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    A series of portraits for the Baldur's Gate II NPCs by JPS packaged with WeiDU. The portrait pack includes two alternate Jaheira portraits and one for Aerie, Imoen, Nalia and Viconia. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  3. Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive. (that's strange. I get the distinct feeling I've written those very words before...) I was going to write a really nice explanation, involving run-on sentences, secondary characters (and several parentheses), but I finally realized that it would have taken a couple of weeks and that you'd probably prefer if I just showed up again instead. So I did. Nice to see you all again.
  4. Quick update: I've been bogged down by other, completely unrelated problems, but things are starting to look better. I'm writing again, and will try to be visile here more often. Unfortunately, I might have problems with my net access for a while. The ISP says that they'll have everything working "within a week", but like most ISPs they're evil lying bastards who should not be trusted. See you.
  5. Good point. The idea has always been that the quests should be possible to play through without doing the rest of the romance, but I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean that the coding will be neatly self-contained as well. There will at least be some additional conversations for PCs who are romancing Haer'Dalis. I don't know exactly how complicated that will be, coding-wise, but then again I don't exactly know how complicated anything will be. I guess it's about time I buckle up and learn some coding...
  6. All right. I've had a bit less time, and a bit more guilt, than I expected, but it's getting better now. I'm going to try to finish the two quests first and then move on to the romance itself. The plan is that the momentum and general sense of accomplishment I manage to build up by actually completing something will be enough to get me through the rest without losing steam. Let's see how it works out. The quests will be an integrated part of the romance, but they're also meant to work on their own, so they could theoretically be released, or at least completed and thoroughly tested, while I'm still working on the rest. No estimated time of completion for anything yet, I'm afraid, but be assured that things are happening. Thank you and good night.
  7. All right. I reinstalled Baldur's Gate II today, for about the 75th time, and expect to actually have some free time later this week (or at least time that I can spend on non-university stuff without feeling too guilty. Guilt-free time, perhaps?). Expect... something. These announcements are just getting better and better, aren't they?
  8. A progress report: The writing is going well, all things considered. I'm working a lot more slowly than I would like, but that's nothing new. Also, it seems like I end up neglecting the forum pretty badly whenever I manage to catch up with the writing, so don't expect to see a lot of me until I'm done. I suppose I could make an appearance a little bit more often than once every month, though. Say, once every two weeks... I still have no particular deadline in mind, but at least I'm beginning to see the end of it now.
  9. Well, that certainly didn't go the way I expected. I didn't quite disappear from the face of earth, but it was pretty close a couple of times. I could tell you what took so long, but it's a long and terribly dull story and I would probably not be able to resist the temptation to lie a bit to make it sound more interesting. And you wouldn't want to make me a liar, now would you? I'm sorry about not keeping you informed, even if it would only have been a bunch of "Oops, looks like I won't be back this week either". Now, I have a vague memory of something we used to do here... what was it again? Oh yeah, modding.
  10. All right. I'm back. I might have a somewhat unstable internet connection for a while, but I finally have time to write, and will just have to post things when the connection is working. It should be very temporary anyway; the important part is that the Term that Ate my Soul is finally over.
  11. Er... could we pretend that I said "Sunday, 5 June" instead? Thanks.
  12. I've moved a number of posts that were not progress reports to the thread Comments on Progress Reports, in order to keep this thread unclutttered. Nothing wrong with the posts themselves, mind you, they were just in the wrong place. I've got two weeks left of this term, so as you might imagine modding hasn't been my highest priority. I'm trying to read through all of my old material again so I'll be able to start working directly once the last course ends, but apart from that there won't be any progress until Friday, 27 May.
  13. I've gotten a little bit of editing done, and I've written some new material, but I still don't have anything that I'm ready to show anybody. I realize this is probably because of me and not because of the actual state of the material, but anyway... I'll try to keep you informed about how things are going, but I'll probably fail miserably and only show up once every other week until the end of May. After this prolonged stretch of not getting anything done because of university work I'll be back to my regular schedule of not getting anything done because I suck at getting things done (this term basically ends on May 27. After that you have my permission to bug me if I look like I'm not doing anything).
  14. The good news: I'm not dead, and the mod isn't dead either. The bad news: I haven't really had time to do anything for the last month, or whenever I was here the last time. Everything's still in an annoying state of "almost finished, but not quite". Things are looking a little better on the real life front, though, so I should be able to get things done sooner or later. It depends on how you count. If you count the number of dialogues and so on, I'm mostly done (there are still blank lines in most of them, and some of them should probably have more branches, but I'm generally getting a feeling that I'm closer to the end than to the beginning). That doesn't really say a lot about when I will be finished, though, and that would probably be more useful to you. I don't know, but it sould be relatively soon. That's probably the best answer I can give at the moment.
  15. My plan is working even less well than I imagined. And it was such a nice plan, too Reall life hits me pretty bad until next week, at least, so don't expect too much until then. I might be able to get something done over the weekend, but that's all. I'll let you know when things look better again.
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