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  1. Sorry if I'm necro'ing this thread, but I thought I would add my 2 cents. Reading this and thinking over the recent releases Bioware has had recently (Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem specifically), you can actually see a change story-wise regarding these two games. Granted, to me Andromeda wasn't that bad, but it was thoroughly average story-wise. The travesty that was/is Anthem has been thoroughly covered all over the internet by various people/publications, and though there were many other faults and it was not marketed as such, from what I have read and seen the story is either very shallow or non-existent.
  2. No wonder her default portrait fits in so well with the other members of your party.
  3. Hi, great mod. I just have a quick question: Does Tyris have a quest in SoA or ToB?
  4. Just did the survey. Hope the answers help.
  5. Grim, please tell me there is still hope for this mod. It sounds really cool.
  6. I really enjoyed this game. Still have to finish it though because I got sidetracked by some of my fav mods becoming BG2EE compliant.
  7. Current version (v4) doesn't sort out this glitch.
  8. Between tyris flare and fade maybe? Really enjoy both and it would be interesting to see a romance conflict between them.
  9. I agree with Crosaith. Now that she's BG2EE compatible ihave almost no reason to play the original game.
  10. Hi I have similar problem to capital mcmoo. I am running a BG2EE game with a fighter/thief main char. I have anomen in my party and do the un seeing eye quest. When i go to complete it i accept the stronghold. A lord byron speaks to my main char and then the game hangs. I don't have the multiple stronghols tweak installed and the new version doesn't seem to address the issue. I will do a clean install and see what happens.
  11. Mostly I'm pretty picky about modded NPCs. They have to be female, romanceable (by male or female) and have content complete up to the end of TOB. My favourite Bioware NPCs are: Jaheira, Mazzy, Minsc and Imoen. If I'm playing an evil party then add Edwin to that list. I've finished a game with Viconia and Aerie as well, but they aren't as appealing to me for various reasons, (Viconia because she can sometimes be such a heartless shrew and Aerie because before you reach TOB there's so much whining to get through). My favourite mod NPCs so far - and who I'm playing with at the moment - are: Sarah: As far as I know, the only lesbian NPC. Sweet and very cute. Tyris Flare: Entertaining amazon based on the character from the old Golden Axe games. Dace: Interesting character so far. Still a long way to go to finish a playthrough, but so far very entertaining.
  12. I find it hillariously sweet that your kid plays these games with you. Has she played the BG series with you? Back to the ME issue: I would like to add to what has already been said by reitirating that none of these three games are recommended for a child that is so young. There are quite a few scenes where the main char threatens other characters with bloody violence, and of course the - now obligatory - sex scene near the end is definitely not kid-friendly at all. As far as the DLC goes, I was lucky enough to score the all the DLC for ME 1 and 2 and From Ashes, Omega, Extended Cut and Citadel DLC for ME3 and that has been, for me, the most complete experience. I agree wholeheartedly that the ending of the Citadel DLC is a very fitting end to the series, since it's actually kind of bittersweet. Anyway, have fun.
  13. Don't know about the rest, but to explain the first quote, here is my theory: Since your soul has taken the shape of Imoen and is slightly channeling her, I assumed that he/she/it meant the things hse/he/it inadvertently learned while being tortured by Irenicus in his dunegeon under Waukeen's Promenade. As far as I know the whole Tor'Gal thing had to be modded to be explained thoroughly, but from what I can remember I think it involved the rival family Nalia was betrothed to wanting to take over sooner rather than later.
  14. If mods are included then mine would be the following: Baldur's Gate: Dynaheir Baldur's Gate 2: Jaheira or Tyris Flare NWN 1: Aribeth Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Repbulic 1: Bastila Shan Dragon Age: Leliana Dragon Age 2: Isabela Haven't played the NPC mod for IWD 1 or 2 enough to comment.
  15. Also, if I remember correctly, Rogue Rebalancing doesn't work with Song And Silence.
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