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  1. 42 minutes ago, qwerty1234567 said:

     I think Roxanne's tool uses master HEAD, so it could've picked that up. 

    I don't use her tool but I probably stumbled on some link leading to it. Keep a good job with your mods but it wouldn't hurt IMHO to post couple links and threads of them somewhere more visible as I found them accidentally by pure luck. It would be such a shame not to hug that teddy bear now and then after hard day of adventuring ( Rhialto won't need it anymore ). :p

  2. 43 minutes ago, qwerty1234567 said:

    Do you mean that components are inapplicable, or you're hitting some issues? Please do report the latter to github.

    I never actually tried TuTu, so I don't test on it. And looking at it, it's hard to even understand what to use. There's V4, and V6 beta, and TuTufix, and also something called EasyTuTu... Is there a definitive version?

    Easy Tutu is definite version, no fixes required and easy to find. I will link it if you want. About ( your I guess?) mod, let's see... I played v8 last summer which mysteriously disappeared in the meantime. No clue if it was some unauthorized fork which mod's author removed. Then this year first I tried v8 master but it refused to install so I gave up and grabbed then most recent v7. 

    I will list issues from top of my head what I remember here if it is all the same with you. Most of soundsets stuff refused to install due to some missing Imoen's files it seems. I replaced it with some similar components ( now deprecated ) from old BGT DSotSC which were compatible with Tutu. Familiar scripts were working in theory I guess ( sadly not in my current game as I installed Mischievous fairy dragon mod after your scripts ) as you could issue orders to pick items but since they have different names ( Tutu usually have _ mark before files ) I only managed to get some gold from chests with my familiar. Convenient traps components also weren't working from what I saw ( no effect whatsoever ). As well,  Otiluke's sphere and something else from that section refused to install. Kudos for mod, brilliant stuff and ideas but I wouldn't go out of my way to adapt it for Tutu as author because player base is negligible and this is probably my last run with it. 

  3. No need for apologies, several subjective reasons. I had half cooked install from my former,  now dead HD ( RIP old friend :() for one. Regarding sheer number of mods available for both BG1 and 2 ( and I want to try most of them ) I thought why not split work in half now that automated BWS and BWP are somewhat outdated. Beside that I'm eagerly awaiting new BGT which will be finished soon I hope so I didn't feel like trying it's old version. Finally IMHO TUTU is little closer to that authentic flavor of old vanilla BG and whole experience is actually smooth with almost zero of that inexplicable, out of blue CTD's which plagued many of my BGT runs killing my mood for playing. As I said, subjective and maybe not very good reasons, but here they are. :)

  4. Well, unfortunately with those mind flayers bullies nothing is easy. Did you know, for instance that ulitharid psionic blast have -4 penalty? And are you absolutely sure that protection from evil gives anything beyond - 2 to AC despite it's description? Same goes for Chant ( in the old engine at least ). I wish that someone confirm this like that fabulous supposed specialist mage ST bonus/penalty and learning chances for their spell schools. In any case if you think that fighting mind flayers without CC is voila and charging demons who spit fireballs from their asses followed by Power word stun isn't that big deal be my guest. As I said, your kit, your rules and I get your reasoning for your decision. Best of luck with this as  good paladin kit is always a great thing. 

    Edit: Chant was actually fixed by BG2 fixpack to give ST if I remember correctly. 

  5. Your kit, your rules, I'm fine with it. However if I play it I would like to have some option to protect from psionic blast and stun effects as those saving throws bonuses are fickle thing to depend upon as you would realize if you play a little longer ( sure, reload saves all but that is not my style ). I didn't say that kit should be protected against all adverse effects but IMHO not able to utilize CC is big minus. It reminds me of Riskbreaker immunity to Barkskin. :p As for your faith in enhanced saving throws for  paladins I suppose you are the author of Champion of Torm kit before famous Moongaze took care of it,  which I played recently? Saving throws for paladins are hardcoded and one of that kit advantages is extra 3 points in all ST on top of two paladin already has. This is lost at first level up ( I suppose way to rectify this is to apply that custom spell which gives extra ST at every level up) so bear this in mind with this new paladin kit.  


    Oh and Power word stun doesn't offer ST and effects are dependable on HP

  6. So, Holy Liberator has innate immunities against mind spells but at same time will not benefit from Chaotic commands? Why in the name of Torm would you do that? It will be fine until mind flayers and their psionic blast. And what about stun? I know there are many mods that change Freedom to counter that but I'm talking about basic vanilla rules. 

  7. 15 hours ago, Guest guest said:

    Is this discussion about the mod "Xvart caverns" mentioned here?


    Really don't know, as I didn't read this ( here on G3) post but seeing Miloch's spoilers it could very well be

    15 hours ago, Guest guest said:

    Also, what's the reaver kit mentioned in that same topic ?

     . http://www.pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=158&Itemid=110

    And please don't ask me how to obtain or download the XC mod as it is still closed BETA . 

    Check officer out. :p

  8. Spoiler


    Seek it and you shall find it, oh ye unbelievers. :p;) Especially in BGT mega mod install. 

    But seriously one has to appreciate idea and effort behind this mod as well as your valiant effort to defend it SD. Unfortunately final result is subpar for variety of reasons listed in above posts. Too many incompatibilities and bugs ( if you ask me to quote them, actually never played it but found lots of issues here and on SHS as well as in BWP guide which totally discouraged me ). 

  9. Hey, we care, all right? :) And you are absolutely right, while Divine remix is theoretically great stuff ( README was quite detailed and actually enjoyable ) all it does actually is nerfing already relatively weak class while ( inadequately) trying to compensate with couple of innates and not to mention myriad of game breaking  bugs. Not sure about DR- IWDicification - SR combo, perhaps others can answer you more precisely, never in my wildest dreams tried to install and play such combination but there are couple of better divine substitution mods out there. Unfortunately they are ( currently ) EE only. 

  10. 12 hours ago, temnix said:

     And peasants... with their mighty stats. Do you remember peasants' stats in HoMM2? :D

    But there weren't any sphinxes.

    Same as in Homm3, I think. I loved those guys... especially when I played necromancer. :p In truth I preferred and played mostly goodies but damn, it was so fun watching facial expressions of necros when they were winning and losing battles. Sphinxes are not creatures but objects on map, found mostly in deserts, in which you had to answer the riddle for some nifty reward or be eaten in case of failure. :tut: " Who is Romanian prime minister" and " When ABBA won Eurovision" were some of more memorable. :D In short, boarz rule and THUNDAX IS DA STRONGEST!! :viking:

  11. 2 minutes ago, jastey said:


     ah ok. This is something else than I understood: I thought clicking the reply option lets the dialogue end abruptly. This might well be something that is still inside the mod. Thanks for insisting!

    Heh, you are not entirely wrong here Jastey as clicking that line terminates dialogue and nets you 43 gp. :p

  12. Game is easy Tutu, mod version is 2.7, possible incompatibility is with Anthology tweaks, component "Send NPC to the inn". Not sure, but this line was among the choices from that mod ( join the party, I don't want you back yet, what happened with Carnatia, go to FAI, Beregost or Nashkel). Dialogue tree is GARRIP.  

  13. There is a bug involving Garrick and his paramour Carnatia "the Butcher" Carnifex. :p I usually park him in Jovial Juggler after finishing his quest from BG NPC for free identifying of various stuff. After second rejoining I got the option for asking him about his lady friend but that dialogue just closed prematurely when I clicked on it. This whole component regarding him in this mod is little strange, for example I got zilch reward when I delivered him his ring and letter ( same as with Blaise), I think it should be at least symbolic amount of XP for that, else why should I bother to be love postman ( sorry, Kevin Costner). And is there a point to give him that ring ( since I'm playing goody two shoes paladin I did that this time) I usually sell it out for nice 1400 gp? 

  14. 2 hours ago, agris said:

    For those of us who want to play vanilla BG1:TOTSC, is the weidu bg1 fixpack + hot fix here the most recent? Or is the GIT repo the most up to date? Based on some of the post dates here (2013), it seems like there was more work done on this, but I don't think its been posted.

    I'm looking for the equivalent of the bg2 fixpack for bg1, not tutu or BGT.

     Stuff on his site is the most recent official version. It adds quite a few nice touches, like restored dialogue with that married pair of nobles in Winthrop's inn in Candlekeep and naming Joseph's widow in Nashkel. On the other hand if I remember correctly ( not 100% sure ) it adds some additional bugs, most notably with Aldeth and Seniad's druids. As for github here is his quote:


    for the adventurous, the source code is available at git hub.

    It is probably more recent though I don't know for sure and as always with master branches you use it on your own peril. 

  15. Oh, the sacrifices we  do for the science. So on third attempt on "my" Tutu  :p I finally get past prologue. I immediately entered the inn to sleep and memorize Ultravision and then when I stepped in... CTD. You are original guy Temnix,  pompousness aside. But hey, nobody is perfect, least of all me. :laugh2: Label it as you wish, I am done.  

  16. So here are results, that 2DA file is among 2DA files but not in override. I downloaded your file and replaced original and then reinstalled the mod. Unfortunately nothing changed. When prologue is done then it is blackout. I already started new game and buried Gorion and truthfully I'm little tired of constant black screens with this mod ( probably TOBEX fault ) and having to unlock it with Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Thank you for your support and help and I wish you best of luck with new projects and new, interesting ideas. 

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