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  1. Not really sure what advice to give here, as I play the game on PC, but as far as I know, these mods are not made for the Android version of the Enhanced Editions.
  2. Sorry if I'm necro'ing this thread, but I thought I would add my 2 cents. Reading this and thinking over the recent releases Bioware has had recently (Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem specifically), you can actually see a change story-wise regarding these two games. Granted, to me Andromeda wasn't that bad, but it was thoroughly average story-wise. The travesty that was/is Anthem has been thoroughly covered all over the internet by various people/publications, and though there were many other faults and it was not marketed as such, from what I have read and seen the story is either very shallow or non-existent.
  3. No wonder her default portrait fits in so well with the other members of your party.
  4. Hi, great mod. I just have a quick question: Does Tyris have a quest in SoA or ToB?
  5. Current version (v4) doesn't sort out this glitch.
  6. Hi I have similar problem to capital mcmoo. I am running a BG2EE game with a fighter/thief main char. I have anomen in my party and do the un seeing eye quest. When i go to complete it i accept the stronghold. A lord byron speaks to my main char and then the game hangs. I don't have the multiple stronghols tweak installed and the new version doesn't seem to address the issue. I will do a clean install and see what happens.
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