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  1. Hello Bart, Found a minor bug in spell_rev/languages/english/setup.tra that affects the name of the components. Lines: @10002=~Cure Sleep Fix~ @10003=~Mirror Image Fix~ @10004=~Dispel Magic Fix~ Should be: @10002=~Mirror Image Fix~ @10003=~Dispel Magic Fix~ @10004=~Cure Sleep Fix~ Thank you for taking the time to fix and enhance this great mod! Best regards.
  2. Hello David, I think there's a typo at stratagems/lib/spell_rev_ids.tpa, line 84. "CLERIC_STALEKR" should be "CLERIC_STALKER"? Best regards.
  3. Hi Jarin, David. I don't really know anything about Weidu or SCS but I changed a single line of code in setup-stratagems.tp2 and it seemed to do the trick: ORIGINAL: LANGUAGE "English" ENGLISH ~stratagems/tra/english/english.tra~ MODIFIED: LANGUAGE "English" "stratagems/tra/english" ~stratagems/tra/english/english.tra~
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