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  1. Boy, do I know the feeling. For me, lately, it has been Guild Wars. It is always, "just one more battle," or "just one more quest!" Time sure flies!
  2. Thanks! Hahaha...I'm doing the exact same thing, checking in on the page every 2 days or so, finding out, in vain, that there's still no release. I guess he is indeed easy on the eyes, but I'd rather not comment on his looks (I'm a guy), and rather focus on his story and character He'll be the first romanceable male I'll try out. Heh, oops! I assumed from your avatar you were a gal. Sorry! Well, for us girls, he is pretty yummy. I usually don't care for blondes, but Aklon pulls it off for me. Regardless, his story sounds fascinating. Him being a slave will be quite a unique
  3. Welcome to the forum, DocLem. I'm with you on this. I have been checking here every day in hopes of a ready-for-romance Aklon. I know that it is silly and I should just be patient, but it is hard. Aklon is fascinating and well-written and it is hard to not want him "right now!" Plus, he's easy on the eyes, yes?
  4. Have you ever played Beyond the Law and not romanced Ano? If not, maybe you shouldn't. I think you would find the Anomen-bashing a bit too much. I don't care for Ano myself (well, I don't like nor dislike him), and even I thought it was over the top at times. I think BigRob won't go too far, tho.
  5. I second that idea, even 3rd and 4th it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celticrose I'm glad I'm not alone in this wish!
  6. I can't wait! I know Aklon should be out pretty soon. You know, I think those of us who would NEVER let Aerie be romanced by Aklon, much less have her in the same party, should have a release for us and the Aerie-lovers can wait for the V2. Well, I can hope, can't I?
  7. HECK YES!!! That would be fun!!!! As in Aerie trying to charm Aklon, or Aklon beginning to try and charm her? If the former, I hope he can let her down until he's sure the PC isn't interested! But for my party, likely she won't be in it, but I can't help but wonder what their dialogs would be if she were there. And I can see Vicci trying to woo him, as well, even if it is basically for his good looks and...ahem...slave experience! Personally, I don't want a romance where my pc will have to jump thru hoops and agonize. But a little scripted conflict would indeed be welcome! As
  8. To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere not until sometime this winter, I'm afraid. That could mean any time from Dec. 22 thru March 22nd. (If I have the exact dates correct!) Somewhere up top in this forum he says...(sigh)...winter. But I've no doubt that the quality will be worth it.
  9. y thank you! ^_^ hope you'll get plenty of time to work on this mod, it really sounds interesting all the more now <{POST_SNAPBACK}> IIRC he is hoping for a summer release. Correction - WE are hoping for a summer release! Aklon is going to be pounced the nanosecond he is available methinks.
  10. IIRC BigRob hoped that Aklon will be ready sometime this year. Maybe beta testing will be soon, tho, huh? We can hope!
  11. Hi! I'm new to this particular forum. I hope I haven't missed the answer to this question somewhere so I'll hope for the best and ask. Are you planning on releasing TOB with SOA at the same time, or will SOA come first and then TOB will come out at a later date? I ask because I prefer both at once since I seem to play thru BGII rather quickly because I, like others, know it so well!
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