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  1. @jastey I'm running an EET and EEex game on the Beamdog version, Windows. It's a completely new and different install from my last report, and also the mod was updated since. My mod setup however is rather similar. Anyway, when investigating this the only suspicious thing I found was in SPCL721.spl itself, the storm shield ability given to priests of Talos. Unlike their other kit ability SPCL722 (lightning bolt), SPCL721 is designated as a priest spell rather than innate ability, and also has exclusion flag 30 (cleric/paladin). My hypothesis was that this could cause issues when
  2. Quoting myself as after a new install I'm having the exact same issue with Dave; for some reason he keeps amassing copies of SPCL721 inside his .cre file until it bloats the save and causes slowdowns. Still can't really find a good reason for this: nothing that seems to explain it in his script, items or dialogue. The ability in question is from his kit, but can't see how that would cause it either.
  3. Again thematically I'm also against retaining spellcasting ability while shapeshifted, on the notion that it's a transformation a bit like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, or Jekyll and Hyde. Even if it's not as drastic a rewriting of the personality, it still seems suitable that at least impulses would be harder to control, maintaining concentration would be difficult, and reagent manipulation/hand gestures would be pretty much impossible. Druids in bear form should likely have better control of their behaviour than your ordinary bear in the wild, but also shouldn't 100% retain their human-form way
  4. Agree with this. It seems more likely given the circumstances that a ranger should fall for allowing the guard to kill Viconia than for saving her.
  5. In terms of literal shapeshifting (i.e. turning into an actual bear rather than assuming more metaphysical aspects of the bear nature) I thematically prefer the first option with set stats. At least the way I imagine it, the quality of druid shapeshifting ought to be determined more by their mental or spiritual qualities than by their physical strength. Ideally if anything a druid with high wis and int would turn into a stronger bear than a druid with high str, but that might be overcomplicating things compared to just having set sats. The same reasoning seems even more true for mage polymorph
  6. This isn't a bug I've seen before, but I doubt it's related to the mod per se. As it is, installing SoD mid-playthrough will generate a separate and new install of BGEE+SoD. Doing this and attempting to carry on with your old save sounds like it's almost guaranteed to cause problems. My best guess is that your installation process scrambled parts of the dialog.tlk file so that the generated save names come out wrong; in this case with text from this particular mod, but if you had other mods installed it could likely have been from any one of them. From there, I believe your guess about the lon
  7. Spontaneously, if that was within the range of possibilities, probably remove it or reduce its efficiency for multi- and dualclassed thieves, while keeping it as is for singleclassed thieves; the pure class most of all.
  8. Yeah, I don't doubt that at all. The thing was more that this didn't seem like it would be complicated -- just a little more so than e.g. a potion of explosions, when I first thought about it.
  9. That seems to have done the trick for the animation, thanks. Edit: for posterity, I've seemingly gotten it all into place with some convoluted workarounds. In the end I put the graphical effect into a separate cast from the ITM as per temnix's advice; the gas cloud graphical effect into the original projectile that I turned into an aoe; the ticking/repeating gas cloud spell effects into a secondary spell cast by opcode 146 at preset target(2), and the one-time explosion damage into a tertiary spell cast by opcode 146, also at preset target. This tertiary spell also contains a short
  10. I've tried that too, but the issue is that I want the boom to be aoe damage (applied once), so it has to be an aoe projectile, but I don't want the graphical effect to display on top of every target the way aoe projectiles tend to do. Any other way to bake an animation into an aoe projectile file, but have it only display at the target point, regardless of whether there are targets in range or not? I then apply the gas cloud with a secondary aoe spell. Edit: after more testing it all seems to come down to irregularities in opcode 148, that is used to deliver the spell effects: if this opc
  11. I'm noticing that spells and projectiles with 'any point within range (4)' as target can lead to some quirky behaviour. Essentially I have an item working a bit like a grenade, that is able to be thrown anywhere on the ground, displaying a travel projectile, displaying a central fire animation similar to a melf meteor on the point where it lands, and then spreading a gas cloud around it. The problems arise seemingly as a combination of targeting: if I use opcode 215 to display an effect at the target point and designate the target within that opcode as 'self (1)', the animation will displ
  12. Hey @lefreut, the "lefreut's Keep Dialog Box active after death" (installed as part of EEUITweaks) is causing an issue in my game, as it kind of does its job too well: upon PC death, the pop-up stating you need to load or quit stays on the screen seemingly indefinitely, even after reloading or quitting to the main menu, i.e. it essentially forces you to restart the game when dying. Is there any easy way to undo this component in UI.menu?
  13. @jastey Thanks, I'll go with it. Was a bit worried about the EET_end process not being completed and changes perhaps being made to .dlg files afterwards, but looking at Brage.DLG now it seems to be in order.
  14. Installing BGQE prior to EET conversion and then attempting to install Brage's Redemption after EET throws an error here: Copying 1 file ... [c#brage/spl/c#be1rcu.spl] loaded, 202 bytes Copied [c#brage/spl/c#be1rcu.spl] to [override/c#be1rcu.spl] Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/C#BRAGE1.cre] loaded, 2116 bytes Copied [C#BRAGE1.cre] to [override/C#BRAGE1.cre] Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Brage's Redemption - Brage Joinable NPC for Baldur's Gate], rolling back to p
  15. Try CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("TITamah","GLOBAL",2) as well before talking to her.
  16. Thanks. And just to check, given that the compatibility list has BG1NPC v24 and 24.1 listed as fine to install before EET, and v24.2 and above listed as to be installed after EET, would you say the latest version can also be installed prior to EET? Edit: Thanks again.
  17. Try CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("TITamah") and see if you can talk to her.
  18. So if you want an EET game with BGQE/Brage's Sword, Brage's Redemption, BG1NPC and Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour, you have to install it like below? 1. BGQE/Brage's Sword (has to be before BG1NPC to get all the content, works before or after EET) 2. BG1NPC (has to be before Garrick, works before or after EET) 3. Garrick: ToaT (has to be before EET conversion) 4. EET conversion from BGEE/SoD 5. Brage's Redemption (has to be after BGQE, and also after EET conversion)
  19. At the far back left side of the inn iirc, bottom level.
  20. Considering that the Roxanne version contains among other things an illithid lair with an elder brain and a dragon, here's hoping this mod is a little more well paced in regards to the BG1 setting.
  21. To the best of my recollection, it's this area. Looking at the script, there's also supposed to be a bear there that triggers the event. If not, try creating clbr1 and clbr2 and setting G("CliffSeesBear",1).
  22. I believe this is part of the 'every mod and dog' mod. The bee normally shocks you every now and then, but just the one carrying it and not the entire party. If I remember correctly you can drop the bee off toward the mid-left side of the Imnesvale map near some vaguely termite nest looking structures; getting close enough should trigger a dialogue.
  23. You can simulate roughly taking a percentage though, e.g. take X gold if wealth is between Y and Z, and so on.
  24. I've never doubted that things could have been done better, though -- every game can be improved upon in some way, especially after the fact. But my point about BG2 risking negative impact from that kind of design still stands: sure, it may have come out like BG1 but better, with subtle hints guiding you through the various mandatory locations at your leisure while still appearing to set you free, but it could also have ended up more like ToB, essentially presenting you with a list of locations you have to go to, where you at most get to choose the order of a few of them.
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