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  1. As the title says. Error log shows this: Can anybody help me please to find what is wrong?
  2. I noticed one strange thing about _BImoen dialogue, _Bdialogue files which are alphabetically before it, like _BGarri ( Garrick ) are not affected and trigger Imoen's responses normally while all other which come after it ( _Bjahei, _BKhali, etc. ) are damaged and cut Imoen's responses with "invalid phrase". Don't know if this will be helpful. Also I tried solo Vynd v.2 but although it claims Tutu compatibility it didn't even recognized TUTU install and failed right away. So no snarky drow objections for me in this run ( or no new ones to be more precise, there is always Viconia to make everyo
  3. Umm, this component doesn't work on Tutu, at least it's Beregost part. When I returned from SotMT party appeared near Mirriane's house instead near THsmithy.
  4. I'm sorry to say Glam ( and without malice whatsoever ) but this mod in his present state is light years away from compatibility with easy Tutu and direct culprit for problem described here: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/29937-bg1npc-v24-prerelease/?tab=comments#comment-271550 It completely wrack _bimoen dialogue in some way that all dialogues which require answer from her are broken: I thought at first that it was Huple's fault but I got restored Imoen answers only when I removed your mode. You can imagine strain to uninstall this: and effort required u
  5. I have a bad problem with this version of mod on easy Tutu, whenever someone try to initiate dialogue with Imoen it always breaks after first sentence. I found that all her answers end with < invalid phrase>. How to fix this and find what is wrong? Example: P.S. This issue is hopefully solved, if anybody is interested here are the details: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/26699-report-bugs-and-typos-here/?do=findComment&amp;comment=271807
  6. And the reason why it just change paperdoll and not avatar also is that there is compatibility issue between it and Sentrizeal's Alternate Avatar Pack mod and it's component "Human Male Gladiator to replace Human Fighter Male leather armor (B2) avatar". I mean how hard can it be to just write in Moinesse's avatar pack readme: this component change Human Fighter Male leather armor avatar.
  7. It seems that component 5 ( Male Human Barbarian Avatars ) does work but not the way it was intended. It changes paperdoll of all human male fighters when they don leather armor in something... interesting. If you ever wandered how would look medieval Rambo just try it.
  8. Oh, it is impossible to satisfy your unreasonably high standards. - points on smiling ball Right next to the Ultra High Temperature manufacturing factory -
  9. Ah, maybe you are right. In that case all that remains is that I enjoy in slicing and dicing. Dragonclaw is ready to left his mark on Faerun.
  10. I'm aware of most what you wrote Jarno, of warrior levels and all that. This is what puzzles me: and this is not only example of something similar I found. According to this true grandmastery from BG1 ( independent from warrior levels ) gives half attack at specialization + half attack at grandmastery for total of +1 for warrior with grandmastery. Tweak implemented in Anthology ( and at least five other mods ) gives half attack at spec + full at GM for total of 1.5 APR. I can't help but doubt is it properly implemented and overpowered.
  11. Well I hope I will finally get true answer on this question. I installed true grandmastery tweak from Anthology on easyTutu ( though slightly modified, only +2 thaco from mastery instead of +3 ). I thought that you get 0.5 from specialization and 0.5 from grandmastery for total of +1 attack, at least that I read on Baldur wikia and similar guide sites. But it turns out that this tweak add full attack at GM for total of 1.5 APR for warrior weapon proficiencies. Could it be that this was wrongly implemented and it should be 0.5 for 2 stars + 0.5 apr for 5 stars for total of +1 APR?
  12. Thanks. With regret I must inform you that same problem persist with The Bigg tweaks mod also:
  13. I think that it happened with the second one too then I just pulled them all off from override, installed removal of summoning cap and then returned them all back. Yeah, understand your reasoning, few people will play this on older platforms, especially on Tutu, though it may be a problem on megamod installs like BWS or BWP for BGT perhaps. One question though, dwarf and dragon lady will probably revert to class from their EE kits for tutu I guess?
  14. It seems that Bag of holding from "Item Pack for Tutu/BGT" component of "Item Pack MOD for BGII/Tutu/BGT" mod ( http://www.shsforums.net/topic/41865-item-pack-v18/) in Winthrop’s shop is not yet incorporated in this mod. Small thing perhaps, not worth updating, but there, now you know it.
  15. Tsk, tsk, there was a typo in Mortianna's original mod ( which is directly incorporated in EE tweaks I presume ), I corrected it's tp2 file and successfully installed it. Correct filename for Highedge store in Tutu is " _IGHHEDG.sto" but it was incorrectly renamed _IGHHEGD.sto in her mod.
  16. Hello, had problem with one of the components from EET_Tweaks v1.10 , " Wand Case (by Mortianna)" when tried to install it on easyTutu: Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
  17. Great, I will just pull it from override until I finish installation of those two components, then I will return it back. But thought just crossed my mind, I will probably need to repeat that process for all scripts in that folder, maybe it wouldn't be bad idea to skip them for installation on classic games in the future. If it is too much of a hassle, I guess it isn't that much important, now that I know workaround.
  18. There is incompatibility between two components of D0Tweak pack v.24 (Summoning Limit Removal and Ghreyfain's BG1-Style Summoning Spells ) and Glam's NPC Pack v.1 on easyTutu if former is installed after later: and As far as I can see, only file named BDBARD01.BCS in my Tutu folder is located in the GlamNPCPack/script/BGEE folder, so I guess I could delete it from override and install those two components from D0Tweak pack. But I'm somewhat hesitant to do so as I don't want to mess up things without asking first: is this particular file relevant in easyTutu game?
  19. You know, the level of amateurism involved in making this mod is absolutely unbelievable. I would expect of author(s) in regard to their claims of compatibility to at least make some rudimentary testing. As it happens, on my heavily modded easy Tutu install ( and this mod was installed close to the top ) with only Stone of Recall component I run into game breaking bug almost at the start: instead of Sarevok's ambush cutscene protagonist and Gorion landed in forest of Tethyr where protagonist got stuck by the tree and Gorion walked away in the fog of war. Happy ending of the sort. You can ima
  20. First I would like to thank current maintainer of this mod for extra trouble he may have had to keep this mod compatible with older win 32-bit operating systems. So big thank you AstroBryGuy! Secondly, I would like to report couple of strange things I saw when installing BG1UBv.16 on my easyTUTU install regarding compatibility with BG1NPCv.24 prerelease. BG1UB should supposedly recognize similar, overlapping components from BG1NPC if installed after it but that is not the case with "Angelo Notices Shar-teel" and "Sarevok's Diary Corrections" components. Thirdly, I would like to k
  21. What a pity that this mod doesn't work on easy Tutu.
  22. First time that I tried this graphical mod, installed it on clean, patched ( although without BG2 fixpack, I guess that doesn't count in this case ) install of SoA:ToB. I won't comment on good and bad sides of the rest of the components but component 2 ( Female Clerics and Druids Avatars ), component 3 ( Male Half-Orc Paper Doll ) and component 5 ( Male Human Barbarian Avatars ) are not working at all.
  23. I guess in this day and age it is important to read even a version histories of various Readme's. From newest BP-BGT Worldmap: I hope this settles this issue then ( crossfingers ).
  24. I was very much looking forward to try this interesting little ( hopefully bigger in the future ) mod on Tutu. But looking it's current state I think it would be wiser to pass on, at least for now. Latest update was at the beginning of February and here I see numerous bugs reported as late as July and many of them unanswered. Am I right in assumption that this mod is currently unplayable and that it is better to wait it's updated future version?
  25. I seem to recall that this component ( as awesome as it looks ) cause some trouble with BP BGT Worldmap and that it should be installed after it, if at all. Didn't find anything in Tweaks readme about this particular issue, is there still compatibility concerns between this two mods?
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