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  1. I think that's great for team based projects or people who have an academic interest in the code but I would advise new modders against making something like that public if they are doing content/story based mods and want to keep any part of their dialogues/story under wraps until it's ready for release.
  2. While I agree with you, I'm going to also be the pessimistic ass and state that many times the "my hard drive crashed" excuse is often a cover for people who just have lost interest/haven't gotten as much progress as they advertise done/both and don't want to look bad when they tell people. Again though, I agree with you and think it's a great suggestion.
  3. MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST STOP TALKING SO MUCH. (and yeah that could be done too )
  4. I've increased the max quota a bit. Hopefully this helps.
  5. It's so fast that by the time the page is finished loading, you're already on a different site! (Anytime)
  6. I blame you guys. The site has just had way more activity and is too big for what a shared hosting solution can really handle well. Or at all. It was going to happen sooner or later.
  7. Yep. Yay! Holy crap. So, we have moved to a MUCH more reliable hosting solution. Special thanks to Kaeloree and SConrad for their technical assistance in helping us get back online and to Camdawg for hosting our emergency mirror while we were down (and of course to the modders who took the time to send us the most updated version of their mods).
  8. Sorry about that, everyone. We ran into some crazy issue with the database and the forum software logging. Should be good for now. Please let me know if you see anything weird with the site. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Yes, I have to go in and replace some images that got overwritten.
  10. Huh, that was less painful than it could have been. We should be good now.
  11. The forums may be offline temporarily today/tomorrow to do software updates and fix some weird bugs that occurred recently. Thanks for your patience!
  12. Just an update on this - we are looking into the issue (it's more than just the ghostly guests...the forum software seems to be acting funky and slow in general). Will update more as soon as there is more info.
  13. Er...that's odd. Guests can't post but they should be able to view. I'll check it out. Thanks.
  14. As some of you may or may not have noticed, we now have a donate page. Over the past few years we've received messages from some wonderful people wondering how they can help. Instead of handling this on a message by message basis, I've just put up a simple paypal that anyone interested can go to. G3 has been and always will be a free site for all. But for those interested, there is no minimum amount one can donate and no rewards or perks (other than gratitude and smilie faces). Donations go towards hosting costs and site maintenance. Additional info can be found here. -Kat
  15. I partially agree with lynx and I'll say the same thing I said over at SHS. Obsidian has spent the last nearly 10 years bragging about how they are a AAA studio with AAA games. It's great that they are making this game and it's sure to be fun but it seems a bit hypocritical for a supposed AAA studio to turn around and claim they are just a regular ol' indie studio...one of the good guys...our pals...etc etc etc. It's very possible they have invested some of their own money into this - I honestly haven't been following the backers themselves that closely.
  16. Hah! Nice! I'm glad you enjoyed the mod!
  17. You are not required to start conversations with Sarah for the romance to work. However, by this time if you fit the requirements for the romance you should already know by now if the romance is active.
  18. Tsuki BG2 OpenBeta released In Faerun there are both heroes and villains. Some from the second group want gold. Some want power. Some just one to kill. Tsuki is the worst type: he want pleasure in its every aspect. He wants to be on a winner's side. Is such a man to be trusted? Can you let another Bodhi's servant join you? Tsuki BG2 is a continuation of Mysteries of the Sword Coast NPC - an egocentric mage/thief half elf. When compared to Edwin, the Red Wizard seems to be nice. Tsuki is a hard-to-stand male diva, with a relationship path to discover by both male and female characters, but if I were you, I wouldn't expect anything romantic. He's not that kind of guy. The mod includes both SoA and ToB part, yet ToB isn't big. Website Forum Download Note: it seems that there is some kind of problem with the English mini-forum. It should be back soon. If there is any change, you shall be informed via MotSC webpage.
  19. The DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for Infinity Engine games. Avenger has released version 7.4b, which includes more checking/searching abilities for various filetypes as well as other fixes. Download Link Support Forum
  20. One lazy weekend, Tempest and theacefes decided it would be a good idea to write some crossmod. The players in this banter are Auren, Sarah, Nalia, and introducing Tempest's Valerie (a duty-bound sorceress of the Cowled Wizards) and Lyria (an elven priestess of Sehanine Moonbow who believes that life is a journey, not a destination). Note that this banter is ridiculous at many parts and it will most likely never be coded. Lyria ~Miss Aseph, Miss or whatever-your-noble-title-is De'Arnise, the faith of Sehanine Moonbow is formally recognized by the government of Amn as a religious institution. This means I have legal authority to wed you. So either stop acting like an old married couple or, so help me Lady of Dreams, I'll turn you into one!~ Nalia ~What?! I'd rather sleep on a bed of rusty nails than have anything more than an uncomfortable acquaintance with Aseph.~ Lyria ~You *have* grown out of the cooties phase, right?~ Nalia ~Have you *met* Auren?~ Auren ~Now, now *princess*, let's not get carried away. You're not such a prize yourself.~ Valerie ~Lyria? Do it.~ Auren ~No!~ Nalia ~I object-~ Lyria ~Overruled, Mrs. and Mrs... uh... how does it work for humans, again?~ Valerie ~I'm taking shelter. I do *not* want to stick around for this...~ Auren ~Can I keep my last name? Auren De'Arnise doesn't really flow.~ Nalia ~By the gods, Auren, shut up for once!~ Sarah (in some impossible install where the party is all female and mod characters with tons of lesbians) ~I'm with you, Valerie.~ Valerie ~It's like the girls' dorm during apprenticeship all over again.~ Lyria ~And my work here is done. This should keep those two occupied for the next few days and safely out of our hair.~
  21. Yeah, try advancing it and then if you want to test it just allow a few game days to pass.
  22. The global K#Friendship gets set to 4 right after Auren says her first line. I would check to see what that variable is set to using the console. If it's 4, then you should be fine.
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