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  1. Thanks again for all the replys. So id be better unistalling everything and reloading in a folder out with programme files yes? Ive just change from windows xp to windows 8 and im having a nightmare with it :-(
  2. Well, start the game running the BGMain.exe(or a quick icon made from it to your desktop), not the baldur.exe which opens the front end program that seems to lead to no where. Also the games patch won't install correctly if you use the default install folder, so change that to be a folder under your profile name... aka: C:\Users\ <username> \BGII - SoA\ ... if you use the Win8, there the patch will install correctly, or so I hear. Sorry i dont understand all this!?!?
  3. Right so i install my BG2 & TOB and download this patch and when i click on the Icon i press play and the games doesnt start. Im not that great with computer's so hence the questions. Im running Windows 8 by the way.
  4. Right so i have my original BG2 & Throne Of Bhall disc's. Is there a patch on here to get it upto date/fix bugs etc?
  5. Thanks for replying. Its just BG2 enhanced i fancied. Have you played/tried the enhanced edition?
  6. Hello, Ive just joined today. Played all the Baldurs Gate games on release over the years. Havent played BG2/Throne Of Bhall for years and i was thinking of buying the Enhanced Edition. Is it worth it? Keep reading about lots of bugs etc. Are there patches etc on here to fix most bugs? If i dont buy it whats the best patch for just playing BG2/Throne Of Bhaal again? Sorry for all the questions, Thanks Cshh69
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