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  1. Hey! Sorry for bringing up this ancient thread from 2005, but I don't want to start a new topic as I have exactly the same problem as Harbinger back then. Ari told me to get a drink called "Chwisgi". I asked the Thumb about it and he told me it is meant for a retirement-party of a sailor. I went upstairs and talked to that sailor Corradun but have no dialogue options available. Corradun just says to his sailor buddies, that his heart now belongs to a lady and not the sea anymore. If have not idea what to do next. I can't pickpocket him and if I speak to him again, the same discussing with his sailor friends as before starts again. Help! ^^ EDIT: I found the solution! After talking to Corradun, I talked to all his 3 buddies that were scattered on the 2nd floor of the Sea Bounty. I then talked to Corradun AGAIN, who had the same thing to say as before (his heart belongs to a lady and not the sea, etc.), but afterwards a cutscene started and his friends passed out. Then Corradun's girlfriend appeared and I was able to continue the quest. I am not sure if that is the way the quest was intended, as I found it strange that I had to talk to his friends first to trigger a cutscene after the exact same dialogue with Corradun as before...but as long as I can finish the quest I'm fine ;-)
  2. I somehow got it to work - yay!! Some suggested that the problem might be, that I didn't uninstall the mods properly before I had re-installed the game, hence I approached my issue with that in mind. So, I first ran the "clean install" option from the BeamDog-launcher. Then I fully installed all 5 mods which caused me trouble. That went surprisingly well this time, meaning I didn't get any error messages. Afterwards I immediately uninstalled them properly in reverse order. Once that was done I ran the "clean install" option 3 times more...just to be sure. And then I just installed all my desired mods (including the G3 mods) according to installation order I linked in my posting above. ...and for some reason that did the trick. Every mod could be installed without a single issue. My WeiDU-log looks fine, too. And as far as I can tell so far, everything works as intended in game as well. So, yeah...I believe by properly uninstalling the 5 mods, the remains of my previous installation finally got cleaned up for good. Thank you all so much for your help and advice. In the future I will surely not make those mistakes again. You are awesome, mates!
  3. Thanks to you both for your quick reply! The weird thing is, that I have used that folder for my previous playthrough (in August 2014) and had no issues with installing mods. I am using Vista if that makes any difference. At his very moment I am re-installing the game/the mods once more, so unfortunately I saw your advice a few minutes too late. But if this install fails again, I will definetly try to put the game in "C:\Users\<username>" and see if this solves the problem. You see, the bold part is the problem...I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. Combined with the fact that I am not a native speaker this makes this whole thing even more confussing for me Therefore I can't even tell you, whether I used a clean mod package for my installation or not as I have no idea what "clean mod package" means. I also don't know where I can find the backup-folders from the mods. So I doubt I emptied them. Maybe I should describe in detail how I installed my mods, so you can tell me, whether I did it correctly or I screwed it up: I had still an old modded installation from my last playthrough in August (as mentioned above). Since I wanted to try a different mod set-up I uninstalled BG2EE to get a "fresh" start. However I did not uninstall each mod I had individually before uninstalling the game, if that makes any difference. Then I downloaded the latest BG2EE-Installer from Beamdog and installed the game like always. There were NO mod folders in my game folder, just the usual "data, lang, movies, music, scripts" - so I figured that I had a clean install of BG2EE. I then downloaded the newest versions of all the the 19 mods I want to install for my new playthrough and saved them in a separate folder under "C:\Users\<username>\", so they are nowhere near my game folder. Then I copied(!) each of the zip- or (in case of the G3 Mods, RR and Item Upgrade Mod) exe-files in the game folder. So I basically have a backup folder with all the mods untouched. According to a mod installation order I found here (http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26945) I then unzipped and/or installed one mod after another. This worked fine and there were no problems with WeiDU thinking some mods were still installed from August. So I guess I really did have had a clean install and all mods were removed by uninstalling the game. But then I reached the last mod on my list, SCS. The installation seemed to work fine (no error messages or the like), but SCS didn't show up in my WeiDU Log. So I completely uninstalled BG2EE once more to get a clean install again and start from scratch. After installing the game, my game folder locked pretty "clean", meaning there were no folders beside "data, lang, movies, music, scripts". I then again copied the mods from the seperate folder into my game folder and installed them one after another. And everything went fine 'till I reached G3-Anniversary and the problem decripted in my original post occurred - WeiDU now thinking G3 Anniversary, RR, SCS, BG2 Tweak and Wheels of Prophecy are still installed. The weird thing is, that the only mods which seem to cause any trouble are those that come in form of an exe-file. The only exception being the Item Upgrade Mod, which is also an exe but installed fine. The other mods that are all zip-files didn't have any issues when installing them. Is that just a coincidence or might that be part of the problem?
  4. Hey G3-Team! I am currently planning to do another playthrough of BG2EE and therefore re-installed the whole game so I can have a 100% "clean" install to work with. I then installed some of my usual mods (Unfinished Business, QuestPack, Rogue Rebalancing, etc.) and everything went fine until I reached the last mod on my list, SCS. After about an hour without any kind of error message, the installation of SCS seemed to be done as the "second" SCS WeiDU-installer just closed and the "first" said something along the lines that SCS was installed (cannot remember exactly what it said, sorry). However, upon checking my WeiDU Log I realized that there was not a single entry for SCS. Furthermore, I realized that there wasn't a stratagem-folder in my game folder, either. So I figured something must have gone wrong and uninstalled BG2EE again to start anew. This time everything went fine until I came to the point to install the G3-Anniversary mod. For some reason the installer told me, that G3-Anniversary was already installed. So I decided to use the option to re-install it. However, then everything went south... The G3-Anniverary-installer then started patching things from BG2 Tweak Pack, RR, SCS, etc. which come AFTERWARDS in my installation order, meaning they shouldn't have been installed at that moment. In fact I realized, that it was patching MY EXACT custom installation of the G3 Mods (plus RR) from the failed installation I mentioned above (e.g. Imoen w/ mage avatar, Viconia w/ dark blue skin, consistent Breach, etc.). Since I figured something was amiss, I quit the installation and reinstalled BG2EE yet again to get a clean installation. I even used the "Repair Installation"-tool from the Beamdog launcher to be sure. On top of that, I replaced the baldur.exe, chitin.key, baldur.ini and dialog.tlk with the backup copies I made before installing any mods. To check if the problem was gone now, I did not install any other mods and just ran the G3-Anniverary-installer first. This time I got an error message. But what is more interesting, that the WeiDU installer still somehow thinks SCS, BG2 Tweak, Wheels of Prophecy, G3 Anniverary and Rogue Rebalancing are installed. How is that possible? There are no folders or files linked to those mods anywhere to be found. Here is a screenshot of my game folder and the WeiDU installer, so you can see my problem: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2j1v9sx.jpg Is there any other way I haven't tried to get a clean installation again? I am not a PC geek, but my feeling is, that there are some files/folders "hidden" in my game folder which I cannot access or see - even when I make hidden folders visible in the folder-options. Please help me!!!
  5. Thank you both so much =) Now I can finish ToB without having to worry, that I'll miss out on any Romance-related content. And yeah, I actually did take my time in Saradush, doing all the sidequests, clearing out the prison AND the sewers, completing Angelo's and Imoen's spellbooks, et cetera. I also spent an hour (literally!) managing my inventory before heading out to the Yaga Shura's Lair/ The Forest of Mir, so it is not that surprising that I the LT triggered kinda early into the Main Quest. I will have to take Angelo along on a future playthrough to see his interactions with Sarevok though, as I didn't take Sarevok with me for 2 reasons. Firstly, I simply had no room in my party left for him. Secondly - and most importantly - I just couldn't justify it from a roleplaying point-of-view with my current PC, as she despises Sarevok more than anything else in the world (well, except slavery maybe). She would kill him on the spot, if they ever should meet again in the future - so he was actually VERY lucky that she let him walk out of the Pocket Plane alive after she "revived" him with a fragment of her soul. Have a nice weekend, mates!
  6. Hello, it's me again! =) (Sadly, no update on my validation though, I guess I'll just have to deal with being an unauthorized user for now...) I finally found some time to play a bit further and must say that Angelo is still amazing...he just had a really funny talk with Jaheira concerning her actions not really fitting her "true neutral" alignment. I also really liked the bonus Romance scene at the Inn in Amkethran. But the reason I am posting again is as follows... - Spoilers incoming - I haven't had a Lovetalk for quite a while now and was wondering if I finished the Angelo's ToB-Romance. The last one happenend right before the Master Wraith and started with "<Charname>...m'lady. We look toward the future now" and ended with "The wheel of fortune rises and you with it, and whether I will rise with you, or be crushed underneath, should be no matter to you". EEKeeper tells me that the value for "ADANGELTOBLOVETALK" is 11. Is that the last LT in ToB? Or is there more to come after I did some stuff in the Main Quest (I still have to beat Sendai and Abazigal). It kinda felt like the final one for me, but as I had problems with triggering the marriage before, I just want to make sure everything is working as intended - don't want to miss out on any of the amazing contend.
  7. Hey Kulyok! Thanks for the quick reply, didn't expect to get an answer this quickly. And yes, I am playing BG2EE...don't know why I didn't mentioned that in my original post- now that I think about it, that is indeed an important piece information...sorry :-( I loaded an old savegame in which Saradush isn't destroyed yet and tried the solution you mentioned: I kicked Angelo out of the Party and before I even had time to open the console Angelo initiated the correct "rejoin dialogue". And after leaving the tavern he heard a scream from the temple and everything, including the wedding, played out the way I believe it is intended. So thanks a lot for the help, my romance can continue! Madame, you are AWESOME!!! =) I guess I will restart ToB though, as I don't want to load a more recent savegame right before attacking Yaga-Shura just to get quickly married before Saradush falls. Storywise I think it is better pacing if the marriage happens right after first entering Saradush as it is intended...and I am not that far in into ToB (just arrived at Amkethran), so it's not a big deal to restart. Oh, and concerning my authorization: I still haven't received my Validation E-Mail. I tried to use the "Resend Validation"-button, but it still doesn't work. My E-Mail address is correct though, I checked it several times. I would have contacted a moderator concerning this issue, but unfortunately the Personal Messenger does not work until my account is authorized. And I couldn't contact the webmasters either, as their E-Mail address ("webmaster@gibberlings3.net") seems to be inactive at the moment. So yeah, don't really know what I can do about that except waiting a bit longer in the hopes that the I will eventually receive the E-Mail...
  8. Howdi Mates! To start off with, I really enjoy the Angelo NPC Mod so far. An interesting Character, decent (but not overpowered) stats and items, fun quests and a fantastic Romance including a nice Flirt Pack. Good stuff! Unfortunately, I believe I might have run into an issue with the Angelo Romance in ToB... !!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!! . . . . . I am continuing a romance started in SoA and I am pretty sure I've seen everything there is to see in the Romance. For reference, my final SoA-Lovetalk was the one with the butterfly and I've heard that is the last one in SoA. After starting ToB Angelo immediately initiated the first ToB Lovetalk, where he basically wants to break up with <Charname> as he believes he is to old for her. Of course I told him that this doesn't matter and he seemed happy to hear that. When the party entered Saradush, Angelo asked if he can leave for a while as he had some business to attend to. I assumed he was buying a present for <Charname> as he wouldn't allow me to accompany him nor did he told me what he was doing. I met him in the tavern, where he rejoined me right away. Strangely his "rejoin dialogue" was the same he has, when you try to kick him out of the party. Well and since then I hadn't had a single Lovetalk with him. I figured, maybe I have to wait till some specific event in the Main Quest has happened, but even after the Master Wraith disguised as Gorion in the Swamps summoned Shar-Teel, he didn't feel the need to talk to me about it. I just killed Yaga-Shura and even though Angelo asked <Charname> how she felt after the City has fallen, this wasn't a "real" Lovetalk with the music and such. And now I am kinda worried that my Romance is stuck somehow and doesn't trigger any more new Lovetalks. The game recognizes the Romance as active, I can still Flirt with Angelo just fine. And the other parts of the Mod seem to work as intended as well - Angelo and Imoen banter a lot (he even gave her a present), I met Suu in Saradush, eliminated Ginpachi and Angelo asked what my strategy was before charging into the Siege Camp. So...is something wrong with my game? Or do I have to wait just a little bit longer, till Angelo will initiate a new Lovetalk? Thanks for the help in advance! =)
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