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  1. I can load many autosaves before and it would still halt. It looks like it halts on the gc_check_race_pc("28") conditions for Neeshka. It's supposed to go go into Short Race (I am a dwarf) condition and then she must say "Are you waiting for me to bring you a stool, or shall I lean over so we can kiss at last?" string. I am seeing ... gc_check_race(1) AND gc_check_race(3) AND gc_check_race(5) I think it is blowing up because it is checking whether I am a Dwarf AND a Gnome AND a Halfling (1,3,5) at the same time. There is no other option so it hits a dead-end and does not cont
  2. It's actually in the most hilarious spot. Right when you are about to kiss her on the ramparts. She speaks her last line and then the cutscene gets broken and you have free movement again. And she just stands there refusing to talk to you. Since this is a cutscene and there are no exit points you are stuck there unless you load from a non-buggy save.
  3. FIXED: Initial Post: For some reason Neeshka nightly stars romance dialogue in Crossroads keep after the Bridges Battle disappeared and she won't talk to me anymore. I cannot move anywhere and am stuck on the ramparts unable to proceed. Help? SOLUTION: Script that checks for short characters (Dwarves/Gnomes/Halflings) is joined by AND instead of OR statements. So the game checks whether the PC is Both a Gnome, a Dwarf AND a Halfling at the same time. Then it promptly halts because you cannot be all 3 at the same time. To fix it open up 3530_cut_romance.DLG using the NWN2
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