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  1. Thanks for the info. BG is installed in C:\Games. So you're basically saying that altering the components of ANY mod after starting a game is a no-no? I had thought that the WeiDU installer was built to handle making changes to the components, at least on a limited, not wholesale, basis: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=24063.0. If those are UNINSTALL errors, then I can just ignore them, correct? If I'm understanding correctly, the real issue now is that I've gone and reinstalled SCS. You're saying that means there's a good chance I'm going to run in to bugs, even though SCS was (and still is) installed last in my mod order? My options are to continue playing and pray, or start over from scratch. I do have a fairly recent backup of my Games folder, made prior to doing any changes. Will my BGT install still run if I delete the current Games folder and restore the backup? Never actually attempted that before even though I keep the backups..
  2. There's no way to fix this? I'm thisclose to finishing Why does this happen? How can I prevent it from happening again? If I reinstall everything will that mean I need to start a new game? Or will I be ok to pick my current save games up where I left off? I noticed weird things sometimes happen when I've done this in the past.
  3. Anyone? I just uninstalled SCS completely, and installed it again from scratch after redownloading the files. Still same errors.
  4. GOG Baldurs Gate 2 Complete (no discs) - BGT - SCS v28 SCS setup is missing or unable to locate the following files in the Improved Durlag's Tower component: XR2400.ARE XR2600.ARE AX1H01 CDBREAK1 CDBREAK9 SW1H04 BLUN04 deathk.CRE gooddeat.CRE This is an existing install that I've been playing for a while without any issues to date. I was updating my SCS install to modify another component (Improved Doppelgangers, because the doppleganger's haste/mirror image scripts weren't triggering). I hadn't changed anything in the IDT component but when the installer updated my setup it returned the errors below. I don't recall seeing these errors in previous logs. What could be causing them? Is this going to cause issues when I run DT? Should I just uninstall this component or can I just play through as-is and be ok)? I appreciate any help. I haven't done Durlag's Tower in this run yet but I'm about ready to. Here's my most recent log of install errors, after I attempted to fix the issue by reinstalling the IDT component: Current WeiDU setup
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