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    Um... yeah, I was highly disappointed by the game. Short version = <insert 2 hour rant about the failure of the game to live up to what it could have been, ridiculous system requirements, etc., etc.> My advice is to find good mod content and/or a Persistent World that suits your fancy (like the High RP oriented PW in my sig ). That community (Exodus) is why I still have the game on my HDD and the only reason I bought MotB; because I have no plan what-so-ever to play it. As indicated by Lord Ernie there are some really cool things on the Vault; once you get past the +15 AC g-string stuff.
  2. @ Chev - Excellent link. I was completely unaware that stuff existed. But OMG talk about information overload trying to find anything. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be spending quite a bit of time there or directing others there as information is required/requested. Thanks! @ Lem - Heya buddy! Good info, thanks.
  3. A question came up on another board I frequent and no one seems to know the answer. So I was wondering if anyone here could help out. The question is: What area of Aber-Toril is modeled after Germany? Thanks.
  4. From my perspective the whole reason to have a Bard in your party is because of the unique blend of skills they offer as a Bard. If I want an NPC for straight melee I'll get more of a fighter type. I've just started including Bard types in some of my parties so others with more experience using them might have other opinions. Also I'm all for a cool (not overpowered) custom kit but if your Eirik NPC is a Bard, my vote is don't try and turn him into a fighter but leave him a Bard.
  5. If by "greif" you mean "break the game and ruin my hard drive" - no. She should just pick right up and run with being a bard. you'll have to make sure she loses the theiving abilities, except pickpocket, but that's no biggee. May as well leave her spellbook as it sits. Don't forget to change her maximum spells memorizable and her spells currently memorized. And remove any ltrap laying innates. @Lemernis I have found the easiest way to ensure you add all the abilities and stuff you need as well as removing what you shouldn't have is to create a PC in the tutorial with stats (STR, DEX, etc.) that match whatever character you are changing and save at the first opportunity. Then open both the "tutorial save" and the "game save" you want to adjust in SK. After that it's just a matter of matching the fields up as you cycle through each tab, except for gold, reputation, not giving the Bhaalspawn innates and such. Plus there's the nifty "add kit" feature which makes sure you get most if not all of the kit bonuses. Please note for this to work exactly as if the character in question as always been the new class, the stats you allot when creating the "model" in tutorial mode must be a precise match.
  6. I don't disagree with you but it's still a cool idea. Admittedly I don't personally have much creative talent but it seems that this would be a fairly easy dialogue to write. It's not like you'd need multiple branching dialogue options and the Epilogue's are already written based on the PC's decision. I hopes nobody takes this the wrong way because I appreciate and admire every modder that's had the vision, creativity and perseverance to write/code an NPC mod (I doubt I could do it); and without them the replay value of this series would be significantly reduced. But would a real "good-bye"/"what's our next adventure" dialogue be that difficult to do? Annoying maybe but not difficult. Something else that occurred to me is that this might be a fairly natural extension (optional component?) of the CrossMod Banter Pack. Even if it stayed dialogue only like when you're at the ToL it would still be a nice addition to the game. That way those mod authors who wanted to do more than just a dialogue could, but it wouldn't require that level of work.
  7. I like this idea, specifically the Library courtyard part as Lemernis suggested. It would kind of be like the adventure took you full circle. However I just can't imagine that specifically Keldorn, but a few others as well, would be too happy about being "moved" to Candlekeep for good-byes if they have to "walk" home. Now if the Solar then DD's them all to their respective homes then I think it'd be better. [Ex: The Solar DD's the party to where-ever, each party member would do their good-bye scene/dialogue; the Solar would DD them out when each gets done, until just <CHARNAME> and their romance interest were left for a tender moment before the PC's choice is put into effect.] It'd be more effort but perhaps later releases could include things like party members, RA variable, PC choice to ascend or remain mortal, PC class and what if any stronghold they obtained in SoA, etc. playing a part in determining where they end up doing the good-byes.
  8. This seemed like the appropriate thread so I just wanted to thank you for all the work that obviously went into Amber. I must commend you on the mod quality I've experienced thus far. As Bons said the boy and girl voicing and lines were adorable and I agree with Fantasy that the bureaucracy of obtaining the forms for her release was spot on. I am currently in the Underdark and the dialogue and flirt branching/expansion is well done and I love the character. I really liked her comments on the Drow pit fight challenges and how she literally "drags" you to bed when you rest. The cadence in her voicing and how she puts sentences together is very believable for a non-prime. Amber is definitely turning into a must-have for any of my good/neutral parties. Between Amber and a certain other Tiefling I may have to find a regular class other than Thief for my PC. Anyway just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying the mod so far and can't wait to see how it plays out. It is quickly becoming apparent that waiting for Ambers TOB material is going push my patience to its limit, for sure. Keep up the excellent work and thanks again for this wonderful mod. UL
  9. Worked fine for me. The PC spoke to the shadow thief, he is a Blade with decent stats and had the Ring of Human Influence at the time. I really don't remember how much I had to pay her to get it and I believe I went directly into the "special items store" and picked up a few things. The only real problem I have is the music. I hadn't notice it previously because I normally turn the music volume slider to a lower setting as well as speaker volume, but when I saw the thread on it I turned it back up and haven't heard her music. I do have her music folder and there are files in it. At that point I was just too far into the game to worry about it. If I start noticing her music not playing with the increased volume settings I'll let you know in the appropriate thread.
  10. @BigRob This is a highly specialized Thief kit and restricting weapons beyond those normally useable by that class makes sense (at least to me) from an RP and balance perspective, as well as the conceptual view I have of the kit. I've already restricted certain other item usage via a SPL file in the CLAB but I don't want to even think about trying something like that for each individual weapon this kit "shouldn't" use (not really an effective use of time), and I don't want to try and move kits and usability flags around due to potential compatibility issues with other mods. @Drew You are correct, unless the kit gets an APR bonus, which this one does via CLAB at certain intervals. This would be real easy to resolve if the "Can't Use Item Type" effect worked. Since it doesn't appear to though, looks like it's back to trying to find a creative solution. Either that or just admitting that this is something I can’t resolve.
  11. I am trying to refine a kit I created and through play-testing have come upon an issue I would like to resolve. For the sake of balance I have severely limited the selection of weapons that this kit can allot proficiency points to. I have noticed however as one progresses through the game there comes a point when it really doesn’t matter whether a character is proficient in a weapon. Their THACO is still more than acceptable. My question therefore is how to make it less attractive to wield weapons normally available to the base class even though any level of proficiency is not allowed by a kit? I don't want to even think about trying to code a THACO penalty for every possible weapon this would apply to. I've even thought of reversing this idea to a general THACO penalty and only adding a "bonus" in for those weapons this kit should be using. That list is quite large as well. Is there something I'm missing in IESDP or elsewhere that I can use, or do I just need to accept this level of detail outside my control?
  12. Thanks guys. While I do appreciate the responses I can't say I like the content. I was hoping this would be something fairly easy that I just wasn't seeing. Oh well. I do have a question regarding NIGHTMARE's solution, could that impact game performace if this script is constantly running in the background? While I'm not really worried about it on my own system I ask because if I ever would release something like this I would not want it to have a negative impact on someone else's game.
  13. I've had this BG2 kit idea for floating around in the back of my head for a while now, and much of it came into focus last night. Currently my only real concern is that I would like the kit to get an increased chance of any spell from a specific school to not work. I do not want to give 100% immunity because that would be too powerful, I just want to better thier odds. It seems logical that a saving throw bonus would be the correct way of achieving this. However it does not appear possible after my review of IESDP. So my questions are: #1- have I missed something and it is possible. #2-If a saving throw versus spell school is not a viable option, can you vary the % of "immunity" afforded by the 'Protection from Spell (School)', opcode #204? Thank you.
  14. @ BigRob - Yeah, I been thinking I might have to see if I could do something like that. Maybe make a script that looks at the condition met for completion of each quest where the party receives a financial reward and when the party gets the gold take the correct percentage out at that time. I'm just not real sure how to best accomplish it. I have been planning on much trial and error but I've honestly kind of been putting off attempting this in the hopes that someone else might have a good solution. @ Guest - The gold actually will "disappear". What happens would be explained in the mod and if I can get my own forum I would post a character background there that would also explain it. However right now I really don't want to go into too much detail until I get far enough along that I'm comfortable asking for a forum. I will say the NPC doesn't keep the money for himself. My plan is that it would just apply to gold received from quests regardless of amount. I would like to avoid a general condition of 'if the party gained gold' because that might include sold items as well and I really don't want to get into that. My backup plan is to make it more of a "mercenary" type thing where he takes a predetermined amount at set intervals. Compatibility is my foremost concern followed closely by flexibility/ease of implementation. Thanks, UL
  15. Hello. I’ve read just about every tutorial regarding BG2 I could find and have not as yet found an answer to my current dilemma. I am working on a thief NPC that if asked to join <CHARNAME> would require a percentage of the quest gold accumulated while he’s in the party. This would be explained in his background story. It’s a relatively small amount (3-5%) because I want to make it believable and appropriate to said background story. I am looking for ideas on how to implement this. I am not presuming to enforce this on items sold, only quest amounts. I don’t foresee the need to keep track of the amount so that is not an issue. I think it would be somewhat similar to what SimDing0’s Experience Fixer did with XP. The difference being he made permanent changes and I would need to evaluate each instance, either of which is quite beyond my current abilities. Since I would like to keep compatibility with other mods at a maximum any and all advice on how this might conceivably be accomplished would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, UL
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