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  1. Unfortunately you can't leave the sphere after you figure that out!
  2. I just finished the Irenicus encounter in spellhold and have not gotten my items back yet. Reading online though, I keep seeing people say you're supposed to retrieve your items before fighting Irenicus, but I haven't seen any way to do that anywhere. As far as I can tell, they are not on Irenicus' floor, nor on the other floor (not that I could go there before the fight because the npc with the keys triggers immediately and unless I were to explore with him aggroed, it's all cut-scenes up to Irenicus.) Did I miss something obvious, or is there a bug? Or am I just not supposed to get them back yet? It seems like nobody has had a problem with this. EDIT: As one might expect, I've found the equipment in the formerly-sealed office. It's strange that everyone says you get it back before fighting Irenicus though, as that seems to not be the case. Shouldn't trust everything I read online, I guess... On another note, if I can leave a little feedback on the mod as a whole: after playing a little bit with the mages-prebuffing mod and having to resort to cheesing to finish the planar sphere because Lazok was impossible, I tried to turn it off. The installer program had an option to make 'surgical' adjustments to the install, but after selecting this it appeared to reinstall the entire mod when I tried to remove a couple of components, taking over an hour. It gave no indication it would take an hour, and I actually had to end up doing this twice because I tried to quit out after making an adjustment to one of the very first settings, not even getting to the main one I wanted to do. This was really frustrating - is it supposed to go through every single file if I'm just making one change? Also, I really wish the prebuffing-mages mod had another grade, where they prebuffed a *little* but not with a full ensemble of immunity:abj, abs. immunity, spell trap, spell turning, stoneskin, etc.. it would be much less insane, especially for early parties without ruby ray, if they only pre-buffed a little, or at least the mages accessible in chapter 2 did this. Lazok and Tolgerias especially - obviously these guys should be strong, but these fights are absolutely impossible to do legitimately if you don't have the right resources on hand going in. (Tolgerias doesn't sense invisiblity though, so I just gibbed him with my fighters from invis..)
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