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  1. THe wave head is in the underwater city. you chose to help the prince after you kill the king and get your reward from the prince you have to steal it from him or i believe if you help the king and kill the prince you find it among his remains.
  2. trance1881

    Drow v. Drow

    Ok im confused so what is the proper way of prenounciing Drow. is it pronounced with to rhyme with know or cow?
  3. trance1881

    Drow v. Drow

    In the name of Lolth we fight !!!!! sorry just havin alot fun
  4. well we can test it out some one post a line in a different language ill use the program and see if it comes out to what its supposed to be. If, it doesnt work back to the ole drawing board
  5. The equalizer hilt is in the underdark. I believe its in the illithid town or whatever you wanna call it. just outside the cell you are being held in is a chair or somethin but you are able to look inside it.
  6. Hey speaking of translation i know i have a program on my comp that makes automatic translations to pretty much any Language. im not sure how well it translates since i never used it, but its worth a shot.
  7. Hi Kish, i had a question regarding the expanded thieves stronghold. Would there be a conflict between your mod and that one if they are both installed. Oh, and your mod sounds real kick ass
  8. In your BGII folder there is a file it should look like this setup-crossmodbanter.DEBUG . im not sure what you are supposed to use to open it so you can post illleave that ot the experts
  9. Thanks NIGHTMARE It was what i was looking for.
  10. I know i saw somewhere a mod that is either completed or in progress that adds more quests to the thieves guild stronghold. if anyone knows what im talking could they point me in the right direvtion as to where it might be located. Thanks
  11. If im not mistaken and I could be the show firefly is on tv its either on the channel FX which is pretty much a fox cable channel or its on fox itself. I havent seen the movie it doesnt look very appealing.
  12. would me kiiling the three druids hanging outside and immmediately going inside and talking to faldorn constitute too many things at once.
  13. hey Domi i got another possible trigger problem for ya. the interjection with kivan and jaheira about the shadow druids, didnt occur till after i defeated faldorn and exited the grove.
  14. Well since im here nice new pic domi. Would it be possible for you to make a subcomponent like that for bgII and put it in kivans mod
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