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  1. Hmm I wonder if it is just the base game behaviour crossing over from BG1 all the way to TOB? Not sure of any other way to explain it but I definitely had normal weapons breaking on me in BG2/TOB (hilariously it would happen to guys I was fighting in BG2 semi frequently so they would end up trying to punch me to death).
  2. Oops sorry, I've fixed my post now.
  3. So I think these are the right logs? They seem a bit short though to me! I'm doing a fresh install at the moment so possibly I've deleted the log but hope that helps a little.
  4. Just finished my first playthrough with EET and various other mods. For the most part it was relatively bug free. I did feel a bit OP in BG2 although not in TOB (Ascension I think was really kicking my butt hard?). Couple of bugs I did note: * Breakable weapons mod continues through SOD, BG2 and TOB. This almost caused me to have to quit Watcher's Keep as the fallen warrior's spirit's sword kept breaking while he was under my control - he couldn't kill anything only knock things unconscious so I had to reload until by chance I managed to make it the full way through without his sword breaking. I don't think I install in next time unless there's a way to limit it to BG1 only. * Some weird things with Imoen's thief levels in BG2? She ended up wayyy overleveled compared to my main character so I ended up doing a fresh import into BG2 which fixed her though. Anyway just wanted to say thank you and hope the list of compatible mods continues to grow.
  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking, just to save myself some time with manual installs.
  6. Hi just a bit of a question on installation. Should I do the following? 1. Use BWS to install mods on BGEE that are required to be installed prior to EET 2. Install EET 3. Use BWS to install mods that are compatible with EET 4. Manually install mods that require patching. Or actually am I getting confused and should just use BWS for everything? Cheers!
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