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  1. So I was surprised to see on Steam that the 2.6 patch finally released. Now it's just a matter when SCS is updated before I start a run! Help me Obi-Wan-Davidobi, you are our only hope.
  2. I just wanted clarification on something that I can't quite discern from the readme. If SR is not installed will spell abilities that are a part of magic items be reverted to whatever the base vanilla (or SCS) spell is used or will the ability always use the SR variant?
  3. +1 Enthusiasm for Spirit Troll reinstatement. They were a core part of the difficulty of De'Arnise keep and them not being there definitely is a net negative. I am pretty sure you even fixed their invisibility by changing it to just permanent improved invisibility. If you feel that their spells are not thematic or don't fit with the attack on the keep I'm pretty sure you could add some Priest/Druid levels and turn them into a more dynamic combatant. Also just looking in the AD&D rules regarding spirit trolls, you could implement their lifesteal attack, this would also increase
  4. This is what happens when you put something through Google Translate, then put the results through Google Translate a few more times for good measure.
  5. I don't understand how this would be an introduction to SCS. A player would have had it through BG1 and SoD and know what to expect. Especially since the SoD content ramps up the difficulty pretty well. This is why it's such a dramatic drop going into BG2.
  6. 1 for Paladin/Rangers, 2 for everyone else if you are going from TotSC cap to SoD cap on single class characters. http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Tables I haven't heard anything about Beamdog doing anything about this. Even if they did, it wouldn't happen for years and to be quite frank it probably would be handled poorly.
  7. Changes like this I feel would address the problem in CI, though I'd probably leave out invisible stalkers. For CC/Slave boat I think there are a goodly # of enemies they just need their level/spell selection adjusted to reflect the new cap. SoD experience cap is 500k. So I would use that as the assumed starting level for this particular component.
  8. David, I was wondering if you would consider adding in a "SoD" start component (on top of the improved start tactical component)? This component would adjust CI and initial Slum/CC encounters to reflect the massive jump in power that importing a party from SoD gives. This power evens out roughly after the first major quest line you complete but until then the encounters are trivial simply because they reflect the XP cap from BG1 or initial creation XP of BG2. If you feel that is outside the scope of the mod and/or not worth the time for the effort I can understand but it is one thing t
  9. Start the game as some sort of Evil alignment and start the cleric quest path. EEKeeper yourself to CN again after you speak to the priests of Talos. * I don't know if you can simply be EEKeeper yourself Evil before entering the Temple district then back after the quest line starts since I'm not sure when it does it's alignment check.
  10. It took a long time but it looks like it addresses most of the bugs that have plagued it since the merger.
  11. Enabling SCS to play smart is a good idea to include regardless of personal views.
  12. SR has been abandoned by Demi for years. If anyone thinks KR is ever going to come out without someone else doing everything then they are completely off their nut. There is no reason not to fix Kit abilities.
  13. There is also the issue where the Assassin poison weapons SPL has been changed. It needs to be updated in SCS in order to be used properly by the AI again.
  14. Hello, I was just wanting to make sure that this is fully compatible with the newest 2.5 patch for IWD. Thanks in advance.
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