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  1. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    Don't read too much into the version numbers; I'm not a coder by heart, and I don't know a damn thing about the conventions involved. That said, there are some special interjections here and there where two or more mod NPCs will play off each other; for instance, Vynd and Flara at the excavation site. If I'm going to be adding anything, it'd probably be more of those. It adds some interaction beyond the usual random banters, and makes them feel more like a group, not just individuals who happen to all be following the same person. It's very easy to overdo that stuff though, and I don't want to turn the whole game into Baldur's Gate: Hijinks, guest-starring Charname. I'll wait to gauge people's response before I start piling more dialogue in.
  2. Glam Vrock

    Characters crashing the game on spawn in Tutu/BGT.

    Thanks, that's done the trick. Next time I'll be sure to start building in classic BG. Going back and fixing everything is a pain.
  3. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    Be lonely no more.
  4. Hey folks. I released a beta for a BGEE mod recently, and I'm now trying to make it compatible with Tutu/BGT. However, some NPCs are crashing the game when I try to spawn them. I assumed this was an issue with the expanded BGEE character colour palette not being backwards compatible, but I've since changed all the colours to fit the original game's palette, and I'm getting the same issue; it fixed a couple of the characters, but not all of them. I don't think it's the equipment either, as some characters are only wielding normal items from the game itself. What else would cause an NPC to crash the game the instant they're spawned?
  5. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    So I made him some friends. Go check them out!
  6. Glam Vrock

    Warning in install. Dangerous?

    Thanks. I'll implement that.
  7. Glam Vrock

    Warning in install. Dangerous?

    Not really. The reason why it does it's warning is that the Enhanced Editions kit doesn't exist in the regular game, and the dialog is likely about that kit... It's actually the opposite. There's an option to ask Vynd about poisoning weapons, which assassins and blackguards don't get because they already know how to do it. I'm not sure how to exclude the blackguard check for non-EE installations short of having two separate dialogue files. That said, the warning is mentioned in the readme. It's normal and it shouldn't cause any problems. Happy backstabbing!
  8. Glam Vrock

    "Never in a million years."

    I'm glad you enjoyed the mod, but I can't take credit for the voice. It's just an Icewind Dale soundset. BG2 Vynd will be my first project after I've finished my other NPCs for BG1. Progress on this has been slow lately due to work & me being a lazy bastard, but it's coming.
  9. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    Been busy with volunteer work lately, but still plugging away. Moidre doesn't like slavery and Flara doesn't like anyone.
  10. Glam Vrock

    Vynd Overview

    That does seem to be a sticking point. Vynd was supposed to be for backstabbing and poisoning rather than general utility, but some people just want a thief to be a thief, which is fair. I'll be including an option in the next version (and BG2) to make him a trueclass or Fighter/Thief multi.
  11. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    Alright, progress report! Littlun and Moidre are finished aside from testing and maybe a few more interjections. Always hard to know when to stop with those. Writing for Flara is done, and she's being coded in between me typing this. Dave's banters are finished, and his other dialogue is 50-60% done. Here's a bit of Littlun's first talk with the player:
  12. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    They're not all evil. Littlun's good, Moidre and Flara are neutral and will ignore reputation (at least in Tutu/BGT.) But they are part of a pack. They can stand on their own as full NPCs, but you will get some extra content (like the scalping dialogue) by using them all together.
  13. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    Oh, it's a German mod. Unfortunately I don't speak German, so there's not much I can do there. Nobody wants to read dialogue written in Google Translatese.
  14. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    The thing about crossmodding (I assume?) is that you need to work with the other author. If I were an experienced modder and some newbie came up and said "Hey, I've made FIVE NPCS here, how about you and I write a set of banters for each one?" I don't think I'd be too enthusiastic. If it is going to happen, it'd be after the the characters get released. Then at least people can get a feel for them and decide whether they suck or not before getting back to me. I've also never heard of Ascalon Breagar. Where's it hosted?
  15. Glam Vrock

    OPEN BETA: The Cow Goes Moo

    I can't really give you credit for all the quoted stuff, but these rats are cool as hell.