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  1. Guest guest, you made serious mistake when you installed Degreenifier midway in your installation, this should be very first thing to install on clean Tutu install.
  2. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SwordCoastStratagems/releases This is the age of github apparently...
  3. 1. Yes, quite a few I'm afraid: 2. Yes it was, although since then I had hard disk crash but I installed new Tutu installation just yesterday, I will see if this problem persist. 3. Yes I do but for Tutu/original BG, also v. 215 for BGT but just optional components which deal with interparty banter, here is my WEIDU log if it helps: For the end, it is so good to see you again here! P.S. Sorry for point 3, yes I do have TotSC installed, of course.
  4. With the amount of work you have on your hands for the benefit of the entire BG community I'm not surprised in the slightest. It happens even to the best.
  5. Thanks for update to 16.2 v. and fixing this issue Jastey, you are the best. Although I found it by the chance when checking https://github.com/Pocket-Plane-Group/bg1ub/releases, no word of it on " Infinity Engine Modding News" either.
  6. Lucky you then. I will probably give EE's second chance eventually but currently I'm more than happy with what BGT and BWP ( excellent compatibility and install order guidance ) have to offer.
  7. Well, problem was easy to solve actually, instead of all that manual mucking with Install-WMF5.1.ps1 all I had to do was to run Win7AndW2K8R2-KB3191566-x64.msu and Powershell 5.1 was installed automatically it seems. "Scratch", not so obvious when you read instractions, at least to me. Thank you for your support and I'm eagerly looking to explore Project Infinity!
  8. Hey SD, thanks for answer and detailed explanation of your reasons and possible consequences for changing the opcode. My version was: although I think that opcode is still valid for couple of more newer versions. As for EE versus "old" argument it is not a matter of cost just preferences and nostalgia I'll admit. My experience with BG1 EE left me... well, disappointed somewhat and I never felt desire to try EE since then. I'm sure they advanced by leap and bounds since then and kudos and respect to all who are playing them ( even with "advanced" pathfinding ) but I 'm of opinion
  9. I would be grateful for instruction on how to install Powershell 5.1 on Windows 7 64 bit. Current NET framework is 4.8 it seems and Powershell 2.0. Downloaded Win7AndW2K8R2-KB3191566-x64.ZIP from "Install and Configure WMF 5.1" link. Tried somehow to run it in Powershell without success. I searched internet for solution but there are many instances of that particular problem without clear solution. Must I first install "Win7AndW2K8R2-KB3191566-x64" which was part of that ZIP file?
  10. Yeah, I was thinking of Quickstride ability which is very nice feature ( among others) and installs perfectly fine in Tutu and BGT but uses EE opcode only. Unfortunate consequence of this is that it slows all "speedy" characters like barbarians and some custom kits but when you activate or deactivate it ( sorry, I forgot it ) there is CDT. I managed to find older versions which doesn't cause this problem. I imagine that it wouldn't be terribly inconvenient to keep old opcode for old games or at least stop allowing it for install on incompatible games.
  11. With all due ( and well deserved I might add ) respect to the author of this fine mod ( and many others besides ) I must point that this mod is currently only EE compatible due to the some opcodes which are EE specific and cause CTD in old, "classic" games. Some older versions are still compatible luckily but I think "readme" should be corrected to warn about this issue for players who might wish to try this mod on non EE games. It would spare them from couple of unpleasant surprises at the least...
  12. Great, thank you so much. Heh, you and your shady underground connections. Well, yes, thank you although I suspect EE keeper is for EE games and not for original TOB and BGT. Already got NI although I never used DLTCEP. Looks interesting though.
  13. I would very much appreciate if some one could help me to locate still valid links for downloading Shadow and SwordCoast keeper IE tools. Thanks in advance.
  14. Aurora adds some pretty neat items and smaller portion of it is available for BG1 game via Tutu and BGT. Most of it come from that cute gnome merchant in Nashkel where she sells majority of them and upgrades others, similar like Cromwell. Unfortunately such items don't grow on trees and are usually guarded by monsters and some of these encounters can be tough for novice BG1 party especially when they are buffed with other monsters from other mods and random spawn points which spawn vampiric wolves to join the fun.
  15. This was salvaged from ashes of my now deceased hard drive and Tutu installation on it: REMOVED Don't know is it legal, morally proper ( helping fellow players in need isn't immoral in my book ) or whatever so grab it while you can. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! P.S. I fought the law and law won , in case anybody need link I will send it via PM.
  16. Actually, there is... But it is strictly for BG1 engine. BG2 fixpack should cover your described installation. But then again it depends on the way you install it. BWP and BWS got their own fixpacks in addition. P.S. Damn, Jarno just beat me for answer, like always...
  17. Yeah, I believe you. I'm not an expert on the subject, never tried it. Yet.
  18. Basically anything which will help me to hunt out and fix bugs and mistakes which haunted ( and will probably continue ) all my installations so far. Thanks, I will check it out. Am I wrong in the assumption that it is meant only for GemRB games for now though? P.S. I guess not, judging by README.
  19. Sadly it seems that Xplorer didn't progress beyond the initial idea, can't find download link anywhere...
  20. I run into it in the meantime but thank you very much Sam. I'm very curios about Xplorer and it's differences, pro and cons in regard to IE.
  21. Hello, does anybody knows is it this still most recent version of Infinity Explorer: http://infexp.sourceforge.net/? Since my crash of hard drive I'm forced to slowly rebuild all things Baldur's gate related and lots of stuff is currently on various Githubs unknown to me ( like newest version of Near Infinity on which I stumbled by pure luck ). Most of tool, utility and even mod lists are hopelessly outdated I'm afraid...
  22. This mod was conceptualized as half serious, funny and entertaining diversion from your average day dark, gritty questing in Athkatla and Amn. Really can't remember all the details but it had it's share of witty, amusing dialogues as well as bugs ( which are sorted by now I hope ). For fans of tough tactical challenges it also had fairly difficult battle to spice things up. Mod is definitely worth trying if you hadn't already done so.
  23. Mendas is just one of new assassins added by the "Dark horizons" mod. He uses Karlat's speech almost ( or entirely ) to the detail.
  24. Very good job with evoking that far, far away atmosfere, now if you just threw that fanfara sound I would be truly awed, but this will do. Nope, I think that was one of my experiments when BWS didn't even exist and BWP was only in it's infancy. No BGT or first part of it involved as I recall. Absolutely correct.
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