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  1. Tyvm. How can i combine these two fixes? Both edit tp2 (yours and Angels).
  2. What other bugs are there? Assuming i dont use sphere system.
  3. How did you manage to install it at all? i get Invalid: XXXXX fro all spell names and decriptions on clean BGEE install.
  4. Hety

    DR Kits

    I do understand the sphere system perfectly. There are few things that bother me, tho: 1. Incompatibility with Spell Revisions. If its a "DR or SR" choice - screw DR, i like SR more. 2. Spell icons of DR are horrible. Or its incompatibility with SR that makes them so. I tried v7.1 with a kitfix + latest SR. Horrible, i tell you. 3. DR is half-arsed from a players standpoint. The only thing that was finished are sphere system and clerics. Paladins, rangers and druids are, actually, screwed. They dont use those spheres or if they do, there are no specifics, which are abundant for clerics. <p>Long story short - this mod is good as a core component for something bigger,%
  5. Hety

    DR Kits

    Cleric kits. I especially like kits for Branwen and Viconia, which actually allow boost their ability to fight in front and back rows respectively. Ranger kits look boring, except for bowslinger, who actually expands Archer concept and adds much in terms of dualling ranger to cleric after getting points in slings. But for that i can just edit archer kit and give him ability to put 5 points in slings. Do i understand correctly, that steps that should be done to cut the kits and make them into separate mods are following: 1. Determine spells, that are added to kits as innates or as effect on certain levels. keep them and install them. 2. Disable new spells/spheres and all the staff that is related to that. 3. Assign regular spells to kits, while taking into consideration their alignments (if its enabled somehow in Spell Revisions?) I looked into the code, which is well commented, but my Wei-Fu skills are not good enough for such hacking.
  6. Hety

    DR Kits

    Hello. As longs as DR does not work with Spell revisions and they are more or less mandatory now is it possible for someone to create a mod with just the kits from DR and without changes to spells? The kits of DR are of the finest quality and i'm really fond of them but that incomatibility is killing me. Thanks in advance.
  7. I wonder also. Playing without DR or SR makes me wanna cry.
  8. Do i understand it correctly, that with latest hotfix IR are fully compatible with 1pp v4?
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