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  1. Is it possible to destroy the Thieves Guild and the Vampires before going to the Asylum?
  2. TDDv 1.14 Install order: SOA2 + TOB + Patch 26498, the Fixpack, then Worldmap, then TDD 1.14 xp, d:\program files\black isle\soa As per Kresos advice World Map not installed or run, just extracted and placed in directory. Same results as before. Then extracted and ran world map mod before installation of TDD .... this time the map updated correctly with Trollford so I'm making progress and may have the problem solved. Except that the dwarf and the salesman who used to have maps are missing.
  3. Thanks, tried it. Extracted, placed in root directory of soa, not installed. Same problems, no effect.
  4. I'm running XP with a full setup of SOA and TOB I've been having a lot of problems getting TDD to run properly. I have a vanilla install of SOA + TOB Then I loaded the latest fixpack from G3 and TDD There is no Forp in the Copper Coronet, and the paranoid salesman in the 5 Flagons is missing. The Kender at the city gates is there, but the only area I get is Small Teeth Pass The lady with the missing cild is at Immesvale, but the map isn't updated. Should I have loaded the latest Tweak Pack as well? If not has anyone any clue what's going wrong?
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