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  1. I have tried it with the 640 - 480, 800 - 600 and the 1024 - 768 options. I do not have any higher resolution mods installed. Changing the resolution didn't work but thanks for pointing that option out, it really should have been the first thing I tried.
  2. I am using a fresh and clean install of GOG's Baldurs Gate II Complete. As for the codepage I am pretty sure its the Windows 1252 ANSI. I haven't used a font mod, would I have to reinstall IWD to BGII for it to work? I did also try Kulyok's suggestion of changing the dialogue window and ALT-TABing but it didn't work. Thank you for the suggestion tho.
  3. I have looked around and couldn't find anyone else with this problem. While it isn't a game breaking issue it is a tad annoying. I have tried un/re-installing 'ice_tutu_tweaks' and Kulyok's IWDNPC mod (the only two mods I am using) and this didn't help. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix it before I try un-installing and re-installing Icewind Dale.
  4. Hi. I decided to create an account here just to let you know that I admire the obvious dedication you must have that compels you to keep working on this mod. It makes an old Infinity Engine powered heart weep tears of joy to know that quality content is still being produced for a timeless classic. Keep up the good work and have luck and success in all your endeavours.
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