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  1. Yeah, what caused the ban, Shandyr? Though not around as much any more, I noticed over the years some of the more social/prolific members getting banned, including you, LadyRhian, shawne, etc. As I recall beamdog at one point stated it happened that more active forum members asked to be banned in order to be forced to spend less time there.
  2. Has to be one of the most lawful playthroughs I've ever heard of.
  3. Hm. I always figured he meant Zhalimar Cloudwulfe and his party of faithful (Aasim, Alai, Diyab, Gardush and Naaman) that you do battle with atop the Iron Throne building, and as such never saw it as a plot hole. With Hafiz giving you one scroll, I got the impression he was talking about a singular encounter -- but of course it could be interpreted in different ways. Edit: At any rate, they are six, and they seemingly serve Sarevok with a religious devotion rather than as mercenaries. From Zhalimar's dialogue: "There are no hired lackeys for you to bribe here, no mercenaries that slather at the sound of coins. We are servants of Sarevok and Sarevok alone, selected by hand to protect his destiny."
  4. Ah, maybe I should have adopted another abbreviation; I meant the Black Pits.
  5. In essence, IWD-in-BG2 is mostly solely an engine conversion where you can play IWD in the pre-EE BG2 engine. This was nothing to sneeze at back in the day, but arguably doesn't stand out as much now due to release of IWD:EE. IWD-in-EET is part of a much larger project that aims to add IWD and IWD2 to the existing EET structure, ultimately enabling availability of BG, SoD, BG2, ToB, IWD, IWD2 and BP in the same playthrough.
  6. Right, yeah -- this is what I thought while posting, the problem probably stemming from my setup with having installed this mod onto EET and after EET_End. I had the problems in the game, but solved it by transferring the dialogue states to the proper file. Probably not an issue then. Of course. Cool, I'll try it out if it coincides, about to transition into SoD soon.
  7. Another possible bug is with the Imoen <-> Liia Jannath component. The IMOEN2_.DLG file generated by installing on EET won't work since Imoen uses IMOEN2J.DLG for her lines. Also the dialogue references between Liia and Imoen seem weird, with among other things one state of IMOEN2_.DLG leading to another state in the same file rather than back to Liia as would be expected -- but maybe that's due to the EET install as well. In the same way, because of IMOEN2_.DLG not being the file Imoen uses, her reply to the servant C#STSRV2 also won't fire. Edit: Could likely be solved by adding EET compatibility, installing onto BG1/SoD and importing through the EET install -- should consolidate the lines into the proper DLG file. Also, when Belt proclaims you hero of Baldur's Gate, his line "By the power bestowed upon me as Duke of the Council of Six of this city" should probably be Duke of the Council of Four (with the Council of Six of course being in Athkatla).
  8. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66521/enable-dual-classing-into-kits-now-with-proficiency-fix/p1
  9. Try putting this version of the script in your override, should work as a temporary fix. BG0109.BCS
  10. Possible bug (EET install): Voleta Stiletto disappears as soon as you enter the thieves' maze. The c#stdstr.bcs script seems a bit premature on her, as Global("SarevokBehavior","GLOBAL",1) will be true once you pursue Sarevok after the coronation -- meaning Voleta will destroy herself before she gets a chance to talk about the maze. Edit: Other than this, the appearance of Elminster, Sarevok's equipment, the hero ceremony, Ophyllis and transitioning over to SoD all seem to work well, even on an EET game in progress. Great work and splendid functionality to have! For another possible bug/incompatibility, moving to the second floor of the Ducal Palace once I'm back inside after the hero ceremony crashes my game -- related to Nila maybe? Will investigate more tomorrow. Edit 2: Actually after looking at the BCS (BG0109 in EET), I think it might explain the crash. The AR0110 etc designations are no longer valid in EET (BG1 areas are renamed), and as such this component may not be compatible with it in its current version: IF Global("C#st_HeroOfBG","GLOBAL",1) Global("C#st_PrepareContainersPC", "MYAREA", 0) THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveContainerContents("AR0110*Container1","AR0109*Container2") MoveContainerContents("AR0110*Container2","AR0109*Container2") MoveContainerContents("AR0110*Container3","AR0109*Container2") SetGlobal("C#st_PrepareContainersPC", "MYAREA", 1) END >>>>>>>> EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%NBaldursGate_DucalPalace_L2%.bcs~ ~.../ar0109 The install process works around this with the script name, but not the area names.
  11. This was actually directly copied from D0Tweaks. There might be a way, but I am not very proficient with editing bam- or vvc files yet, so I don't know how to. If you want to, you can turn the animation off in the .ini file though. They can be slowed down by reducing the frame rate in the vvc files.
  12. Well, sorting out compatibilities and install orders and deciding whether or not fixes are needed or up to date is something that you sooner or later have to get into if you want to have an EET game with multiple mods.
  13. Hmm, not sure about the contemporaneity or relevance of a fix in this case. The NPC Project is as far as I can tell fully compatible with EET as long as you install it before the EET import.
  14. Well, you could try just uninstalling the NPC project from EET/BG2, load an earlier save and see if the bugs persist. At any rate it's very likely your install procedure is causing glitches, so yes, and be careful with following the EET compatibility list. I've played through BG with the NPC project many times as part of EET and as far as the mod components go, it's been bug free -- so it's not the mod itself, and it's not EET.
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