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  1. I have released a new version of Imoen Romance with the changes @DavidW
  2. Wow thanks for that, tried to wrap my head around it and finally understood thats a subtle edge case bug.
  3. Hi, for this compatibility bug i am going to make some changes. I believe the best way to make everything work is to remove checks introduced in BIMOEN25.dlg, that way the talk will trigger from any of our timers (or the games own banter engine). Let me know what you think.
  4. The issue is resolved from suggestions in Thanks
  5. Thanks @DavidW and @jastey I have implemented basically the suggestion above, i think this greatly improves the stability of the final conversation with Imoen. One important question, is referencing the TLK line like #68091 for instance, guaranteed to be the same both for EE and Vanilla?
  6. Actually i like where your suggestion is going, i think its similar to Jastey's. I will test it out to see if there's any issues unforeseen.
  7. Hmmm a hacky workaround is if its possible to increment a number in a variable in weidu, so from the assumption that the balth_finsol script never really changes, if i get the state number of 1015 i can just increment it 4 times to get the rest of the states that will be created right after %var%+1 %var%+2 %var%+3 %var%+4 This of course assumes that that code would never change and i can increment the variable in weidu. Thoughts?
  8. I see, is there a way to get the state number of a block even if the dialogue spoken is identical?
  9. Hi, in order to make mod compatible with Balthazar interjection in final solar talk, regardless of install order there is this problem in balth_finsol.d INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS FINSOL01 29 balth_sol_2 == balth2 IF ~Global("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN @1017 END INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS FINSOL01 30 balth_sol_2 == balth2 IF ~Global("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN @1017 END INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS FINSOL01 31 balth_sol_2 == balth2 IF ~Global("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN @1017 END This creates 3 identical state blocks in balth2 which seems redundant but more impo
  10. Unfortunately i am not the dialogue writer for the mod, and he is 'retired' now and doing this would require significant rewrite of that portion. I am not too bothered by this problem for new NPC'S, as its been a long-standing tradition to install new npc mods last and if they do inerject_tran_copy it will work.
  11. Ok i think i understand the cause. So Ascension essentially has new NPC's, in theory 'new npc mods' should always be the last mods to install to solve these kind of tricky situations but Ascension is kind of unique since its not a mod that you use for new npc's necessarily(people may not get them). Then the only solution if we want the flexibility of compatibility no matter which order to install is i would need to do the same changes targetting balthazar (and new sarevok??) as i did in modifying every npc for that complex finsol01.dlg dialogue branch //the mirror of fin
  12. Hello, i am the coder for the Imoen mod. I will also have a look at finsol01.dlg, its been awhile since ive dug into that code
  13. Hi, just i figured it out from your suggestions thanks. I made a spell that had an effect 'cure_sleep', this only removed the status sleep but did not make my characters stand up. i added an effect 'animation_sequence' with 'seq_awake' sequence and it worked.
  14. Ahh ive tried playing around with PlayDead, it seems that command 'blocks' a script per the wait period specified in it. while i needed a 'sleep' animation that i can interrupt at certain points on my discretion via scripts. Maybe there is no way, thanks for having a look.
  15. Hi, i have a script to put characters (player1 etc) to sleep with a spell. I want to awaken them and see them stand up. Ive played around creating custom spells and using spell effect 'cure sleep' this merely removes the sleep status but their still lying on the ground. How do i make them stand up?
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