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    Mass Effect for PC?

    I have the hard copy of the trilogy and on a technical level it installs and runs fine. The only game I've ever had issues with is Mass Effect 1 - but that has nothing to do with the trilogy pack - the game is just old so sometimes there are issues (occasionally it would crash to desktop but that only happened a couple times and I think it had to do with my graphics card). In terms of quality - each one had elements that made it shine and also had elements that made me roll my eyes. I think if you like the KOTOR/JE style of storytelling, you'll like Mass Effect. Don't let the third person shooter aspect throw you off - the trilogy is very much a story driven game with combat elements - not the other way around as is with most other games developed on that engine (Unreal). Hands down, it's my favorite game setting and series of games (sorry, BG) to date.
  2. theacefes

    Chat room bugged

    Seems to work now.
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  4. The Gibberlings 3 welcomes Vynd, a drow assassin who can join your party in Beregost! Vynd is currently in beta. Those interested in testing the mod can head over to Vynd's forum, where Glam Vrock, Vynd's modder, can hook you up with a pass to test this mod for BGTutu, BGT, and BG:EE! Link: Forum
  5. theacefes

    Chat room bugged

    Not sure what happened. Might have to do a reinstall of the chat app or upgrade it. I'll check it out.
  6. Er....in case anyone was wondering. The Imoen Romance mod was written by Lord M. It was in alpha for ToB and abandoned 700 years ago*. TCDale was able to get a hold of Lord M and got permission to rerelease the mod with bugfixes and removed/slightly edited content. I assisted TCDale in coding part of the mod and Kaeloree helped me out in that department because the old code was very very hard to navigate through. If I did come across any content that made me uncomfortable to be involved in the mod, even in a coding sense, I requested that the content be removed or edited heavily before I would take part in any coding. I was able to get TCDale a partial beta but had to withdraw from the project due to real life commitments and socialist countries. * apprx.
  7. theacefes

    Auren v6.2 Bug Reports

    Report bugs here please!
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    Version 3 Buggies

  9. theacefes

    Ace's very long NPC creation guide

    Sorry, guys. The guide has been taken down from my personal web host permanently. This was due to the fact that I simply don't have the time to update it with current coding practices and I don't want to encourage bad practices or deal with the bickering over what is a good practice or a bad practice. For those who are still interested, the original copy of the guide is nearly the same as the web based one.
  10. theacefes

    New Baldur's gate?

    LOL. What about that really slow moving underwater mission?
  11. theacefes

    On backups and cloud storage

    I think that's great for team based projects or people who have an academic interest in the code but I would advise new modders against making something like that public if they are doing content/story based mods and want to keep any part of their dialogues/story under wraps until it's ready for release.
  12. theacefes

    On backups and cloud storage

    While I agree with you, I'm going to also be the pessimistic ass and state that many times the "my hard drive crashed" excuse is often a cover for people who just have lost interest/haven't gotten as much progress as they advertise done/both and don't want to look bad when they tell people. Again though, I agree with you and think it's a great suggestion.
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    Messenger full - more storage?

  14. theacefes

    Messenger full - more storage?

    MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST STOP TALKING SO MUCH. (and yeah that could be done too )
  15. theacefes

    Messenger full - more storage?

    I've increased the max quota a bit. Hopefully this helps.
  16. theacefes

    We're back! (Again...omg)

    It's so fast that by the time the page is finished loading, you're already on a different site! (Anytime)
  17. theacefes

    We're back! (Again...omg)

    I blame you guys. The site has just had way more activity and is too big for what a shared hosting solution can really handle well. Or at all. It was going to happen sooner or later.
  18. theacefes

    We're back! (Again...omg)

    Yep. Yay! Holy crap. So, we have moved to a MUCH more reliable hosting solution. Special thanks to Kaeloree and SConrad for their technical assistance in helping us get back online and to Camdawg for hosting our emergency mirror while we were down (and of course to the modders who took the time to send us the most updated version of their mods).
  19. The forums may be offline temporarily today/tomorrow to do software updates and fix some weird bugs that occurred recently. Thanks for your patience!
  20. theacefes

    Possible forum downtime

    Yes, I have to go in and replace some images that got overwritten.
  21. theacefes

    Possible forum downtime

    Huh, that was less painful than it could have been. We should be good now.
  22. theacefes

    Guests are ghosts?

    Just an update on this - we are looking into the issue (it's more than just the ghostly guests...the forum software seems to be acting funky and slow in general). Will update more as soon as there is more info.
  23. theacefes

    Guests are ghosts?

    Er...that's odd. Guests can't post but they should be able to view. I'll check it out. Thanks.
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    G3 Donate Stuffs

    As some of you may or may not have noticed, we now have a donate page. Over the past few years we've received messages from some wonderful people wondering how they can help. Instead of handling this on a message by message basis, I've just put up a simple paypal that anyone interested can go to. G3 has been and always will be a free site for all. But for those interested, there is no minimum amount one can donate and no rewards or perks (other than gratitude and smilie faces). Donations go towards hosting costs and site maintenance. Additional info can be found here. -Kat