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  1. Better late than never, as they say. If you looking for non EE solutions try Bigg's tweak mod at SHS.
  2. Roxanne was ( and is ) one of the most able remaining modders left in this particular community. She helped me ( and many other players besides ) countless times so much so that you could rely on her almost to the degree of all round the clock tech support. I played her stuff and found good and bad sides to it, not everybody's cup of tea, definitely but not without merits too . I don't mind some things that bother other people but including other modders work without their consent is serious misstep ( not abandoned mods in one form or the other but maintained stuff still supported by their aut
  3. Download: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=23183 Forum: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/41550-rose-npc-mod-for-bgt/ I believe there is unofficial version which makes her compatible with EET by certain another modder.
  4. And this probably explains it: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30508-error-installing-initialize-ai-components-with-iwdification/ It seems tweak components will be all from SCS this run...
  5. I've got this while I was trying to install this version on easyTutu:
  6. Easy way to evade this conflict is to resolve Ascalon's quest before recruiting Dave. I only wish that Belladona is available sooner than Balduran's island, alas. There is only one person on Abeir-Toril who can change that. Guess who?
  7. That "Weapon Proficiency Overhaul (WPO): Overall Overhaul" ( and others, by the way ) looks really interesting and I'm eager to try it, but not on EE game. Let's make a quick summary: 1. Said component can be installed if you have Tobex. Cool, checked. 2. If you install it two other components come automatically with it in package, components #121 (Weapon Category Combination) and #124 (Fighting Style Overhaul). BUT latter is tailored only for EE 1.4+ so it will probably be skipped on let's say, Tutu. And if you want full benefits of this interesting idea it will be good to insta
  8. Kivan is slightly confused with gender fluidity it seems, his gender bending reaction is opposite I think, at least in the male case.
  9. Second time Jaheira's dialogue is cut short before the last line. This is becoming a trend. This time it is upon Viconia's joining when Flaming fist is dead. Her " save your pity" answer is missing.
  10. Maybe that is true for Khalid but I doubt that Jaheira is that kind of person. Tried second time also but then nobody said anything at all, maybe they were out of range. Strangely though, K&J were right next to my protagonist first time. Looked little through dialogue files, there is so many interjections, maybe it should be like that although I think that when I last played it last year everyone had something to say...
  11. On that accursed TUTU of course, mod version 21, installed before BG1 NPC.
  12. @jastey maybe it will be of some interest to you that I didn't get all interjections from your "Nashkel monster" component from BGQE. Montaron's and Xzar's lines fired and went straight to Imoen's but Khalid and Jaheira were silent. Wasn't sure if that was bug but finding this and seeing your question in Modding tutorials I figured you should know...
  13. @jastey a) yes, in that order, b) newest one I think, it should be v.3 @Arthas maybe this will help you https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28005-some-dialogues-not-triggering/?tab=comments#comment-244117
  14. Yep, Branwen is silent both times I checked. Second talk, yes. I checked Gazib's dialogue after second performance, only Gavin and Dave ( from Glam's NPC pack ) have interjections.
  15. Maybe, maybe not. It depends whether this was cut by mod's authors deliberately or by oversight. It would be a shame to lose more of those little interjections which additionally flesh out this and that character and bring more fun and life to the game. You are free to disagree of course.
  16. Hmph, no one appreciates The Great Gazib's show and Oopah's efforts anymore. What happened with Branwen's reaction to it? Not that I expect this mystery will be resolved...
  17. Hmm, I don't think that fix with that shady potion dealer in Nashkel carnival was all that successful. This time you get the potion and lose money even if you refuse it. I suggest to implement it after player's answer, not before it.
  18. You deserve a full credit, your advice was priceless in the first place ( and it's consequences), honorable new member of this merry community.
  19. @ManekiNeko-89 thanks for advice but this is not so much a bug, it is more maybe flaw in design. Looking older posts on this topic I think that I even asked this question earlier and AstroBryGuy explained that it is time sensitive ( although I suspect this is changed somewhat, best way to bury Gorion it seems is to return to Candlekeep immediately but then you will miss that particular dialogue with Jaheira).
  20. Something obviously changed in newer versions of BG1 NPC project as I didn't had problems earlier with this. So, when you pick up Gorion's scroll from his body there is dialogue with Imoen. Depending on your answers you can bury him immediately or inform Gatekeeper and request funeral in Candlekeep. I usually rest near his body but not this time because of Rhialto the Wildmage in Ironman mode which spawns after your first outdoor rest. So I gone to FAI, recruited Khalid and Jaheira ( and got her Gorion's burial dialogue ) and then finished Joia's ring quest and rested. With the full party I ca
  21. Sincere best wishes to you DJ and to everyone else in these uncertain times.
  22. Thanks so much Jastey! Considering that BGQE is near the top of the installation there will be some work involved but nothing is too hard for the bug free game. And if problems emerge I can always export my character and start anew...
  23. I'm willing to take the risk since I just started new game and I am still in FAI if the fix is available soon, that is.
  24. I have one small, aesthetic request. It seems out of place to me that my character dual wielding morning stars have flail animations for it. As I understand there is a component dealing with this, " Weapon Animation Tweaks". Unfortunately it changes beside avatar animation also inventory screen picture of morning stars to just plain mace and original morning stars are lost. Would it be possible then to just change avatar animation and left original morning star picture in inventory screen for this component?
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