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  1. Sorry for the late reply, got distracted by life... I was pretty sure I had it solved at least for my desktop PC, but now have the exact same problem again. I got myself a new GPU (still AMD) and reinstalled BG as well as the Widescreen Mod. In the CCC, GPU-Scaling is activated and set to "Scale to Fullscreen" (or something like that). But I just noticed something strange: If I start BG (with 3D acc on, so it doesn't scale) and then Alt+Tab to the CCC, the scaling-mode is set to centered and then jumps back to my original selection. So all in all it seems to be pretty weird... And, a
  2. First of all: Thanks for your help! Second: The resolution seems to have been changed by tinypic, since I actually took two screenshots, noticed that their resolution was 1280x720 (in both cases) and then upscaled one to 1920x1080 and left the other as is and added a 1920x1080 black background to show you what I'm seeing. About the sprite mirroring: That I didn't know about, and when that is fixed I can actually play without 3d acceleration on quite comfortably. So that is a pretty good workaround, although it does not really address my actual problem. What I meant with "screenshots won't h
  3. Huh, I could've explained that much better than I have - sorry for that. Screenshots are not something that would help anyone, as the actual problem is only with the stretching of the game. I'll just post to modified screenshots here to reflect what I actually see: with 3d-acceleration on: 3d-acceleration off: When I take screenshots, they are identical and have a size of 1280x720. As I said above, it most likely is unrelated to the widescreen mod itself and the GPU's "fault", but I can't figure out why it is treating the game differently when the setting for 3d-acceleratio
  4. Hey guys, I've encountered a strange problem and couldn't find any solution - neither here nor with googling. It is probably not really a problem with the mod itself, but since I have no clue where else to ask for help... here it is. My installation consists of the GOG-Version of BGI and II as well as a (modified) Total Happiness BWP-install, although that shouldn't really matter. When I use the Widescreen Mod wihtout 3d-Acceleration enabled, it works as intended - I get a stretched game when setting the resolution to something like 1280x720 on a 1920x1080 monitor. But if 3d-Accele
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