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  1. Stopping to say hello yet again, and wishing everyone all the best.
  2. Just stopping to say hi, and wish you all who lurk here all the best in this new year. :D
  3. Yeah, I always remember to lurk here around Christmas as well. All the best in the upcoming year. And all the best on the Aklon field.
  4. @Abdal Just... what? I think sir, you entirerly missed the vibe and purpose of this topic. That is all.
  5. I just realised valentines, christmas and stuff like that, often remind me to check on Aklon. So here I am, stopping to say hello.
  6. Glad to see, there are people showing every now and there to check on things. I feel like we gathered some extremely patient people around here haha. Aren't we awesome? All the best.
  7. Happy new year~ Nice to see some Christmas sneak peeks. It's a tradition now right?
  8. Just checking what's up (guess I could say it's a long term habit now ha ha). Always happy to see some progress here.
  9. I am checking this topic for years now, and finally decided to make an account to stop just lurking from the shadows. Really glad it's still alive. Every little progress always makes me happy. Looking forward to that, and still as excited for that as I was at the very beginning. So keep up the good work, take all the time you need and it will be just awesome. I am sure. :3
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