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  1. Really don't know, as I didn't read this ( here on G3) post but seeing Miloch's spoilers it could very well be . http://www.pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=158&Itemid=110 And please don't ask me how to obtain or download the XC mod as it is still closed BETA . Check officer out.
  2. Seek it and you shall find it, oh ye unbelievers. Especially in BGT mega mod install. But seriously one has to appreciate idea and effort behind this mod as well as your valiant effort to defend it SD. Unfortunately final result is subpar for variety of reasons listed in above posts. Too many incompatibilities and bugs ( if you ask me to quote them, actually never played it but found lots of issues here and on SHS as well as in BWP guide which totally discouraged me ).
  3. Hey, we care, all right? And you are absolutely right, while Divine remix is theoretically great stuff ( README was quite detailed and actually enjoyable ) all it does actually is nerfing already relatively weak class while ( inadequately) trying to compensate with couple of innates and not to mention myriad of game breaking bugs. Not sure about DR- IWDicification - SR combo, perhaps others can answer you more precisely, never in my wildest dreams tried to install and play such combination but there are couple of better divine substitution mods out there. Unfortunately they are ( currently )
  4. Same as in Homm3, I think. I loved those guys... especially when I played necromancer. In truth I preferred and played mostly goodies but damn, it was so fun watching facial expressions of necros when they were winning and losing battles. Sphinxes are not creatures but objects on map, found mostly in deserts, in which you had to answer the riddle for some nifty reward or be eaten in case of failure. " Who is Romanian prime minister" and " When ABBA won Eurovision" were some of more memorable. In short, boarz rule and THUNDAX IS DA STRONGEST!!
  5. Tough call between HoMM2 and 3. Vampires ( " blaah ") and sphinxes from 2 are simply unforgettable.
  6. Still have tears in my eyes when I remember HD crash which took my HoMM3 Wake of gods ERA with literally thousands of maps and campaigns ( Game of thrones, Lotr, Baldur's gate and whatnot). This looks good, perhaps it is the time for me to finally try "Horn of the Abyss".
  7. Heh, you are not entirely wrong here Jastey as clicking that line terminates dialogue and nets you 43 gp.
  8. Mysterious stranger, dear guest.
  9. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60822-bg1-re-bug/?p=609383 "shrugs"
  10. Game is easy Tutu, mod version is 2.7, possible incompatibility is with Anthology tweaks, component "Send NPC to the inn". Not sure, but this line was among the choices from that mod ( join the party, I don't want you back yet, what happened with Carnatia, go to FAI, Beregost or Nashkel). Dialogue tree is GARRIP.
  11. There is a bug involving Garrick and his paramour Carnatia "the Butcher" Carnifex. I usually park him in Jovial Juggler after finishing his quest from BG NPC for free identifying of various stuff. After second rejoining I got the option for asking him about his lady friend but that dialogue just closed prematurely when I clicked on it. This whole component regarding him in this mod is little strange, for example I got zilch reward when I delivered him his ring and letter ( same as with Blaise), I think it should be at least symbolic amount of XP for that, else why should I bother to be love p
  12. Thank you for these quite entertaining videos.
  13. Stuff on his site is the most recent official version. It adds quite a few nice touches, like restored dialogue with that married pair of nobles in Winthrop's inn in Candlekeep and naming Joseph's widow in Nashkel. On the other hand if I remember correctly ( not 100% sure ) it adds some additional bugs, most notably with Aldeth and Seniad's druids. As for github here is his quote: It is probably more recent though I don't know for sure and as always with master branches you use it on your own peril.
  14. Oh, the sacrifices we do for the science. So on third attempt on "my" Tutu I finally get past prologue. I immediately entered the inn to sleep and memorize Ultravision and then when I stepped in... CTD. You are original guy Temnix, pompousness aside. But hey, nobody is perfect, least of all me. Label it as you wish, I am done.
  15. So here are results, that 2DA file is among 2DA files but not in override. I downloaded your file and replaced original and then reinstalled the mod. Unfortunately nothing changed. When prologue is done then it is blackout. I already started new game and buried Gorion and truthfully I'm little tired of constant black screens with this mod ( probably TOBEX fault ) and having to unlock it with Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Thank you for your support and help and I wish you best of luck with new projects and new, interesting ideas.
  16. If I'm not mistaken demihumans have natural infravision. No items whatsoever except that staff from the start of the game. However both premade gnome and custom half elf should have infravision from the start, so that could be potential clue.
  17. Yes, that is exactly the case I'm afraid. Probably some projectile file ( from what I saw on a quick glance while it installed on Weidu).
  18. Hello Temnix, this mod doesn't work on Tutu. Tried couple of times with premade gnome m/t and custom half elven m/t. As soon as prologue is done I got CTD with this error: So this is only EE stuff it seems. And one humble request, it is getting harder to track your various mods, could you tag them with "Temnix" for example, please?
  19. Yes, of course. It refuses to install, some error in chitin.key possibly . Sorry I can't reproduce it, after one more try I deleted whole package and grabbed 3.8.12 version. That installed without issue and work as intended. Didn't checked other legacy options in 4.5.
  20. Hey Doc, your legacy Quickstride doesn't work on Tutu in newest version. Time to revert ( again ) on old one.
  21. Just couple of minor things to report. Barbarian broad sword which is bastard sword from Stone of Askavar mod ( SOAITM8) is not incorporated by this component. Also maybe it would be of some interest couple of problems I experienced with first option, Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies from Alter Weapon Proficiency System component which I used before and Weapon changes component from Item revision mod which I use now ( they both do essentially some very similar things). Both for some reason convert some mod scimitars into short swords and refuse to convert some Ninjatos to new category. Antholo
  22. Ah, I see. This is useful to know, thanks.
  23. Looking various game items with SK I discovered curios thing regarding these two weapon categories. Many of them ( mostly upgraded versions but not exclusively ) have their original and 2 handed version but not 1 handed version converted from 2h. Examples are Purifier +5, Foebane +5, Hindo's Doom +4, Dak'kon's Zerth blade. Hindo's Doom +3 for example have all 3 versions. Not sure is this oversight, Tutu thing ( since most of these weapons I won't see in my game ) or deliberate design by authors.
  24. A fair assessment of situation and strong opinion and stance from your side which I respect and agree without reservation. With one minor correction. Not by me ( as average player ) as I understand and empathize very well why perhaps they are not flattered by her approach regarding their work.
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