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  1. Tried it with the fl#add_kit_ee.tpa you linked included and it's still having the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? *Code snipped. See edit.* Also, looking further into the Creslyn's Item Pack component, it looks like all of the items are added to stores correctly except for Freedom's Call, which is bizarre because the code adding it to Dierdre's store is sandwiched between two items that are added correctly to that same store. COPY_EXISTING ~wmart2.sto~ ~override~ // adds three items to Dierdre READ_LONG 0x34 "sale_offset" READ_LONG 0x38 "sale_num" READ_LONG 0x2c "item_offset" READ_LONG 0x4c "drink_offset" READ_LONG 0x70 "cure_offset" SET "delta" = 0 FOR (index = 0 ; (index + delta) < (sale_num + delta) ; index = index + 1) BEGIN READ_ASCII ("%sale_offset%" + ("%index%" * 0x1C)) "item" PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "wa2plat" = 0) BEGIN // after that plate mail INSERT_BYTES ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 28 WRITE_ASCII ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) ~CDgplate~ // Geirthan's Plate WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x10 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // identified WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x14 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // quantity SET "delta" = "%delta%" + 1 END ELSE PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "wa2s1h" = 0) BEGIN //After that katana INSERT_BYTES ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 28 WRITE_ASCII ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) ~CDfrcall~ // Freedom's Call WRITE_SHORT ("%sale_offset%" + 0x0a + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 2 // 2 charges WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x10 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // identified WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x14 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // quantity SET "delta" = "%delta%" + 1 END ELSE PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "wa2helm" = 0) BEGIN // after Vhailor's Helm INSERT_BYTES ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 28 WRITE_ASCII ("%sale_offset%" + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) ~CDivory~ // Ivory Ioun Stone WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x10 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // identified WRITE_LONG ("%sale_offset%" + 0x14 + (("%index%" + 1) * 0x1c)) 1 // quantity SET "delta" = "%delta%" + 1 END END PATCH_IF ("%delta%" > 0) BEGIN WRITE_LONG 0x38 ("%sale_num%" + "%delta%") PATCH_IF NOT ("%item_offset%" < "%sale_offset%") BEGIN WRITE_LONG 0x2c ("%item_offset%" + ("%delta%" * 0x1c)) END PATCH_IF NOT ("%drink_offset%" < "%sale_offset%") BEGIN WRITE_LONG 0x4c ("%drink_offset%" + ("%delta%" * 0x1c)) END PATCH_IF NOT ("%cure_offset%" < "%sale_offset%") BEGIN WRITE_LONG 0x70 ("%cure_offset%" + ("%delta%" * 0x1c)) END END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES Also, the Free Action effect on Freedom's Call is keeping its own Improved Haste ability from working (which didn't happen in non-EE), and I'm not sure how to fix that besides outright deleting the Immunity to Effect - Haste property. *EDIT* Okay, turns out I'm an idiot and completely forgot you're supposed to add "LAF fl#add_kit_ee STR_VAR kit_name = "*THING HERE*" END". So that's fixed and the kits are added. The bizarre thing, though, is this. It looks like it's adding a new class entry for each kit it adds.
  2. So, about a year later, I'm back to starting a new game in Baldur's Gate 2 and trying to make sure the mods I'm using will work. Did kits break again after the patch released alongside Siege of Dragonspear? I tried installing a few kits from SP Collection and it looks like all it did was add a few base class entries to the base class menu (I tried adding Blade Master, for example, and it just added another entry of Fighter to the menu, with the same kits). Also, it looks like the new items from the SP Collection aren't getting added to the Dierdre's store (haven't checked the others), though the TP2 looks like it should add them correctly. How do I fix this? O.o
  3. It shouldn't... as the encounters were made to scale in difficulty in the original game. Up to a point at least. Well at least if you have not played with SCS, as that has the max level spawns. Yeah, some things, but I mean certain set battles as well. For example, could I go and take Mencar Pebblecrusher's party in Den of the Seven Vales right after getting Aerie, with the extra experience from SoD? I could do it in vanilla BG2 before, but it usually took a lot of cheese.
  4. I don't know if this got fixed in v22, but I'm playing with v21 and got a "NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES" in Jaheira's quest in Cloakwood, when you rescue that one druid on the fourth map (near the Hamadryad). Once I got the rest of my party nearby, it worked fine; I think it's checking if Khalid's nearby for his interjection.
  5. Stats in the inventory screen look a bit ugly, and I don't like health bars (luckily those can be turned off), but the rest looks great! My only real concern is that it might make BG2 even easier.
  6. I was looking at the Dale Tweak Pack and the BG2 Tweak Pack and since BG2 Tweak Pack is replacing IWD Tweak Pack for Enhanced Edition, I think there are some components missing. The ones I noticed were Druids Use 3e Alignment Restrictions, Loosen Item Restrictions for Multi- and Dual-class Clerics and Druids and Friendly Random Drops. Could they be ported over to BG2 Tweak Pack?
  7. Ah, figured it would be trickier since it hasn't been done already. Still can't figure out why Freedom's Call isn't getting added to Dierdre's store. I checked with NearInfinity after installing and all of the other items are added properly except for Freedom's Call, but the tp2 looks like it should work.
  8. Still working on that part . But I've found I learn better by running into problems and reading material on solving said problems. I saw that and read through it but I'm a little confused as to what the problem is, exactly. Am I correct in thinking, BG:EE had some different handling for kits (And SP Collection was updated for that), and then 1.2/1.3 broke existing kits by adding some new features? And does that post have the post-1.2/1.3 fix?
  9. Is there any guide to updating them? I could do it for a local copy. Also, figured out what's wrong with the Creslyn's Item Pack component; Freedom's Call isn't getting added to the store. All others are getting added fine, I just didn't notice them.
  10. Is this still an unsolved problem? I also tried installing the Creslyn's Item Pack component and it didn't add anything to the Dierdre's store.
  11. Thanks! I'm getting a parsing error with something I did, though. The error's happening around here (it's reporting the WRITE_BYTE line): //Keep monks from using two-handed weapons READ_SHORT 0x31 prof //Read item proficiency PATCH_IF ( prof == 0x5D || prof == 0x62 || prof == 0x63 || prof == 0x66 ) //If it's a two-handed weapon WRITE_BYTE 0x21 (THIS BOR 0b01000000) //Keep Monk from using it. END I tried it earlier and it worked fine, though.
  12. Like this? //Now to list every monk class and kit for fixing later! COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ //Open kitlist.2da COUNT_2DA_COLS num_cols READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW r2en_kitlist num_cols //Read it into r2en_kitlist FOR (row = 1; row < r2en_kitlist; row += 1) BEGIN //Iterate through the list READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER r2en_kitlist row 8 class PATCH_IF (class == 20) BEGIN //If it's a monk READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER r2en_kitlist row 1 kit //read it into kit SET $monkKits(~%kit%~) = 1 //and throw it into monkKits END END BUT_ONLY //Now manually fix a few details. SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 25 41 1 //Set Swashbucklers to 1 for longbows FOR (col = 4; col < num_cols; col += 1) BEGIN //Iterate through the columns READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER r2en_weapprof 0 (col - 1) currKit //Read class name into currKit PATCH_IF (VARIABLE_IS_SET $monkKits(~%currKit%~)) BEGIN //Compare it with the list. If it's a monk kit: SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 13 (col - 1) 0 //Set to 0 for two-handed swords SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 19 (col - 1) 0 //Set to 0 for spears SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 20 (col - 1) 0 //Set to 0 for halberds SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 23 (col - 1) 0 //Set to 0 for quarterstaves END ENDNot quite sure if I'm reading/editing the right columns.
  13. Just installed the mod (It works! Yay!) and it apparently already lets Monks use two-handed weapons. The animation does bug out, though (you're right, two-handed attack animation is appropriated for the unarmed animation). I'll put another patch_if to see if the weapon is one of the two-handed weapons before the BANDs, and prevent them from putting points in those. Edit: It seems it only glitches out on the melee two-handed weapons. Bows and crossbows work fine, so I think I'll allow those. Edit2: Are two-handed swords classified under large swords, in item type? If so, are long swords and bastard swords in there as well? Edit3: How do I set proficiencies for Sun Soul and Dark Moon monks only if they exist? Edit4: Decided to handle Monks and two-handed weapons by proficiency rather than item type. I'm not sire if this is the best way to deal with it, though. READ_SHORT 0x31 prof //Read item proficiency PATCH_IF( prof==0x5D || prof==0x62 || prof==0x63 || prof==0x66 ) //If it's a two-handed weapon WRITE_BYTE 0x21 (THIS BOR 0b01000000) //Keep Monk from using it. END
  14. SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER s2el_weapprof 25 42 1 Are those the right numbers? Looking at your code, I'm not sure which row and column would be 0, for reference. Could they be changed so they can use two-handed weapons?
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