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  1. Ah, that's her name! Yes, she does. That was me earlier. I really need to remember to log in .
  2. Signed and dated roughly a month ago with no reply... Please! Don't leave your faithful following!
  3. Alright, for some reason command prompt wasn't doing it, but the batch worked. And I knew how to make a batch file. You can't run Quake 1 with the tremor engine mod AND reaperbots without it . This looks important... *** Converting *** Source AR9801 becomes AR0128 convert: AR9801.INI -> (convert_ini AR0128) Failure("resource [AR9801.INI] not found for 'weimorph'"): resource not found in source: AR9801 AR9801.INI : Failure("resource [AR9801.INI] not found for 'weimorph'") ERROR: Failure("resource [AR9801.INI] not found for 'weimorph'") Converted INI: 1 Converted 1/15146 = 0% W
  4. Well, this is relatively bizarre. It at least partially converted. The picture at the start of the prologue is IWD1s, but the gameplay's IWD2s. I start the game and I'm on the Wicked Wench in Targos. This might be because I don't have the expansion packs. I'll send you an installation log as soon as I find out how to get command prompt to run iwd12.exe.
  5. It sets up BG1tutu in an Installshield wizard program which just copies necissary files from BG1 and BG2, while leaving thier installations alone. All you have to do with it is run the .exe and it installs tutu. The fact that you have to ask what it is isn't a good sign...
  6. Hey, is this going to have an Easytutu installer system?
  7. Grand_Dracolich


    I'd give him the abilities. You'd have people saying 'hey, why doesn't he have mage armor?!?!'. And magic resistance is something I've only very rarely found for my characters in this game . And can you make the Githzerai entry (I know, it's never that simple)?
  8. I can't play this unless you guys make it vanilla bg because I didn't run a full install, and my current CDs wont install at all. I am very particular about my party, for bg2 Aerie and Anomen are must haves for my party. For bg1 I always make a multiplayer game and copy/paste it to single player, so I have a mage (charname), fighter, Imoen, Khalid, Jahiera, and Kivan. I don't plan to romance unless you manage to get Aerie into the mix.
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