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  1. Thanks, looking forward to try it!
  2. Strange...when I try to install the mod and start with the main component I get: ERROR Locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [%NBaldursGate_DucalPalace_L2%.ARE] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] Stopping installation because of error Any idea of what it could be? I tried to install it on a clean BG1 SoD with a 2.5 version.
  3. Abdal

    Calin NPC Mod

    Any news/update on how progress with Navarra is going?
  4. So the best solution would be to just make this mod an addon to the original one? Like to play it one needs to original version. Did Weimer wrote a significant amount of content for Valen? It has been a long time since I played it. I only recall it availing Valen to be recruitable. Still...isn't Valen an original BG2 character? She was not created by Weimer. So if someone wanted to start Valen from scratch without using any of Weimer's resources then I see no need to get his permission. Getting in contact with modders who had long left modding will be almost impossible. IMO
  5. Abdal

    Calin NPC Mod

    Any news how Navarra is doing?
  6. I'm only guessing but its likely either conflict with Beamdog mods or Beamdog policies in general. It kinda looks to me as if Beamdog is no longer as devoted to its fans as it used to be and the crazy wait for the 2.6 patch combined with poor communication makes it hard to continue supporting Beamdog. But maybe I'm wrong or I'm being too harsh.
  7. Abdal

    Calin NPC Mod

    Yay, I'm so glad it is back after all!!! Yikes, I kinda want to ask about a speculative alpha release date but I do not want to pressure you. Looking forward to it.
  8. Nice, good to see something even if it is not much. Lena will remain best girl.
  9. Abdal

    Calin NPC Mod

    Perhaps a bit off topic but I've checked Kitanna's webpage and noticed that there is a upcoming NPC mod named Navarra. Any news how its doing or/and some details about NPC? Still gotta fully finish my Calin run
  10. What is the Xerthul NPC on the github page? A new project? Any info?
  11. Is it recommended to install Unfinished Business before or after the newest version of Ascension?
  12. Yeah, those old SoA powers that were restored. When I begin ToB(after beating Irenicus in SoA) all lost powers are there but after saving and later reloading said save all SoA powers are gone.
  13. Hmmm, after I begin ToB I lose all restored bhaalspawn abilities from SoA(which the mod recently allowed to regain once the PC gets the soul back from Irenicus) if I save and then load said save in ToB.
  14. I would like to give it a try too! I was worried that this mod was dead when I asked about its state around 1.5 years ago. Great that its still got some life left!
  15. Given how romance dialogues, flrts and baters took over 15 years it is likely that quests, coding and (often the hardest part) finishing touches will last 10-20 years. Burnout, RL, and simple technical problems combined with it being a solo work often make making mods extremely difficult especially after college when one gets a job and a family and there is no longer so much free time as before. I wish BigRob good luck on this task but I noticed that most mods that are in the making for more than 5 years end up around 90% of the time in Limbo or the person in charge writes a letter to
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