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  1. Glad to see your set on finishing this mod. There hasn't been any good new npc mods in awhile and I've been looking forward to meeting this young lady for quite some time now. "When" isn't nearly as important as "will".
  2. I'll agree with that statement! While the original Tashia was an excellent mod, one of my favourite npcs, and another release would be great, it would, for me at least, merely be a time killer while waiting for Delainy to come out . . . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, what they said. And I also agree with Raltar. This is a lot of time and work for no pay. I think you modders are all that and a bag of chips. You've gave me many hours of "Good Fun" and I thank you.
  3. Glad to see you won't release Del until the ToB portion is done. I hate reading a book just to find out someone has torn out the last chapters (what? That's never happened to you? Hell, happens to me two are three times a week. ) And where will I get the new and improved Tashia?
  4. still with ya. still can't wait. sorry the t shot bothered you so much.
  5. Well I know I said I wouldn't play BG2 again until Del was released but I just spent $2600.00 on my dream gaming computer (had my techy nephew order & build it, I'am clueless) and had to play. Installed about 30 mods and went at it but now I'am stalling a little . Might be too many mods are an incompatibality problem. I'am inclined to think it's because I broke my promise. Sorry. Any updates?
  6. I know, and truth be known, I want this released as well...if nothing else so I can also work on Durlyle. Some good news is that all I have to do is some editing on Tashia's lovetalks (the ones I had written), and the writing aspect of her is done, and I can refocus on Del. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mentioned working on Tashia. How is she going to be differant than the one on the mod list now? I refuse to play BG2 again until Dels done (no rush as I'm not done with IWD2 yet and just started Planescape/Torment over at my girlfriends house) but when that time comes I'll sure be
  7. I admit, there hasn't been much reason to check lately. I've been down with a cold, so my work on Tashia has been pushed back...but I still will try to finish her this month, and focus on Del. As things stand, I may also just go ahead and write up the ToB material for Del, and depending on what happens, release both at the same time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've been waiting for this one for some time now but I also think it would be better to release it with ToB. We'll wait. Half measures avail us naught.
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