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  1. Hello Doctor, I was debugging an issue with a component from another mod and did a changelog of a ring and noticed that it had been modified by IWO: Aesthetic & Enchantment Tweaks, which made no sense to me since looking at the code I saw that only items with enchantments 1, 2, 4 or 6 were to be modified... So, the culprit is the function that starts at line 903 of 101_IWO_enchantments.tpa which is missing a 'BUT_ONLY' (the "hardcore" variant has the same problem). Not a big deal, but.. (2k files less, approximately, in the backup folder after this change) Also, I wonde
  2. Hello Bart, The Sensate Amulet (WA2AMU) is missing a "Prevent portrait icon (169)" effect for Stun. That effect seems to be applied twice for the 'Held' icon.
  3. Does SPWI590 (Dispelling Screen) require the same treatment? Spell Thrust and others mention both Dispelling Screen and Spell Immunity in their description.
  4. Oh man, that was driving me crazy! I was trying to dispel a "Dispelling Screen" with Spell Thrust or Secret Word until I found out it didn't work as the description stated. I guess the dialog entry gets patched dynamically? Did a test and the Strref for the spell is the same before and after SCS...
  5. Hello Bart, Sorry for the slow reply, I got carried away with other stuff. The Potion of Perception did the trick. However, the description says that you get a +2 bonus to Intelligence and Wisdom that is not working. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply. To be clear, I'm not blaming IRR for this but it is what I installed and since you seem very active on the forums, I thought you could help me out with this issue. It doesn't. I tried with 2 chars, to no avail. But if my cleric casts Find Traps right next to my thief, he is able to detect the trap. However, my thief cannot disarm it (As intended? I don't remember that rule).
  7. Hello Bart, Thank you for your continuous effort to keep IR and SR updated and relevant through your revised series. It is much appreciated! I'm in the middle of a run right now and my only thief is not skilled enough in Find Traps cause he thought it would be a good idea to spend all points on Pickpockets to steal from every vendor in Faerûn. Anyway, IR's Potion of Sight came to mind to "overcome" this issue temporarily but is not triggering the Find Traps effect for me. I'm on BG2:EE, latest patch, and made sure that no other mod has modified the item. WeiDU-FileChangelog
  8. Hello Bart, Found a minor bug in spell_rev/languages/english/setup.tra that affects the name of the components. Lines: @10002=~Cure Sleep Fix~ @10003=~Mirror Image Fix~ @10004=~Dispel Magic Fix~ Should be: @10002=~Mirror Image Fix~ @10003=~Dispel Magic Fix~ @10004=~Cure Sleep Fix~ Thank you for taking the time to fix and enhance this great mod! Best regards.
  9. Hello David, I think there's a typo at stratagems/lib/spell_rev_ids.tpa, line 84. "CLERIC_STALEKR" should be "CLERIC_STALKER"? Best regards.
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