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    If in doubt, blame Windows Vista - it makes even source code work differently. The advantage of Windows was that it was compatible with every software out there (or rather, that every software was built so that it worked on the latest version of Windows), and that every new version of Windows maintained backwards compatibility with old programs; unfortunately, the latest Microsoft programmers, in their enlightenment, broke that backwards compatibility with Vista, so you can no longer assume that old things work the way they used to. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't an issue with bugs in
  2. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Mayyybe a belated preview would be in order?
  3. Considering BigRob's been working on the project for three years and it still hasn't died, I'd say that spoke to some commitment to getting it done, wouldn't you? ETA: RAWR!
  4. Oh. How sad. :-( I am not an Aerie "fan" per se, but she's really too pathetic/childish to hate... Anyways, thanks for the progress, BigRob!
  5. Hmm, I dunno if I'd want to...'Akky' sounds like you're choking on something
  6. Excellent! I (and we, I'm sure) shall eagerly await - though not impatiently, of course. I do not begrudge you taking as much creativity enhancing time as you so desire (or not, as you wish). And forgive any and all strangeness - its rather late
  7. Whee, done with flirting! Do you suppose...that we could possibly have a preview of an underdark flirt, or if that's too spoilery, a banter (when one comes) - T'would be terribly kind of you ...it's been a long time since the last one... At any rate, nice work, BigRob, and best of luck with the banters and all else!
  8. Nice clean up job - now I can feel excited EVERY TIME there's a new post under "Progress Reports"
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