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  1. There is almost game breaking bug with Bjornin and his wounds. If you offer to help him and he accept you are transported in his room with no exit where some cutscene should happen. But instead we just stand and his only dialogue option is " Greetings. Apologies but I must prepare for my departure." Seems that guy in the room above wasn't afraid of Bjornin without reason. He tried to kidnap my PC and keep him in golden cage forever. Luckily I had Aurora's boots of the pub and transported party out of there. Never trusting again these seemingly nice " goody two shoes". Version of the mod is 1.
  2. According to my IE the dialogue which only wake person in that tent use is BGMTOWN3. Dialogue tree shows that Jaheira's interjection is not there. I hope this will help you.
  3. a) hmm, so if you don't reach FAI from Lion's way in time dialogue will be blocked? I rested near Gorion's fall and then went to FAI. I usually do this almost in every game, probably didn't in my earlier TUTU games or this timer was changed a little recently... b) well, some mod changes Khalid's biography, add interesting talk about it, and I thought there is reference about that in one of Jaheira/Khalid dialogues " you are not persuading me to change my career again, dear wife". Must be BG2 tweak pack, I always thought that was integrated in BG1NPC project in case you installed it. Oh, well
  4. Thanks for answer, but: a) that is the point, if such timer exists it didn't triggered for me, I traveled with Harper duo at least two weeks, from FAI to Nashkel and then to Gorion's rest and Candlekeep and rested at least five times but nothing. Her other dialogue about forest lore and meeting Khalid triggered almost immediately though... b) hmm, when I think about this I'm not sure if Khalid's f/m dialogue is the part of BGNPC project or BG2 tweaks which actually changes his class. c) I didn't got it, instead Branwen's comment about scalps fired when I entered the tent and then I talked
  5. Although my memory from last time playing BG1 NPC project which was on TUTU isn't exactly fresh, some things are definitely changed. This time didn't buried Gorion ( I chosen option in Imoen's dialogue when you pick letter from his body which didn't gave that option ) and when I recruited Jaheira and Khalid didn't get dialogue about Gorion's burial from her. Khalid also has nothing to say to my PC but maybe it has something to do with the fact that he is now plain fighter while in my last run he was multi f/m. Jaheira's interjection in black lotus tent at carnival also didn't trigger. I had t
  6. Unfortunately, this is a hardcoded issue; there's a warning in the Tweaks readme about it. Barbarians are locked to a d12 roll and ignore whatever dice size are set in these files unless you have an EE game or TobEx installed. . I have Tobex and level 1 maximum hp but barbarian still has 14 hp at the start of BGT. No matter, it is a small thing to add extra 2 hp with SK. I think it is this that causes problem, but then again I could be wrong, I'm trumpet when it comes to modding. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58571-greenhorns-questions-bugs-and-findings-about-bws/page-8?do=findComme
  7. Nah, none taken. Sorry you ran into a problem; I'll see if I can generate you some good, NWN-style tables for a BGT game to get you going again. Thanks CamDawg, I done as Subtledoctor advised, and it worked. There is still problem with barbarian ( rolls 1d10 hp ) but I think that is problem caused by third party mod. ( Uldar half barbarian mod ). It worked. Thank you. Proper thanks and praises back at SHS.
  8. No, I play BGT classic, but I do have clean, patched install of ToB so I guess this helpful tip might work. Thanks! I don't know about EE but biffing is absolute necessity in BGT, especially huge as is mine...
  9. Thanks, I'll get this in the next beta. Argh, yes. This is something I knew, then forgot, and now I know again. There was a reason that NWN-style used to change 1d10 to 5d2 instead of 1d5+5. Greenhorn is correct--it's labeled beta for a reason, and shouldn't be pushed out to users yet unless they know what they're in for. I fully expect dumb bugs like this, especially considering how extensive the changes were. No hard feelings on my part, it happens to the best, sorry if I sounded more blunt and offensive than I intended, this kind of things can be expected from the BETA m
  10. This will work, yes. Hej Krešo, kako je? Sadly no, I tried it in my save game with easy difficulty, didn't help. I really appreciate your help subtledoctor, and I don't want to sound confrontational and I don't know for others but I spend three months browsing various forums and readmes for mods I wanted to install searching for bugs and problems so that my installation would be reasonably stable and bug free. So I didn't approach lightly and in blissful ignorance. As for my complaining about testing of this component I did it myself on clean patched install of ToB just now and
  11. Sorry, but what happened, what level did she got, was it only one of the dual classes or was it both ?What class and kit combo does she have ? 5 hps is normal for a druid's level up if it's multi and just level one of the classes. On what level was she and ... everything you can tell us will help to replicate the result and try to find a thing to fix in it, if there's even a need for it. There is a need for it Imp, I can assure you, what happened is explained couple of posts above: Jaheira only got 5 hp of possible 12 with 17 constitution when simultaneously leveled to both
  12. Any idea how to rid of it without losing whole day? I don't even want to think about it. Maybe to install on top of all of it BG2 Tweaks component higher hit points neverwinter style hoping that it will overwrite this? Or I will sink even more in quicksand of tweaking?
  13. Did little testing, even on easy with this component Jaheira can't get more than 7 hp and thief without constitution bonus only get 4 every time. This component is seriously bugged and so is my BWS game. How can I remove it without reinstalling whole thing?
  14. Could you please explain how this option works for multiclases: Jaheira only got 5 hp of possible 12 with 17 constitution when simultaneously leveled to both fighter and druid from first to second level. Also barbarians role only 1d10 for starting level although I strongly suspect that another mod is culprit for this ( I have option maximum hit points at level 1 too ). P.S. game is on the "core" level
  15. Yeah, I'm aware that I probably grate on everyone's nerves but: // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] ~BG1RE/SETUP-BG1RE.TP2~ #0 #0 // Amount of -ahem- details and BG-style vs. description text!: v1.3 ~BG1RE/SETUP-BG1RE.TP2~ #0 #1 // Bardolan's Briefing, by berelinde: v1.3 ~BG1RE/SETUP-BG1RE.TP2~ #0 #2 // Scar's Spare Time, by jastey: v1.3 ~BG1RE/SETUP-BG1RE.TP2~ #0 #3 // Kim's Preoccupation, by jastey (WARNING - refer to the readme!): v1.3
  16. Yes, and I will try it with newly installed WS latter, right now I'm frustrated and tired of whole thing. Say Jastey, do you maybe know where can I download AR0800 area file for BG:ToSC? Seems that MoSC refuses to install with the current weidu version without that file ( but not on older versions, odd ).
  17. I uninstalled then installed again RE, and thank Heavens it worked! I think it would be for the best to uninstall every mod and start again from the scratch. How much good it will bring me remains to be seen...
  18. Sorry Jastey, RE refuses to work for me, either this: or that : result is always the same, crush.
  19. Current situation is like this: Jastey was right, there was many more errors, but I simply renamed that tis file every time and it worked. Widescreen was installed. Then I tried to install " Better GUI for BG1 with WideScreen Mod in higher resolutions" after it, but unfortunately thanks to the weird way that mod works it reinstalled itself completely ( and WC with it ) then refused to reinstall WC. It informed me there was no "bgmain2.exe". Now I can't even play the game. P.S: I found damned thing in WD backup. They say persistence is the virtue so I will try one more time and pray that MoSC
  20. Yep, to my great sorrow RE and WS don't like each other. If I install WC before RE I get crushes, If I try to install it after RE, WC refuses to install at all. I don't want to choose, I want them both. Are there any WEIDU wizards left out there?
  21. Dang, sorry for snail pace, there is first time for anything.
  22. Possible compatibility issue with Widescreen mod: Only c#lc03 file in my game directory is one of the area files from Romantic encounters. But then again maybe I'm wrong.
  23. Heh, me and my english. What I meant was that NToSC is very first. But in any case Widescreen mod must be installed before Mysteries of the Sword coast because " Better GUI for BG1 with WideScreen Mod in higher resolutions: v3.4b(104_7)" must come after it. Hm, now that I think of it, it would probably be best if I install just that component after WS mod. If only weidu v.237 does not work such a fuss with MoSC...
  24. Hey Jastey, good to see you. From Widescreen Readme: "It can be installed in any order relative to most non GUI-related mods". On the positive note it seems that all smileys are finally back. P.S. And yes, I'm pretty sure that I have ToSC.
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