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  1. I believe, in this case Aura of flaming death is not a spell to be cast, previously as a pre-buff or during a combat, but a special ability or special permanent feature of Balor as a creature. It's granted to them not by spell but rather by special item.
  2. There are none - replaced with Expeditious Retreat. Your only anti-pertification defences in SR are green scroll and potions of mirrored eyes.
  3. I don't know 'why' in your case but even though the latest version is @Kreso's beta 15, I still use beta 14 and within it there are '-4 save and Slow for three rounds beforehand'.
  4. Which ones? Spell Thrust now has quite an AoE so you do not need to target creature directly (though in my experience it's better to do so nonetheless, as otherwise sometimes it doesn't work even if the target is caught in AoE). You can't target invisible creature directly with Secret Word, but as I've discovered searching this forum, this is intended behaviour (you need to cast Invisibility Purge/Detect Illusion/True Sight and then Secret Word).
  5. Thanks! I'll try this. Actually, I didn't search for this spell with 'Find' but just opened Kayardi's or Lavok's CRE files and opened the spell from their memorized list. Edit: Well, I've checked those DW# spells and, I think, I like the SCS' alignment based variety of summoned fiends more, so I'll stick with them. There is a remaining 'issue' that while summoned they shouldn't attack their summoners (from SCS readme: "This component also makes a substantial change to the way fiend-summoning magic works (this is one of the few places where SCS II breaks the rule that players and NPCs shoul
  6. Yes, I guessed so, but this time I have not aTweaks' demons installed and while I do have SCS' Improved Fiends, after searching this forum I found Demi's note: Not entirely true. The AI summoned fiends won't attack the AI even if SR is installed after SCS (which is highly against well established install recommendations). What would change is that if SR is installed later the AI will summon vanilla's Nabassus instead of Death Knights, as well as vanilla's Glabrezus and Pit Fiends (though SCS's scripts gives them most of their PnP special abilities). So since I have a B
  7. I have a small "issue" with my current setup. I'm in the middle of BWS/BGT no-reload run, and even though it's BWS setup (so mods install order is 'proper'), both Kayardi and Lavok in the Planar Sphere summoned Nabassu instead of Death Knight with Summon Death Knight spell. Is there some easy way to fix this without reinstalling everything? Another thing I've encountered - when I cast Banishment on Ogre Berserkers, summoned by Mage Thrall in the Planar Prison, it doesn't worked. Not a single creature was 'banished'. Not sure if that was an accident but still... WeiDU.
  8. So, as I understand it, Nature's Ward should be a Medium Shield and thus shouldn't imply a -3 penalty vs Missiles Weapons, right? That's my main concern in the matter.
  9. I have a question about the Nature's Ward +2 shield (V4 Beta 9): - It's appearance is of a Small Shields (which I actually like) and it has -3 AC penalty vs Missile weapons (like no missile weapon protection of Bucklers, which is a huge difference). On the other side it has general name (in NearInfinity), -1 THAC0 penalty, Arcane Casting Time Penalty +2, HiS/MS -30% and base AC +2 of Medium Shields. Is it supposed to be so - a kind of mix of Bucklers/Small/Medium Shields properties? Or it's just an inheritage of multiple tweaks over the time? WeiDU:
  10. @Blackthorne: I had this bug too in my current no-reload run (BWS/BGT, IR/SR, SCS v.30) - after transformation Selaad was immune to Silver Dagger and he was also immune to Wand of Paralyzation charges I'm used to use against Greater Wolfweres and Loup Garou. But to my surprise, simple Gnoll Elites from Wand of Monster Summoning were able to hit him with their plain Halberds just fine and actually have brought me his hide.
  11. I think this is intended - one is for use by players, and another to be available for AI scripts. (Possibly specifically for SCS.) I think. Make sense, but even then Nalia shouldn't know lvl4 variant. I'm not sure if she has specific SCS scripts to use outside the party (even though she joined my fight with street thugs when I dragged them into the Copper Coronet) to justify this behaviour.
  12. Another weird thing(?): There are two instances of Mestil's Acid Sheath in my BGT Setup. One (proper) level 5 spell (SPWI526.SPL) from the scroll, being found/learned in BG1 and another one (already known by Nalia at the very moment she joined the party) - level 4 spell (SPWI403SPL). Both have the same description with different symbolic names (link to the image).
  13. Current ? Cause the V4 Beta 9 is NOT the current, the Revision version 1.09c is. Well, Demi didn't work on it, but it's still the community one that you might want to check out. Or just the Mike's v4.10. Not that I know any of this is altered there, but still. Thanks. I've got my version with BWS a while ago and didn't know about Mike's v4.10 while I do know about 1.09c. I'll check them out.
  14. Agree. And I have no complains here. The thing is that in current IR state Potions of Heroism & Toughness do -not- increase current hp. Drinking them drop current hp even lower than naked unbuffed. That's what bother me. I think, in potions' case modes (types) 0 or 2 are better suited. But again in my current state Potion of Heroism with mode 2 (% modifier, affect both current and max hp) does -not- increase current hp. It -lower- them. edit: OK, got it - Potions use the base max hp. But still, I don't understand why if naked unbuffed Xan equip robe and amulet h
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