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  1. "ShoalHit" and all the rest are displayed properly except "LastBug" which is not set at all. Yes, I tried force talking with her and even charmed her ( dangerous task mind you, that damsel is one dangerous femme fatal ) but she never changed her circle from red to blue because global "LastBug" never triggered for some reason. I'm in no position to repeat the quest however, as I ended her suffering on dry land and left the area long ago.
  2. So that GLOBAL is the part of the original game? Ugh, I'm way of the mark here. I thought that was addition from BGFixpack when I saw in IE that her class script only require "ShoalHit" to start reconcile dialogue with player. I play former, BG1TotSC of course.
  3. I think that there is maybe incompatibility between BG1Fixpack and BG1UB. Though maybe BG1UB has nothing with this and it is sole BG1Fixpack fault. When you sacrifice one companion to that nereid after you hit her couple of times she is supposed to initiate dialogue which brings her ogre master Droth to the scene. Unfortunately I never got that dialogue though she tried couple of times to change color of her circle and say something. Even tried to charm her, without effect. Looking what went wrong I discovered that one of the mods change her dialogue to "correct" it and add some nonsensical Gl
  4. Perfectly valid choices, and ones that I already tried all ( except Kagain, that is ).
  5. Not bug per see, but that scroll of animal summoning from Nim Furlwing ( did I misspell it, sorry for my very bad english ) has range only of 1 and target living actor. I run on group of eight Black talon elites in Peldvale and since that scum requires melee approach I decided to buy me some time with the meatshield until I'm able to charge for hand to hand combat. Needless to say that poor mutts get pincushioned not even on halfway through. Nevertheless their sacrifice bought me enough time to finish the job. They will not be forgotten. I suggest to change that scroll to target any point
  6. Yes, seems that author/s of BG1fixpack weren't skilled as some of today's modding wizards ( far from it that I'm not grateful for their hard work too ) and level of knowledge was much smaller then than it is now. Anyway thanks for your continued support and help, your hard efforts of maintaining compatibility for different platforms and removing of numerous mistakes are greatly appreciated.
  7. Hmm, yes, that is probable explanation. Though I don't have Dudleyfix installed, I have BG1 fixpack instead: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9019 Although I have this component from certain mod: Selected TWEAKS for BG1 from dudleyville.com: v3.52(108), but it never mentioned anything about Nashkel inns. Well, no big deal, so what if Belching dragon has tavern and inn monopoly in northern Amn? Thanks for your explanation.
  8. I honestly don't know is this leftover from vanilla or simple mistake in BG1UB but both taverns in Nashkel are called Belching dragon. The northern one on the entrance when you first enter Nashkel should have sign "Northern star". Both taverns when you drink in them are also called the same.
  9. OK, less of my bad attempts of humor, more dry facts. This is vanilla thing, obviously.
  10. I repeated this maybe 10 or so times on different places, maybe this time someone will take it into account. Red sheaf bartender in Beregost is the Amnish spy! If somebody checked his rumors it will be plain as day that this fellow is Nashkel born and Nashkel bred. Small correction in "Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations" will certainly fix this small oversight. This was found in BG:TotSC TOS GOG edition.
  11. I got this error when tried to install Separate Resist Fire/Cold Portrait Icon into Separate Icons: Probably not Anthology fault though, maybe item in question is wrongly coded or whatever. Also I think Khalid's hit points from "Khalid fighter-mage" component are messed up, if he starts F/M level 2/1 he should have more than measly 12 points. Fighters 10 + mage 4 / 2 + 3 constitution gives him 10 starting hp. If we assume that he got really bad roll on his fighter level up of only 1 hp he should still had minimal of 13 when his constitution bonus is added ( extra 2 hit points ). For the r
  12. It shall be done, let us hope that he reads his messenger from time to time.
  13. Thanks for your advice Jarno, it worked like a charm!
  14. This is a copy of an original area ARD008 aka (AR0508) Durlag's Tower, fire elemental challenge (fourth subterranean level) The area name depends on which game you use. So maybe it can be repaired by making a copy of the mos from that area with the name T-1002.mos. Yeah, thanks although I have no idea what other 3 are. It's not possible to make that out, they're just too small and insignificant. All are copies of original game areas but their size is corrupted. One is a tomb and the others are small inside rooms. No clue. Thank you very much for your insights guys, I will try
  15. This is a copy of an original area ARD008 aka (AR0508) Durlag's Tower, fire elemental challenge (fourth subterranean level) The area name depends on which game you use. So maybe it can be repaired by making a copy of the mos from that area with the name T-1002.mos. Yeah, thanks although I have no idea what other 3 are.
  16. Thanks for the tip Jarno, unfortunately i discovered 3 more files with the same problem before I managed to finally install WS, I presume procedure is the same for all of them? Bad mos.rar
  17. I guess it is no harm if I upload this file in the hope that somebody can fix it: t-1002.rar
  18. Nope, pretty standard 1024× 768 res. There are no forum and downloads, I just own private copy which I'm understandably hesitant to share and distribute around without author's permission.
  19. Well, that would be hard, he is not in these parts anymore and only rarely visits. I guess you are somewhat proficient with workings of this mod, tell me is CTD guaranteed if I try workaround way described in the post above?
  20. Well, uhm, I don't know is it smart to reveal this and will I bring righteous wrath upon me from the mod author but the mod in question is Xvart caverns and whole point of this beta testing in fact. I was hopping for some hack and magical solution for this problem before I'm forced to remove file in question from Override and finish installation of Widescreen, then put it back risking unforeseen CTD.
  21. I don't have high hopes that somebody can help me with this but I will try nevertheless. Installed today for the first time GOG Original saga classic game BG:TotSC. Then I installed Widescreen on clean install for the test purposes. On my pleasant surprise everything gone smoothly, but then remembering past experiences with Widescreen and some mods which add new areas I decided to uninstall it and reinstall near the end of the installation to avoid possible CTD. I'm currently beta testing several mods, some of them are not yet publicly released. It seems that one of them is incompatible with W
  22. I don't know if they are latest, but I hope this will help you: http://downloads.chosenofmystra.net/bg2/
  23. BQQE, REBG1, Ajantis BG1 expansion. Did I miss something?
  24. Yes, we ( I ) are endangered species. I would be happy to test several of your mods ( among others ) on my newest nostalgic trip through the Sword coast.
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