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  1. I did. Yes, few and same. I didn't say I know them all. I know that most areas are fine. Thanks, I shall look into that.
  2. I know how to get area code... I can't be going through every area in game to check the behavior.
  3. Well, it's the same areas - for me. I wonder if someone could confirm or confirm not. I don't have a list (how would I get it?), but I remember 2 instances.
  4. When fighting Irenicus in Suldanesselar, I simply run away and after some time he got butchered by his own glabrezu. V28.
  5. the description says that it can knock down the opponent. In fact, it knocks down and knocks back.
  6. I mean that a physical attack is physical. Whether it's magical or not. These qualities don't exclude each other. Anyway, I'm just pointing out an inconsistency, not saying what exactly should be done about. Fixing the description is a way, too.
  7. The player is supposed to gather nuts that will allow to move around the tree of life. I didn't do it before attaching the harp and the horn and basically got stuck, because you can't gather the nuts after that (the tree before the entrance is inactive)
  8. that's the point, it shouldn't give protection from all effects. Only physical attacks (and in PNP, that's until you attack the creature). So, say, a lich would have no problem slinging spells at you.
  9. In the description of the protection from undead scroll it's specifically said that it protects from physical attacks. Not from being detected.
  10. err.. actually, there's no OR() in my script, they're all ANDed.
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