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  1. JPS

    JPS' Portrait Pack

    JPS' Portrait Pack is a series of portraits for the Baldur's Gate II NPCs by JPS packaged with WeiDU. The portrait pack includes two alternate Jaheira portraits and one for Aerie, Imoen, Nalia and Viconia.
  2. Version v4


    A series of portraits for the Baldur's Gate II NPCs by JPS packaged with WeiDU. The portrait pack includes two alternate Jaheira portraits and one for Aerie, Imoen, Nalia and Viconia. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  3. Notes: -It's not actually possible to draw a sword from a scabbard on your back unless your arms are twice the length of your body. But Minsc can do it anyway, because Boo helps him. -Jaheira doesn't get any good lines either. Poor Jaheira. -Colour's fun and all, but starting tomorrow I'll switch over to mostly black and white. Well, starting in the last panel today, actually, but I was hoping you'd think that was deliberate.
  4. Notes on today's episode: -I did not forget to post something on Wednesday. You're just imagining things. -This time Jaheira's arm is too short, and her head too small. Poor woman just can't catch a break. -Squeak!
  5. Notes on today's episode: -The unnamed main character has no ears, and looks weird in profile. Imoen must have gotten her looks from her mother's side of the family. -The uniform of the Athkatlan city guards does not, apparently, include pants. -I did not just copy and paste Jaheira from yesterday's strip, I flipped her horizontally as well!
  6. Here's today's comic, a little bit later than I'd planned. And it looks like I'll continue every day for at least the next week. After that I might have to change the schedule to "whenever I think of anything funny"...
  7. Thank you. I should probably have started a comment thread while I was at it – could somebody with awesome moderator powers please split these posts into a separate topic? edit: thanks to the gracious and benevolent moderator for... umm... the gracious and benevolent moderation.
  8. Here's a little comic I drew after sitting through a certain cutscene a couple of times more than I should have... (if I remember correctly, the forum automatically generates a thumbnail which you have to click on to actually read the comic. Sorry about the inconvenience; if I keep this up I'm sure someone can figure out a better way) I've got three more comics finished and will post them over the next three days – this is partly a trick to get me to come back to the forums every day for as long as it lasts – and after that I've got plans for a couple of more, if anybody's interested.
  9. Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive. (that's strange. I get the distinct feeling I've written those very words before...) I was going to write a really nice explanation, involving run-on sentences, secondary characters (and several parentheses), but I finally realized that it would have taken a couple of weeks and that you'd probably prefer if I just showed up again instead. So I did. Nice to see you all again.
  10. Quick update: I've been bogged down by other, completely unrelated problems, but things are starting to look better. I'm writing again, and will try to be visile here more often. Unfortunately, I might have problems with my net access for a while. The ISP says that they'll have everything working "within a week", but like most ISPs they're evil lying bastards who should not be trusted. See you.
  11. All flirt suggestions are welcome. Since they're supposed to be selected bu the player, I don't think they have to feel like they're suitable for all characters in all situations – you simply choose the ones that you feel that your character would do in the specific situation you're in. (well, I haven't actually counted all the flirt suggestions yet. If there turns out to be several hundred of them it will be rather impractical to include them all in the same list, but I'm not going to exclude anything just because it might not fit in with everything else). As for the "voice" of the main character in the lovetalks, I have given it some thought, but I think that that's better suited for another discussion. I'll probably start a new thread for it in a couple of hours when I have time.
  12. For the romance to work, the only character you need to have in your party is Haer'Dalis (and the main character, arguably, but I don't think anyone was in doubt about that...). If you do have Aerie in the party, however, I have tried to make sure that the situation will play out in a way that's interesting and in character for everybody involved. Players who like Aerie and want her to stay in the party will probably get the most out of this, and players who absolutely hate Aerie and want her to suffer will possibly be a little bit disappointed, but there should be something there for everyone. You do of course "miss a part" of the mod by not having her in the party, but only in the way you "miss" the input of any character you choose not to take with you – they all have some kind of romance-specific interaction, and you can't possibly have all of them in the same party.
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