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  1. If i uninstall the part of the itempack mod that gives the smith more recipes and only leave the parts which change some items, would that allow me to not have to uninstall EET end and SCS?
  2. Hi, I recently reinstalled my EET installation because of an issue i met after playing all the way to BG2 where the unseeing eye cult quest giver would not spawn in the temple district. I decided to start from scratch and re-installed all my mods but i forgot to install one mod after running EET end and SCS after. If i install itempack 1.8 which tweaks a few items in the game and gives the smith in BG2 a few new recipes after running EET end and SCS would it mess up my installation? Should i delete everything and just reinstall everything from scratch? I have currently reached p
  3. Hi, I have an installation of EET with this mod installed, I would like to ask if it is okay to just download this mod then run the weidu to reinstall the mod, would this update the mod properly and would this cause any problems with my EET game? I am worried about messing with my EET as i currently have it with quite a few mods. SCS and ascension plus alot of other stuff and it took ages to get it installed correctly. I would love to update the mod but am worried that i might mess up my EET installation. Thank you and regards
  4. Hi all, First of all i would like to thank all modders who helped create this work of art, this is the first time i have the mod installed and am loving the additions it adds to an otherwise very boring part of my EET playthrough. I would like to ask if anyone knows the global variables to add into EEkeeper to initialize the romances with the npcs in the BG1NPC mod? I installed all of them but none fired up and i am already at the point of going to cloakwood, before checking the guide and realized that i did not meet the requirements to start some of the romances but would still like
  5. Hi, unfortunately for me, my latest installation of EET crashed horribly whenever i entered combat with the assassins in candlekeep and i am in the process of re-installing EET from scratch with a clean BG EE+ install (currently still downloading the games again from beamdog) I would like to try and ensure i do this right from the get go this time and would like some advice regarding my install order of mods for the game I am planning to install the following after the EET install BG1NPC project BG1 unfinished business I understand these 2 mods listed above should
  6. Hi, I have a few questions regarding installing and uninstalling mods I finally got my EET set up with all my mods and ran the EET end application to finalize my installation then installed SCS as recommended by that mod. I then found that a mod was causing crashes and uninstalled it via it's weidu uninstall and the game runs fine now, but do i need to do anything else after this? do i need to run the EET end application again? If i uninstalled a mod before, and then felt that i prefer it around can i just reinstall the mod via the application? do i need to do anything else af
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