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  1. That sounds perfect, and I am sure that the party will come to the Temple District sooner or later, because of all the quests I go there almost at once because I need to get what I need to acquire Edwin ASAP. Plus, since I use Ease's No Traps or Locks I get some easy loot! Heh, a few of us here simply can't stand Aerie. I am in that camp, so I'll never see their banters, but the ones for Nalia I look forward to. Tho I don't always take Nalia because I don't like her, either. Lately I have Auren Aseph and that mod makes Nalia tolerable for me. But Gavin for SOA is just so darned...appealing! Personally, I think Nalia and Gavin would clash a little, then settle down because, as you said, they are on the same team, after all.
  2. Maybe this isn't a "bug" but I'm not sure. I'm doing Durlag's Tower. I did the upper levels, then went to the merchant to sell stuff. Reed came and said her piece. Then I rested, and went back into DT. As soon as we are inside Gavin asks if we could step outside for a bit of air. So, I take us outside. Nothing. I rest outside of the tower. Nothing. PID is normal. Is this a problem? Does Gavin not recognize the outside of DT to be "outside?"
  3. Minarvia

    Ye gods! *puke*

    How the heck can you sleep in different rooms at an inn? Here I thought I knew how to actually *play* the game I've been into for years. I thought you just rented, rested, and that, as they say, is that. Unless there is a dialog choice? Hmmm...sorry, that bit got me wondering... And, Dalrei Dal, I, for one, wouldn't let Gavin down! He's been there for me, I'll be there for him! Letting Gavin down would definately fall under the title of this thread!
  4. Minarvia

    Ye gods! *puke*

    quote] All of this seems totally in character, and it's amazing to see that you've so well-defined Gavin, I mean the whole thing seems utterly consistent (something that I know I would not be able to do! If ever created a NPC, the poor thing would be shapeshifting everytime I tried to touch it! ). Anyway, what I'm piteously trying to express with my lacking vocabulary, is that I'm impressed. Not to mention, looking forward to Gavin BG2... You've stated this very well, and I totally agree! Hmmm...about Khalid's banters, it's not a big deal, I just found it odd that he is the only one Gavin hasn't spoken to at least once. For BG2, I realize the encounter will have to take place with his ex and Lanie. After all, they are right smack in the middle of the Temple District. (I would assume this is not considered a spoiler as Bioware has them speak with a cleric of Talos?) I suppose it would be too much to hope for the party to be invisible and sneak by them? Gah, the vampire thing! Just when I hoped for a little less angst...but it is indeed something to seriously consider for a cleric of Lathander. I suppose it would be impossible for Bodhi to be unable to turn him or something like that? Anyway, I guess you get the idea that we all cannot wait for SOA. Tho I really think for at least one game with Gavin that beginning the game married will be a really cool experience. No Anomen flirting or Tsujatha jealousy, etc. The pc and Gavin shopping for little souvinirs for Lanie...
  5. Nah, he really likes *me*, at LT 27, my Love variable was at 64! Ohh.... kay, never mind me! That was unnecessarily childish... That's okay! I totally know how you feel! But, um, yeah, MORE FLIRTS would be good!
  6. I'm not sure how to lay out the numbers. Maybe I needed to note the game days and areas? I don't know. But as I will be playing another game or so I can correct things. Anyways, just as for numbers, I had beginning at 9 days - LT 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 23, 23, 25, 25, 27 GL 2, 6, 13, 19, 32, 35, 38, 40, 42, 46 I don't know if that helps. Like I said, if I know precisely what you need I can detail it better on my next game.
  7. Minarvia

    Ye gods! *puke*

    I just read all this, and, concerning Reed, she didn't bother me at all. In my experience some siblings are quite close and it doesn't/didn't occur to me that anyone else would read so much more into it than is really there. I like Reed and have no problem with her whatsoever. I am intrigued by the possibilities in SOA, especially if a pc begins with the romance path there. I take it there will be a romance? I believe you said, "some form of" so I don't really know what that means. If it turns into a whine-fest ala Xan I think I may pass! (Tho after TOB was added I like Kulyok's Xan much much better). Anyway, I realize that Gavin isn't perfect, but any man who will only stay with the woman he professes to love because he made a committment troubles me. Does that mean that his heart isn't really in it but he pretends that it is? (I'm referring to Gavin in BG1, here). Or that his heart is in it but he thinks his god would disapprove but since he made the promise it is okay to stay with her? Still, all questions aside, I love Gavin a lot and am really enjoying him. It will be interesting to see how your ideas take shape for the rest of the story. I know what you mean by characters and your ideas going off into their own directions. That has happened to me many a time in my own writing. Oh, a side question that I do not want to open a thread for - I can play for ages and NEVER get a banter between Khalid and Gavin. Is that the case? I once got one with him and Jaheira, but that was all. My current game Jaheira has long since been dead and just silence from Khalid, so I was wondering if the banter will come or not.
  8. Thanks for the LOVELY teaser, BigRob! I just adore it! My pc never feels silly if eyes are on her. She's not shy! I'm glad that Aklon doesn't seem to mind...
  9. I have a quick question, just to make sure you get the numbers you need. Do you just want us to check the numbers periodically no matter who is in the party, or is it more important to have the other romancable males in the party and *then* check periodically? Do I make sense? I guess, in other words, does it matter if Gavin is the only eligible bachelor?
  10. Well I played Tsujatha and yes - that's true it DOES feel like playing some little role in someone elses fantasy... never thougth about it like that but now I see it. Kivan is NOT like Tsujatha that's for sure. Once he's in wuv with PC he shows commitment to only PC and doesn't mention his elven late-wife anymore. Still, I'm the ones that don't like Kelsey as well - because I dont' support pedophilia >_>; He's so childish it's nearly killing me. I'll stick to Xan and Kivan for the time being thank you hehe but there's always Aklon and I do hope he comes around soonz! Heh! I felt the same about Tsu. I liked him a lot, but those things you mentioned bugged me, too. And his dying breath being someone else's name is something that I just cannot get past. Kelsey is well done and great, but he was also one of the first romances I played. Now I generally cannot stand him unless he is only a friend. I even get evil sometimes and betray him to Ceara. His smart remarks get on my nerves sometimes! Solaufein is too bland for me and his goddess and poetry ultimately get on my nerves. I think his upcoming flirt pack will make him much better, tho. I haven't quite finished Kivan yet, but so far so good. Xan got better after his TOB came out. (I killed him myself at times!) Edwin is my far and away favourite. Aklon, tho, I am really really looking forward to. I don't think he'll be too needy for me, nor will he be as aloof and irritaing as I find Xan. It seems he'll have a healthy mix of the things that I like. And it seems that others here feel that Aklon will be a worthy lover for them, as well! I check here every day. It feels to me like Aklon is just around the proverbial corner.
  11. This is a great idea, Berelinde. Later on I'll type in the codes you specified and get the numbers. Like Eleima, I also wanted to tease Gavin a bit on that talk and was, as she was, disappointed at not being able to tell him "it's you, silly!" But it's no big deal. Sooo, he won't immediately break up with a popular pc? I wasn't sure, so I panicked and broke up with Ajantis and Xan at once. And, see, Berlinde? No-one here is mad about having to re-installl Gavin due to the heart-breaking accidental break up! Gavin is more than worth it. (As long as he doesn't do it to me again! lol )
  12. I realize that, but I think people automatically come here for anything romance-related for Dalis. And that banner is still running. It is just that having someone pop in and say you can't post or whatever doesn't help the people who think that HDR may be being revived here.
  13. Thanks so very much! I was even able to go back to just prior...and now it is fine. He did not immediately break up with me as soon as he confessed his past. And, no, you are not a menace! You are a hard-working human who is sharing a great guy with us! (Sighs in pleasure) Now, back to Gavin-loving!
  14. I think it would help it the banner for HDR was not still going over at PPG. I think that is why people come here looking for news. So...is it allowed to post in here at all? Or is no-one ever supposed to post in here? It's hard to know where Dalis is concerned.
  15. Don't be so hard on yoursef! Don't worry! I'll wait. It's okay. I have a slightly earlier save so from my end no biggie. I'll have my hubby help me with reinstall and getting my old saves to transfer. I'm sure we can. If not, I'll get over it. Gavin is worth the trouble, believe me!
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