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  1. Well, as of recent I tried to get back to BG1EE for "last" playtrough. Didn't wanted too much of challenge so I installed AI improvements while ignoring components that make encounters more difficult. Had level 2 party with Fighter, Imoen, Khalid and Jaheira. Tried to do Garrick-Silke questline and got utterly stomped. I know she's alone there but following chain: Stoneskin (from start) Mirror Image Haste Minor Sequencer with Invisibility & something else Confusion Magic Missles + Melf's Acid Arrow Kinda took me by surprise since I was not installing components related to encounters, just general script improvements (I remembered SCS as a mod that increases variety of spells that mages use by A LOT). It's not my point to complain "MAKE SCS EASIER" because it was not designed to be. I finished a playthrough of SoA with Tactics. Did the same for SCS. But having an option to have smarter scripts for creatures without bumping their experience would be really nice. Still, I expected that AI-related components do not mess with spellcaster's levels. Not sure about that but I doubt that Silke was Level 7 Wizard outside of SCS.
  2. Hi. I installed it using BWS and checked weidu.log and yes, they were skipped. I scrapped the installation thought so I don't have weidu.log anymore. Sorry!
  3. BG1/BG1EE-only components are skipped for BG EET installations. In my case: Potions of Extra Healing More realistic dogs and wolves Dividing the NPC duos Ensure Shar-Tell does not die during first encounter Smarter Sirines and Dryads Slightly more difficult Carrion Crawlers Smarter Basillisks All of the components were skipped because they were considered as BG1 only (while I was doing BG EET installation using Big World Installer).
  4. Yeah. I just didn't prepared them for this version. But I do have a rough idea for one kit for every class. Warrior - True - Weapon Master Ranger - True - Hordeslayer: focused on killing multiple, smaller enemies. Gains Slayer's Momentum instead of Staggering Blow: bonuses whenever he kills an opponent. Paladin - True - I don't know yet. It's not possible to implement things from Devotion Oath (like Turn Fiends, Turn Extraplanars instead of Auras. Monk - True - Disciple of Elements: flaming, icy strikes and some cool elemental-based abilities. Barbarian - True - Berserker: more reckless (gets AC penalty instead of Attack Rolls penalty when raging) and mind-focused (his rage grants him immunity to Fear at level 3, movement-hindering effects at level 9, mind-affecting effects at level 15). Basically, he's unstoppable killing machine with no utility granted. Mage - True - Enchanter: Dire Charm as Signature Spell, he also gets Arcane Charisma that gives him +1 bonus to Charisma and -1 penalty to Will saves to everyone around. Sorcerer - True - Dragon Disciple: y'know, dragon powars. Still, I really dislike current metamagic feats for mage. Earlier I've had something much cooler. So he had feat called Arcane Knowledge that granted him +1 bonus to Intelligence and ability to detect dispellable magic 1/round.
  5. Another batch. All Fighters (Warrior, Paladin, Ranger, Barbarian, Monk).
  6. yarpen

    BGEE Kits

    On the other hand they are so terrible that something needs to be done with them. :S
  7. I think the best place to make a difference between Daggers and Short Swords is the damage type and how it affects hitting armored targets. General tendency should be: slashing weapons deal the most damage but are worse against armored targets. Then piercing weapons can ... uhm... pierce through armor. Bludgeoning weapons are great against flexxible armors (leather/chainmail) and still good against non-flexxible armors (plates and stuff). So. Plate Mail could give +1 bonus to AC vs Slashing Weapons, no bonuses versus Piercing/Bludgeoning. And now you can choose the more damaging options that are worse against armored enemies or the ones that deal less, but are fine against those damn knights in their shiny armors.
  8. I hate it when mod-added content differs from vanilla. I'd love to see this kind of dialogues done through the whole game - but if you are planning to use them only in content you are doing: either you should not implement them or at least skip that [MOD-ADDED CONTENT] label. But y'know, that's just my opinion.
  9. If you want someone to test it in BG2:EE (Black Pits, it uses 80% of SoA items) then I'm in!
  10. As additional food-for-thought, my version of D&D Next Fighter. FIGHTER 1 Weapon Expert 3 Improved Critical 5 Extra Attack, Mastery 7 Superior Critical 9 Weapon Specialist, High Mastery 11 Extra Attack 13 Diehard, Grand Mastery 15 Devastating Critical 17 Weapon Master, Critical Strike 1/Day 19 Extra Attack WEAPON EXPERT At level 1, grants proficiency in all weapons. At level 9, grants specialization in all weapons. At level 17, grants mastery in all weapons. IMPROVED CRITICAL At level 3, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a 19-20 roll. At level 7, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a 18-20 roll. At level 15, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a 17-20 roll. (or Stun on Critical Strike if implementable) EXTRA ATTACK At level 5, can attack two times per round. At level 11, can attack three times per round. At level 19, can attack four times per round. WEAPON PROFICIENCY At level 5, may achieve up to Mastery in any weapon. At level 9, may achieve up to High Mastery in any weapon. At level 13, may achieve up to Grand Mastery in any weapon. DIEHARD At level 13, as long as you are below 50% Hit Points, you regenerate 3 Hit Points per Round.
  11. I really do like D&D Next's version of Barbarian/Berserker. 1 Rage 1/Day, Thick Hide 3 Fearless Rage 5 Extra Attack 7 Rage 2/Day 9 Mindless Rage 11 Unchecked Fury (I) 13 Rage 3/Day 15 Simmering Rage 17 Deathless Rage 19 Rage 4/Day, Unchecked Fury (II) RAGE At level 1, grants +2 bonus to Strength/Damage Rolls, 2 Hit Points per Level and -2 penalty to Armor Class. At level 7, grants +3 bonus to Strength/Damage Rolls, 2 Hit Points per Level and -3 penalty to Armor Class. At level 13, grants +4 bonus to Strength/Damage Rolls, 2 Hit Points per Level and -4 penalty to Armor Class. At level 19, grants +5 bonus to Strength/Damage Rolls, 2 Hit Points per Level and -5 penalty to Armor Class. Rage lasts for up to 1 Turn. It's effects can end pre-maturely if Barbarian is out of combat for 1 round. Barbarian cannot cast spells, activate abilities, use skills or become invisible when enraged. At level 3, also grants immunity to Fear. At level 9, also grants immunity to Charm and Hold. At level 15, Rage ends pre-maturely after 2 rounds out of combat instead of 1 round. At level 17, also makes Barbarian unable to drop below 1 Hit Point (can still die due to slaying effects or stat drain). At level 11, can attack three times per round (instead of two). At level 19, can attack four times per round (instead of two). THICK HIDE At level 1, grants 1% physical damage resistance per level (up to 20% resistance at level 20th). EXTRA ATTACK At level 5, allows Barbarian to attack twice per round. Notes: There is no berserk opcode or frenzy in here, but Rage feels the way it should be. Powerfull, but forcing you to do what you are best at - smashing faces. I mean, having berserk opcode makes you loose any interactivity while being forced to stay in combat gives you some options like well... targeting, or just retreating (but loosing benefits of Rage). I decided to drop the "fatigue" part of Rage as it could be impossible to be done with the whole Simmering Rage system. Thick Hide for the obvious reasons was unimplementable, so I put in here cool class feature he had in BG2 - physical damage resistance that fits well with "no AC, lots of Hit Points" plan Barbarian has for his enemies. Bonus to both Damage Rolls and Strength seems scary. Especially with critical strikes.
  12. Do you want to tell me anyone considerds Plate Mail now with 2 AC difference?
  13. yarpen


    Or just maybe switch it into Shield of Faith? It's cleric's spell in D&D3.
  14. What about my old suggestions - to make Full Plate Mail loose the +2 AC over Plate Mail, but provide immunity to Critical Hits (and even maybe Backstab)?
  15. Amulet of Health +10 might be a little bit too much. +6 maybe? Heart of Golem This thing is supposed to be heavy, not fitting throwing dagger I guess. But there's nothing special that would fit it lore-wise, so we could find other throwing dagger. Kazgaroth Same. These items are like... whatever. Nobody's gonna miss them. Ever. Moonblade Usually they provided high Magic Resistance but we already have Viconia for that. Both of your suggestions sound really cool though. BG: EE items They are truly hopeless and I even doubt they have any kind of lore.
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