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  1. Here i come with a few updates! Eventually i managed to patch succesfully BG with WS mod i had to reinstall the game AND the mod, but it worked...Why? I have no idea O.o but now it's fine...afterwards i had installed even the GUI mod...i locked the res to 1280 x 800 and now everything works properly! The only scary thing was one freeze and black screen during an attempt to launch the game that force me to reset, but this happend just once, so... I'm pretty sure the anthology is fully updated to the latest version! (I use the Gog version, so i have no disk) Erhm, this needs to be: C:\Giochi\DnMC\Baldurs Gate\ ... so you might want to try again with that answer. Oops! I'm so silly xD but now that i've managed to patch the game with ws mod i don't know if i have the moral strenght to wipe everything out e retry with BGT... (because i think that a "clean" installation surely isn't going to include Widescreen and GUI mod...) after all, my purpose was to enhance that horrible resolution, even if BGT is really appealing...maybe i'll try it in the near future... in any case, thank you again
  2. First of all, thank you for the answer and the patience i'm downloading the GUI mod...i've not launched the game, i'll try, maybe after installing this mod... speaking of wich, this morning i smashed my head trying to install exactly BGT-weidu, but for some reason i failed...even following precisely every step, i've gotten an odd error...this is the debug file, just in case... (i don't know if there is a way to attach the file directly to this post) http://speedy.sh/HhYDK/SETUP-BGT.DEBUG (the first uploader i've found xD)
  3. Ok, now things are getting really weird... the game was installed exactly as you described, but i didn't launch and i hadn't the quick save, so i tried installing the mod after this... the game itself starts, but the windows are smaller and displayed in the upper left corner, and there are plenty of graphic bugs (the main menù is green/gray-striped, the test is black, ecc.)...moreover, quitting to windows lead me to this error: "An assertion failed in D:\dev\baldur\chUI.cpp at line number 773" i made another attempt installing the nvidia fix, but in vain...
  4. Hello everyone...i'm trying to install the widescreen Mod for BG1...the installation process it's ok, but everytime i try to launch the game i get this error: "An assertion failed in D:\Dev\chitin\ChDimm.cpp at line number 581 Programmer says: Unable to Open BIF:DATA\SFXSOUND.BIF" obviously i have no idea what does it mean. I own the GOG edition of the D&D Anthology, with a clean installation. I've searched everywhere but i've found no solution. I'm running the game on Windows Vista. Any idea?
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