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  1. Sorry that this component is going to be deprecated but this is pure from nostalgic reasons, heh. It was essential part of my playings in BGT and TUTU while it was in SCS. But I understand the reasoning behind it, I immediately noticed overlap with gem stacking but I thought it just gives players more options for fine tuning of what they want. Anyway thanks for your continuing efforts for improving and fixing this mod as I imagine it can't be easy task.
  2. Find couple of things in new v.7. Platform is old vanilla BG:TotSC. Component "Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads: v7" does nothing useful, quite opposite in fact, it not only refuse to stack Winterwolf pelts, it eats them also so if you for example put 3 pelts in your inventory in the end you will end with just 1. Also it sets it selling price to only 1gp. Second bug ( although I'm not 100% sure it is Anthology fault) is connected with send NPC to inns and allow NPC pairs to separate. I picked Eldoth early on at coastway map ( in my games I hadn't issues which Terminus
  3. I can't see it but I hope there are no pistols or swords involved. I would be grateful for hint of approximate time needed for remaining fixes to be made so that I can decide shall I postpone start of my new campaign for a little while longer.
  4. Old vanilla BG:TotSC. None above I'm afraid.
  5. There are several mistakes I found in the newest version: Maybe Readme and first line in above quote should warn that they target Alora now. Nothing serious or game breaking I hope. This error happened with last component from first quote. This is little misleading perhaps. Jaheira was always able to use heavy metal armors. This happened when I tried to install "Allow NPC pairs to separate" new component. But unluckily I got second chance to install it because of some mistake involving "Move Boo out of quick access and into Minsc's pack" component. This was installed unde
  6. I know it is hard and is not imperative, really. Vanilla BG1 players are extinct species and I don't believe that I will play it again when and if I finish this playthrough. As for the mod itself it is very interesting IMHO with many different aspects and ideas.
  7. I really like this site's new look. Holiday for the eyes. Happy birthday and anniversary G3!
  8. No, you don't. But if you do, be sure to take one afternoon free, make yourself a nice coffee and read each sentence carefully. But you should be perfectly fine with P5tweaks alone. All those mods should work with Unfinished business mods without problems.
  9. That is true but I interpreted that OP chose and meant P5tweaks without Tobex.
  10. I'm afraid this is not domain of Fixpack, there are couple of tweak mods which are dealing with those aspects. I don't know about resistance cap altering part but if you want to prevent losing loot with cold/freeze/petrification death you can set it up with Tobex. If you lack experience with that than this mod may be stuff you are looking for: http://www.shsforums...24586-p5tweaks/
  11. I will stick with old MiH 1.0 then. I downloaded it from PPG long time ago and always used it on my BG:TotSC playings. I had to correct some typos in Taerom's dialogue for Masamune sword quest to proceed correctly. I guess that you never finished "Amanda's dream" component, as in to actually put her CRE file in one of the houses in the FAI?
  12. Interesting. So this is the descendant of "Made in Heaven" mod for BG1 which was hosted originally at PPG and is now unavailable I presume? Is it still compatible with old vanilla BG?
  13. Class and stronghold specific quests in BG1?! Sounds like cool idea and real novelty. Too bad that it isn't compatible with old vanilla BG ( and yes, I agree this is unreasonable request because it involves boatloads of bother for how many players out there ... 10 maybe ) else I would try it immediately. Thumbs up for the idea!
  14. Of course it is possible, you can use those public liaisons as often as you like. But now on the thing that is confusing you, those guys do come back but only after a couple of days ( presumably they gone on grand tour with their new album which is named after your CHARNAME ).
  15. Hi Greenhorn. Sorry, for the issues with the 64-bit WeiDU. There are mods that require 64-bit WeiDU now (e.g., DLC Merger), so I figured using the x64 WeiDU was the best bet. I also wasn't aware Windows was still doing a 32-bit-only version; MacOS went 64-bit over 10 years ago. I'll have to create a new workflow to also create 32-bit WeiDU archives. Hey AstroBryGuy, yes, this issue came as complete ( unpleasant ) surprise for me, never even been aware of this potentially serious problem. I would be very grateful if more modders don't forget and take into account us technologicall
  16. Well, if we already discuss about big tweaks conglomerate ( catchy name, no ) I think this little gem certainly can't be overlooked: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/24586-p5tweaks/
  17. Actually, there are many things which prevent me to upgrade it, I'm not so keen to erase content of whole PC ( even with the backup something can go wrong, it wouldn't be the first time and I can't afford to lose some files from work ) just to upgrade it to its 64 version. But yes, you are right, I'm well aware that time has overrun my trusty old piece of junk of PC. Anyway, I tried second option and it worked like the charm! Thank you for your explanations and help.
  18. Nothing is wrong with the mod itself. Does you Windows 7 is 32-bit or 64-bit ? 32-bit. Why sudden discrimination against it ? There is only one download for Win, as far as I can see.
  19. You know, I thought that I seen it all, but this newest problem with BG1UB left me flabbergasted. So I decided to start new run of vanilla BG:TotSC and naturally downloaded updated versions of mods that I intended to play. When I tried to install BG1UBv.16 windows I saw this: and then all my mods locked up, like this: I deleted any trace of BG1UB in BG folder and installed older 15.2 version which was perfectly fine and unlocked other mods. So what in hell is wrong with v.16?
  20. This is wild guess but maybe dwarf in question was Krondor NPC: http://www.ironworksforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16142
  21. Hm, if I had to guess I would say that IIB isn't fixed yet ( and it never will it seems ). OK, thank you very much.
  22. Thanks for reply ( I didn't even see it until now). I meant first case. So in the nutshell, this means I can safely install them both and error reported for the Improved inventory BAMs mod is fixed?
  23. As requested: As for Khalid's hit points, I tried to investigate exact formula for multi class hit points. I found several ( sometimes contradictory ) explanations. If Khalid's hit points roll as you wrote ( random roll of 1-10 + 3 / 2 for fighter and RR of 1-4 + 2 / 2 for mage classes ) then indeed it is possible for him to roll only 2hp on first fighter level up. One formula specified that constitution hp always give bonus as follows: constitution of 17 for fighter/other multiclass always split hp bonus flat for 2 hp for fighter and 1hp for other class. Hence my confusion
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