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  1. 21 hours ago, CoM_Solaufein said:

    Who are you again? ūüėú

    Listen here... ūüėõ

    20 hours ago, jastey said:

    This sounds very intriguing. "Being revealed" means people can ask "are we there yet" publicly or is it already available?ÔĽŅ


    And, since this a Baldur's Gate forum... Will there be space hamsters? :)

    Thank you! It is in development so not yet available. :)

    And alas! I cannot say. ;)


  2. The Crossmod Banter Pack is a collaborative effort to add banters between mod NPCs that add content to Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, written by the original NPC authors working in collaboration. Version 17 adds all new content with banters between @jmaeq's The Beaurin Legacy NPCs and many mod NPCs. Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, you can download the mod, browse the readme, wander through the project page, or join us on the forum.

  3. 8 hours ago, jemapa said:

    That's what makes me feel her story has little impact on anything.

    Just a thought...many times NPC modders have to walk a fine and sometimes blurry line between "The NPC takes over the game! This is about MY CHARACTER NOT YOURS!!" and "The NPC didn't make enough impact on the game!".

    It's a bit of a thankless hobby sometimes if you're putting the character out there for other people. I personally get annoyed when mod characters spout sanctimonious lines at my PC, "win" every banter, and interject after literally every line in the game. 

  4. 42 minutes ago, Kitanna said:

    I started this mod 15 years ago

    And you finished it! Kudos to you!

    43 minutes ago, Kitanna said:

    No. I wanted an NPC who offers to help the protagonist because he doesn't like what he sees in the Promenade and feels it's the right thing to do.

    I dig it. Well done! I'll most likely give this a whirl on my next playthrough.

  5. 9 hours ago, jastey said:

    @theacefes In the "setup.tp2" there is still text that shouldÔĽŅ be trayfied:

    I haven't touched weidu in 7 years...can you put tra statements in debug file prints? I assumed there was a reason @cmorgan kept it this way so I didn't touch it. 


    Edit: and btw @jastey I am super excited about the feedback, thank you very much! :D

  6. 9 hours ago, jastey said:

    @theacefes Also, it would be great if the template would consider different languages for the tra files.

    These have been copied from the current setup which is just English. The template is not a complete reflection of the actual mod folder setup but there is an English folder in the mod. But adding other language folders is easy. 

    The biggest time sucker is just creating the folders for every talk and doing the legwork of trafying dialogue. That is what I was going for in this template. 

  7. 9 hours ago, jastey said:

    I can add a note, of course. As long as the two mods use different dlg files it shuldn't lead to mixups, though.

    @theacefes In the "setup.tp2" there is still text that should be trayfied:

    To extend on my above suggestion. I'd go with @000 - @003 to reduce mixup potential of text lines per contribution.

    I have to go through all of these in the tp2 and manually number them so mass replace, regardless of the placeholder number, doesnt really work here, since the tp2 tra is nearly 600 strings long. 

  8. Got some crossmod banter? Want it in this mod? Me, too.

    From here on out, we're going to be changing up the way this mod is maintained. Modders who wish to have their crossmod in this pack will need to submit their banters in a format that makes updating this mod easy and quick.

    I've created a scaffold you can use to set up your crossmod content. If you coded your NPC mod, you should be perfectly comfortable doing this.

    Download the zip from the GitHub repository and extract it. Then just follow the instructions. :)

    If you run into issues, just contact myself or any of the Gibberlings and we'll help. 

    Download it here


  9. Sounds good :) . Yes, after taking a look at the code it's very straightforward to add to the mod, but also a little tedious. Having modders submit their banters in a format more closely compatible with CBP's requirements would make updating it much easier and quicker. 

  10. @Lava and @Artemius I, If you're checking for crossmod installed as well as the mod you are crossmodding with, double firing shouldn't be an issue. But don't know if ppl do that :)

    I am currently updating the mod. However there's a certain structure I am going to advise interested modders to follow so updating isn't a PITA.

    If you don't mind waiting, I can put this guide up later. If you like you can send me your crossmod stuff then. 

  11. 22 hours ago, Isewein said:

    Crossmod with Kulyok's Reunion! Seriously, that'd be a great ToB conclusion to their story. Even if it were nothing but some tiny acknowledgment of saving 'their' castle (again).

    I actually haven't played that one yet - I'll have to look into it!

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