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  1. Well, as of recent I tried to get back to BG1EE for "last" playtrough. Didn't wanted too much of challenge so I installed AI improvements while ignoring components that make encounters more difficult. Had level 2 party with Fighter, Imoen, Khalid and Jaheira. Tried to do Garrick-Silke questline and got utterly stomped. I know she's alone there but following chain: Stoneskin (from start) Mirror Image Haste Minor Sequencer with Invisibility & something else Confusion Magic Missles + Melf's Acid Arrow Kinda took me by surprise since I was not installing components related to encounters, j
  2. Hi. I installed it using BWS and checked weidu.log and yes, they were skipped. I scrapped the installation thought so I don't have weidu.log anymore. Sorry!
  3. BG1/BG1EE-only components are skipped for BG EET installations. In my case: Potions of Extra Healing More realistic dogs and wolves Dividing the NPC duos Ensure Shar-Tell does not die during first encounter Smarter Sirines and Dryads Slightly more difficult Carrion Crawlers Smarter Basillisks All of the components were skipped because they were considered as BG1 only (while I was doing BG EET installation using Big World Installer).
  4. I think the best place to make a difference between Daggers and Short Swords is the damage type and how it affects hitting armored targets. General tendency should be: slashing weapons deal the most damage but are worse against armored targets. Then piercing weapons can ... uhm... pierce through armor. Bludgeoning weapons are great against flexxible armors (leather/chainmail) and still good against non-flexxible armors (plates and stuff). So. Plate Mail could give +1 bonus to AC vs Slashing Weapons, no bonuses versus Piercing/Bludgeoning. And now you can choose the more damaging o
  5. If you want someone to test it in BG2:EE (Black Pits, it uses 80% of SoA items) then I'm in!
  6. Do you want to tell me anyone considerds Plate Mail now with 2 AC difference?
  7. Or just maybe switch it into Shield of Faith? It's cleric's spell in D&D3.
  8. What about my old suggestions - to make Full Plate Mail loose the +2 AC over Plate Mail, but provide immunity to Critical Hits (and even maybe Backstab)?
  9. What about renaming these fighting styles. Those titles are just... crude. "Sword and Shield", like seriously? We are talking about proficiencies here! Shield Two-Handed Weapon One-Handed Weapon Two Weapons I'd propose limiting them to Specialization. I know it buffs Two Weapons style, but whatever. Shield At proficiency, grants +1 bonus to Armor Class and additional +1 bonus versus Missles. At specialization, grants +2 bonus to Armor Class and additional +2 bonus versus Missles. Note: I'd love to have something like "specialization grants you shieldbash ability" but that
  10. Honestly, I'd like that kind of behavior in case of Single Weapon Fighting Style while I don't find it fitting for 2-Handed ones. Personally: You can get up to Specialization in weapon fighting style. Shields At proficiency, you gain +1 bonus to Armor Class. At specialization, you gain +2 bonus to Armor Class and additional +2 bonus versus Missles. Two Weapons At proficiency, you are fighting with -2/-4 penalties. At specialization, you are fighting with -0/-2 penalties. 2-Handed Weapons At proficiency, you gain +2 bonus to Damage Rolls. At specialization, you gain +4 bon
  11. I wouldn't say it shouldn't have a saving throw. At least not everywhere. For example, if Demi would like to improve Delayed Fireball and turn it into some kind of "enhanced Fireball", I'd consider having Stun or Knockback there if opponent doesn't suceed in saving throw against breath. Or it could be a possible effect for Sound Burst (deafness with no saving throw, stun/damage if save is failed).
  12. Stun should mostly come from head injury. Either powerfull noise, bash in the head or explosion. It should be short-lasting secondary effect of some spells, and there shouldn't be many ways to become immune to it (I'd even risk to say: none). It shouldn't last longer than 4-5 rounds (1s Stun on some kind of effect would be cool). Hold is just being ... well, held by something. For example Hold Person spell creates an image in the mind of affected creature that it's tied with powerfull, metal bars. It's specific effect, so certain items/spells/creatures can either grant immunity to it or be
  13. In terms of brokeness, I mean fact that it gives you large defensive boost against 90% of creatures in the game.
  14. Also a cool change coming from D&D Next. Protection from Evil is broken in BG, right? In D&D Next it grants +2 bonus to AC/Saves vs Undeads and Demons (and immunity to some of effects applied by them). Seems really neat and fitting.
  15. Windwalk For level 6-7 of Druid. Doubles movement speed (and maybe attacks per round) of your allies for short duration (2 rounds?). Can't remember where I found it, but it was in some 3ed handbook. Seems cool, even if buffs aren't Druid's domain at all. Creeping Cold 2nd level spell for both Druid and Mage. Nice spell for disruption that deals a bit of damage. Basically it deals n+1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...) damage per round starting with n=1 and finishing at 10. Lasts for 1 Turn. Enflame/Enfrost Weapon Way to make Flaming Blade not that boring. Blessings castable either at yourself or
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