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  1. Glam Vrock

    Some sample banters!

    Just a few bits and pieces to whet your appetite, and to highlight a few of the conversations you're less likely to see, either due to alignment conflicts or class redundancy. Also threw a little Vynd/Littlun snippet in there, because these two playing off each other is my favourite thing and you should totally try them together. Dave/Ajantis Flara/Baeloth Littlun/Edwin/Dynaheir Moidre/Eldoth Vynd/Littlun/Perdue
  2. Gibberlings Three Remember Vynd, the lovable drow assassin NPC for Baldur's Gate 1? He made some friends. We don't know how it happened either, but they're ready to set aside at least a few of their differences and join your party. Glam's NPC Pack adds five colourful new characters to Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Tutu, BGT, and EET. Use them standalone with your favourites from the original BG cast, or recruit them all at once; the choice is yours! Visit the project page, download page, and forums today!
  3. Overview Glam's NPC Pack adds five playable NPCs to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Tutu and Trilogy. From left to right, they are: DAVE: Human Priest of Talos. Chaotic Evil. FLARA: Human Dragon Disciple. (Vanilla Sorcerer in Tutu/BGT.) Chaotic Neutral. LITTLUN PLUNKETT: Halfling Archer. Neutral Good. MOIDRE: Dwarven Defender. (Vanilla Fighter in Tutu/BGT.) Lawful Neutral. VYND: Drow Assassin. Neutral Evil. See their full profiles in the readme! Note that while all NPCs except Littlun are not supposed to care about reputation, this feature is not supported in BGEE. Maybe the 2.6 patch will fix this! Maybe the 2.6 patch will come out someday! The world is full of mysteries. FAQ Where are they again? DAVE: Beregost, near the obelisk FLARA: Nashkel, Belching Dragon Inn LITTLUN: Bear River (Area N of Gnoll Stronghold), southwest corner MOIDRE: Beregost, Red Sheaf Inn VYND: Beregost, Burning Wizard Inn Do I have to use all of them together? No! Each character can be recruited independently, and will banter with the other mod NPCs and the original Bioware cast. Is there player-initiated dialogue? Yes, but not all options are available immediately. More dialogue will unlock as their friendship talks and quests progress. If they have nothing to say, check back later. Will kicking them out break the friendship? No. All NPCs can be removed from the party at any time and told to wait where they are or at an inn. Will they leave if I take too long about their quests? Littlun will want to do something immediately after being recruited, which she will make clear. Otherwise, no. I can't take Moidre's helmet off! I know. I just want Vynd, and I already have the standalone mod. Do I need to download this one instead now? No. Other than his interactions with the new characters, Vynd hasn't changed. You aren't missing anything.
  4. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    That's fair, but it's also possible for moments like that to lose their impact if they happen too often. Banters are one thing since they're always spaced out, but if every interjection turns into a four-way conversation, it kind of breaks the flow. As for crossmod, I'm up for it, but hey, let's give the other modders a chance to decide what they think of these guys first. Is Finch's author even still around?
  5. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    Don't read too much into the version numbers; I'm not a coder by heart, and I don't know a damn thing about the conventions involved. That said, there are some special interjections here and there where two or more mod NPCs will play off each other; for instance, Vynd and Flara at the excavation site. If I'm going to be adding anything, it'd probably be more of those. It adds some interaction beyond the usual random banters, and makes them feel more like a group, not just individuals who happen to all be following the same person. It's very easy to overdo that stuff though, and I don't want to turn the whole game into Baldur's Gate: Hijinks, guest-starring Charname. I'll wait to gauge people's response before I start piling more dialogue in.
  6. Glam Vrock

    Characters crashing the game on spawn in Tutu/BGT.

    Thanks, that's done the trick. Next time I'll be sure to start building in classic BG. Going back and fixing everything is a pain.
  7. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    Be lonely no more.
  8. Hey folks. I released a beta for a BGEE mod recently, and I'm now trying to make it compatible with Tutu/BGT. However, some NPCs are crashing the game when I try to spawn them. I assumed this was an issue with the expanded BGEE character colour palette not being backwards compatible, but I've since changed all the colours to fit the original game's palette, and I'm getting the same issue; it fixed a couple of the characters, but not all of them. I don't think it's the equipment either, as some characters are only wielding normal items from the game itself. What else would cause an NPC to crash the game the instant they're spawned?
  9. Glam Vrock

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    So I made him some friends. Go check them out!
  10. Glam Vrock

    Glam's NPC Pack

    What is this? The BGEE NPC Pack includes the original Vynd, Drow Assassin NPC mod as well as four brand new NPCs, all of whom will interact with each other and the classic Baldur's Gate cast. Each one includes a friendship track and an array of player-initiated dialogue, with more options opening up as the game progresses. You want quests? This time we got 'em! Three of the four new characters come with their own personal missions, which must be completed to unlock all their player-initiated dialogue, plus a final, loyalty-inspired talk in the endgame. You want loot? There's plenty of new and unique items to be had; some supplied with the characters, others found through their quests, or just indiscriminate slaughter. Hoard them all! You want romance? Nope. Sorry. Who are they? Littlun Plunkett "I don't necessarily like shooting people. Some people just need shot." When asked about her past, Littlun proudly informs you of how she was taken in as a baby by a tribe of elves, who raised her as one of their own. However, while she is very much a product of the wilds, the mechanical, rapid-fire crossbow she carries is the work of her long-deceased father, once a master craftsman and wandering scholar. She is a walking contradiction, a juxtaposition of untamed nature and advanced technology. Race: Halfling Class: Archer Alignment: Neutral Good STR: 13 DEX: 18 CON: 16 INT: 12 WIS: 14 CHA: 12 Proficiencies: Crossbow, Axe, Dagger Vynd "Why leave? Because in the Underdark, there are mind flayers, beholders and aboleths. Up here, there are sheep. And trees. So I weighed things up and I thought, you know what? How bad could a little sunburn possibly be?" When asked about his past, Vynd wonders aloud how you'd feel if some nosy bastard you barely know asked for your life story. You've pieced together that he's not new to the surface world, and he left the Underdark by choice. Beyond that, he remains a mystery. A snide, abrasive mystery. Race: Drow Class: Assassin Alignment: Neutral Evil STR: 16 DEX: 19 CON: 15 INT: 16 WIS: 10 CHA: 11 Proficiencies: Long Sword, Dart Moidre "Violence is a fact of life, war is a corpse mill, and blood is red juice that stains. I won't put out my eyes to see glory where there is none." When asked about her past, Moidre says little, which you've quickly come to realise is normal for her. Her helmet, which she refuses to remove even when ordered, hides her countenance from the world, and her voice rarely wavers from its flat inflection, making her as easy to engage with as a brick; however, her intense discipline marks her as something more than common sellsword. Race: Dwarf Class: Dwarven Defender Alignment: Lawful Neutral STR: 18/87 DEX: 15 CON: 19 INT: 11 WIS: 10 CHA: 6 Proficiencies: War Hammer, Sword & Shield Style Dave "Nobody expects priests to care for anything besides what their god cares about. Strange, that. You hang a symbol around your neck, cast a few healing spells, and everyone suddenly forgets you're a person." When asked about his past, Dave chuckles and says it's not the past you should be interested in, but the present. Born to a single mother in a quiet village, Dave seems to have joined the church of Talos on a whim, for there was no outside force, nor troubled childhood, nor deranged power-hunger to compel him. Despite this, he expresses no doubts or regrets over his chosen path, and refuses to be swayed from it. Race: Human Class: Priest of Talos Alignment: Chaotic Evil STR: 13 DEX: 16 CON: 12 INT: 12 WIS: 18 CHA: 14 Proficiencies: Flail/Morning Star, Sling Flara "Perhaps there are beings as wise as dragons, or as strong, or as majestic, but never all three. We are second to gods, and only some even then." Before you even had the chance to ask about her past, Flara insisted she was once a powerful red dragon, who is now trapped in human form. This may be true, or it may not; she can offer no concrete explanation for how such a predicament came about, nor does she recall much of her time before it. Nevertheless, the air around her ripples with heat, and her fiery breath is difficult to argue with, though not as much as her temperament. Race: Human (?) Class: Dragon Disciple Alignment: Chaotic Neutral STR: 17 DEX: 9 CON: 15 INT: 18 WIS: 13 CHA: 15 Proficiencies: Dagger
  11. Glam Vrock

    Warning in install. Dangerous?

    Thanks. I'll implement that.
  12. Glam Vrock

    Warning in install. Dangerous?

    Not really. The reason why it does it's warning is that the Enhanced Editions kit doesn't exist in the regular game, and the dialog is likely about that kit... It's actually the opposite. There's an option to ask Vynd about poisoning weapons, which assassins and blackguards don't get because they already know how to do it. I'm not sure how to exclude the blackguard check for non-EE installations short of having two separate dialogue files. That said, the warning is mentioned in the readme. It's normal and it shouldn't cause any problems. Happy backstabbing!
  13. Glam Vrock

    "Never in a million years."

    I'm glad you enjoyed the mod, but I can't take credit for the voice. It's just an Icewind Dale soundset. BG2 Vynd will be my first project after I've finished my other NPCs for BG1. Progress on this has been slow lately due to work & me being a lazy bastard, but it's coming.
  14. Glam Vrock

    Things to come.

    Been busy with volunteer work lately, but still plugging away. Moidre doesn't like slavery and Flara doesn't like anyone.
  15. Glam Vrock

    Vynd Overview

    That does seem to be a sticking point. Vynd was supposed to be for backstabbing and poisoning rather than general utility, but some people just want a thief to be a thief, which is fair. I'll be including an option in the next version (and BG2) to make him a trueclass or Fighter/Thief multi.