theacefes

    Imoen is literally stuck to my pc!

    Weird! The timers between talks are pretty generic - maybe:
  3. theacefes

    Imoen is literally stuck to my pc!

    Clearly this wouldn't have happened if you had just installed Sarah. (I kid. )
  4. theacefes

    Shadow Realms by Bioware cancelled, yay!

    It's a shame for them I think though because some of the updates and concept of the setting seemed pretty neat. I'd like to see them not throw away that setting and maybe apply it towards another single player project. While I'd like to see them step away from the MMO genre completely (I like the ME and DA multiplayer because it's separate and closer to co-op than an MMO) I can understand if they've sunk so much money into it and EA not wanting to give up that revenue. For now I'm eagerly awaiting E3 in hope that they will reveal the next Mass Effect. I personally think the DA team really redeemed themselves with Inquisition (it's not perfect of course) and you can tell they are proud of it, something I didn't really see with DA2. Hopefully the ME team has taken some notes. I'm also glad to see new leadership on the ME project - I think that there was a lot of antagonism from the management of ME2/3 towards the players and that really sucked.
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    Ace's update!

    Hi Mike, Your assumption is correct but I see your point so I've revised the description a bit (in the main area - can't update the pledge!) to make it a tad more clear, though I honestly don't think it was super implied. Among other things, yes. The story provides some backstory and talks about the costs that come with a pastime like this. Interesting but not really the goal. It's a stand alone album, much like the latest album from "Your favorite indie rock band". I've always offered consulting or licensing to people in general and this whole project is really just for 1) my own challenge and fun project and 2) getting some nice music not necessarily associated with a game or movie but of the genre out to people who are interested.
  6. No thanks. The person who can restore it was notified already - we are just waiting for them. It's something that isn't in my hands as I don't have access to the server.
  7. theacefes

    download links?

    Hi trotos, please see this link to get to the downloads page.
  8. I've fixed the link on the home page for the downloads but the individual pages are probably going to have to wait.
  9. Got it. I think for those it's going to be easier to just wait for the host to get redirected than to go in each of those pages and change every individual link.
  10. I think I've redirected most of the images and set up the subdomain for iesdp. You'll still notice the URL changes to the actual path but that'll be fixed in time. Let me know if there are any issues downloading mods or viewing topics.
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    Problem with Download Section

    The forums software won't allow us to upload anything new to it.
  12. UPDATE: I've moved this guide to my new site page. The code is slightly updated and it's a bit easier to read with more step by step instructions than probably necessary. I'll keep the older one up in case people like that better. Hello again! I'm sure many of you have seen my NPC tutorial for how to get an NPC in the game and give it basic dialogue. A while back, I put together a longer and more detailed version of an NPC guide that goes through a bit more on how to make your NPC XTREME and working correctly. This guide can be found in the Wiki, but I figured it might be easier viewed here. I've tested everything in the guide, so I know it works, but I don't dare claim that everything you could ever want to know is in here. Awhile ago, I invited anyone who was interested to update the file in the Wiki to however they like, so that eventually we might have something easy for the very beginner to follow. Now, no one has done such a thing yet, for many reasons including time restrictions, not really caring to do so, etc. So this leads me to a simple conclusion, should anyone with coding knowledge find something wrong or something that needs to be added in the tutorial: Don't complain about it. Fix it! It will be our little..."community project" har har (that was a good one ) Okay, seriously, here it is. It's got basic creation, banter, interjections, PIDs, flirts, basic (BASIC!!) scripting, music, sounds, portraits, and some other stuff that I can't remember without looking at it again. Ace's NPC Creation Guide Ace's slightly updated NPC Creation Guide (a little easier to follow) UPDATE: New link, fixed some typos that would have caused errors upon installation.
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    Sarah for BG2:EE

    Because the download center was being weird. Sarah for BG2:EE
  14. It was for the good of the IE modding community, I swear! Today I got married, and to the enemy on top of it all! Not joking! So...long story short, after 2 years of waiting, flying back and forth across the Atlantic, and lots of expensive paperwork, ChooChoo made the big move over to California and we got married today. Auren is still not romanceable.
  15. Hey everyone, We're going to be upgrading to the latest version of IPB this weekend so there may be some downtime in the forums and downloads center. Just giving everyone a heads up.
  16. theacefes

    Suggestions for a New Gaming Rig

    GTX 770 is one of the best home cards you can get actually - but there are better of course. There always are. Have you considered SLI?
  17. theacefes

    Suggestions for a New Gaming Rig

    I have the GTX 770 and I have no issues on that front with DA2. In fact it runs fantastically.
  18. Update complete. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site.
  19. Sorry about that, everyone. We ran into some crazy issue with the database and the forum software logging. Should be good for now. Please let me know if you see anything weird with the site. Thanks for your patience.
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    Installing Music

    Hi! Yes, the separate file is just if you want to listen to it outside of the game, like on your music player or something. The ingame soundtrack is already packaged in the mod and installs when you install the mod.
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    We're back! (Again...omg)

    Done. Not sure why that happened.
  22. theacefes

    After the first meeting in the North corner of Umar Hills

    Are you an evil character?
  23. theacefes

    A Meeting of Admins

    Ugh, what a bitch.
  24. theacefes

    Questions about Sarah romance (spoilers!)

    It does! I was lame and never uploaded it. http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=26145
  25. theacefes

    Questions about Sarah romance (spoilers!)

    Hi. Looks like her ToB "quest" didn't trigger properly in ToB. Not sure why. As for the latter issue, she prefers to be out of the city but if it's still not working then something else might have gone wrong in your game.