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  1. Actually, there is... But it is strictly for BG1 engine. BG2 fixpack should cover your described installation. But then again it depends on the way you install it. BWP and BWS got their own fixpacks in addition.

    P.S. Damn, Jarno just beat me for answer, like always... :p

  2. Quote

    What functionality are you looking for?

    Basically anything which will help me to hunt out and fix bugs and mistakes which haunted ( and will probably continue ) all my installations so far. :p


    There's also https://github.com/gemrb/iesh that comes with ieparse and ieview, to dump binary IE formats. The shell itself is useful for scripted exploration, for example if you want to know which area animations have this and that bit set without opening each one.

    Thanks, I will check it out. Am I wrong in the assumption that it is meant only for GemRB games for now though? 

    P.S. I guess not, judging by README. 

  3. Hello, does anybody knows is it this still most recent version of Infinity Explorer: http://infexp.sourceforge.net/? Since my crash of hard drive I'm forced to slowly rebuild all things Baldur's gate related and lots of stuff is currently on various Githubs unknown to me ( like newest version of Near Infinity on which I stumbled by pure luck ). Most of tool, utility and even mod lists are hopelessly outdated I'm afraid... 

  4. This mod was conceptualized as half serious, funny and entertaining diversion from your average day dark, gritty questing in Athkatla and Amn. Really can't remember all the details but it had it's share of witty, amusing dialogues as well as bugs ( which are sorted by now I hope ). For fans of tough tactical challenges it also had fairly difficult battle to spice things up. Mod is definitely worth trying if you hadn't already done so. 

  5. Quote

    Hmm, it was long long time ago   when I downloaded and played that mod when I still had modem connection and spend whole day downloading it. Then it had it's fair share of bugs but I'm sure newer versions are more stable.

    Very good job with evoking that far, far away atmosfere, now if you just  threw that fanfara sound I would be truly awed, but this will do. :)


    You mean to say that when you made a BGT-weidu megamod out of the thing

    Nope, I think that was one of my experiments when BWS didn't even exist and BWP was only in it's infancy. No BGT or first part of it involved as I recall. 


    PS, if you intend to use other mods with it, you probably need to use the Worldmap mod, so you can access the new maps it adds. AS it adds it's own worldmap file, which lacks all the other map areas other mods might add(TDD, SoS, BGT/EET, etc).

    Absolutely correct. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, Arthas said:

    No worries. Is CTB a stable addition of your gameplay? Do you like it ?

    Hmm, it was ( Star wars fanfara in big yellow letters ) long long time ago when I downloaded and played that mod when I still had modem connection and spend whole day downloading it. Then it had it's fair share of bugs but I'm sure newer versions are more stable. It's contents are not to everybody's tastes ( Candlekeep's  chores :p) but overall I found it enjoyable experience although too ambitious for it's own good. It is one of those older legacy megamods although then  I didn't found  at least half of it's content and sadly I forgot other half since then. :(

  7. One more bug with that likeable chaotic evil guy, :p when dismissed he said that he was heading for FAI. No trace of him there. Mighty divination magic revealed that he is in some unknown area named FRIENDLY.are. I would be grateful for any pointers how to access it in Tutu. :D  

  8. Heh, that Talos has some cynical sense of humor. So, if you ask terrible Stormlord Jeff for healing services you get this ( at least in Tutu): 


     ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x6444E0 File: CStore.cpp Line: 241 Expression: pData != NULL Message: (null)

    Also I think that is important to mention that Talassans use same cabin in the High Hedge area that is site of the " Of wolves and man" quest from Ascalon's questpack mod so warning to everyone who uses both mods: don't take Dave until you are done with werewolf, one way or another. 

  9. One humble request for current maintainer of this mod, can Nim Furlwing encounter be relocated somewhere else, for example in right lower section of the map? Reason for this is that her and her hunting dogs are stuck in the middle of the goblin horde from Aurora shoes and boots mod. When we stumbled on her there was one hell of the battle, in addition to said goblin horde and pack of dire wolves from her encounter a pack of wild dogs and vampiric wolf also joined the fray. She can be lucky that she lost only one dog and there was no reason to snub my party for it. One modest party of 3-4 level against 50 or so opponents, it's the miracle that only Jaheira lost her head ( damn those vampiric wolves, you can't make 2 steps in Tutu without stumbling on them, great for farming experience though :)). 

  10. Heh, that still remains to be seen although I remember from my long ago ( and only to date ) Tutu playtrough that one guy in his party fired from cannon Death spell as soon as he seen my party. Sadly for him he didn't know that we  all had been 10-12 level and never had time to realize his mistake. :laugh2: Hmm, on the second thought this little tidbit of information can be considered spoiler so read it on your own peril. :p;)

  11. None, in my opinion, as most are half cooked distractions ( although some of them fun ones ) with many bugs in them. Some of them found their way in various mods ( Shards of ice for example ). You can experiment with them ( like I did for Tutu ones ) but I don't recommend it for mega installs  as they can mess things up. 

  12. I'm not exactly sure where to post this so I will open new topic. While I was battling Rhialto the Marvelous ( you know, that psycho from Wild magic, spellshaper mod ) in Ironman mode I noticed that after multiple castings of Shield spell their bonus effects against missile weapons ( -2 ) stack with each other. Is this supposed to be that way? I'm playing Tutu so my apologies if this issue is already addressed. 

  13. Small bug with Flara's interjections. It seems that her interjection in that merchant's tent on the south of Nashkel carnival map prevent player to obtain first potion even if he agreed to buy and paid for it. I do hope that this is not recurring trend in this mod... 

  14. Well, I must say that I'm really glad that I reinstalled whole thing to give this mod one more chance. Currently in my team I only have Flara from this mod NPC's but her character fascinates me. I will even go so far to say that I regret that there is no romance with her. Yes, I know, romances are not your forte and someone can find this even weird ( human tiefling and red dragoness :p ). I don't know if I will keep her for a long run as there are so many different NPC's in my install and I intend to give everyone of them their chance to shine but if other three are on par with her ( I know Vynd from before ) then this mod is truly worth playing. Even now I must smile when I remember Jaheira's story of mice and men... :D

  15. 21 minutes ago, Arthas said:

    It's been a month SHS is down. Is it dead for good? 

    By the way, does anyone know if Leonardo Watson has a BWP topic somewhere else?

    Let us hope not. Although good chunk of it's mods is spread out on various Githubs there are still many mods especially in it's resurrected and miscellaneous categories which can't be found anywhere else ( or at least easy way ). 

    LW is currently in stealth mod slowly working on his new BWP version. And as Jastey pointed out he can be found on Kerzenburg but many links there are dead I'm afraid ( if I'm not mistaken and I wish I am ). 

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