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  1. Thanks for the quick reply man. I guess eekeeper is for the enhanced edition. Regular shadow keeper should work fine though I suppose?
  2. Had a question so thought I might as well just post it here while I vote instead of making a new thread. I've looked around and can't figure out how exactly to check the romance variables for all the npc's as they seem to be coded differently. Specifically looking to see where Branwen stands. Edit: using original BGT Thanks for any help and double thanks for this mod guys and girls!
  3. Hi. I decided to create an account here just to let you know that I admire the obvious dedication you must have that compels you to keep working on this mod. It makes an old Infinity Engine powered heart weep tears of joy to know that quality content is still being produced for a timeless classic. Keep up the good work and have luck and success in all your endeavours.
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