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  1. Janissary

    Dynaheir Mod

    Far more than an extension into BG2, I'd rather see a mod that corrected or simply cut all the SoD Dynaheir content. I get that Beamdog saw a very different character than the NPC Project did, and all writing is taste based, but jeeeeez do I despise the tone and writing shift from BG1 NPC Project Dy to SoD Dy. And really, it's no fault of Beamdog, more a testament to how very well done the BG1 ended up being.... and perhaps suggestive of my love for Dune xD
  2. Janissary

    Kit Revisions (Monks)

    Eh, nevermind found out in game.
  3. Janissary

    ToB news

    For as small a game as ToB is 12 sound like more than enough to round it out. Looking forward to her hearing her interactions with Sarevok, Cespenar and Imoen. 7 with Haer'Dalis ! Whoah, were there that many more with the other tiefling in SoA? I don't remember that much interaction between the two of 'em, but it's been half a decade since I played Amber and I don't know if I ever brought the two of them along on the same journey. Sounds like something I need to rectify in my next playthrough. As for tossing out interjection suggestions... In Watcher's Keep there's the gambling cambion and extended mentions blood war mention in level 3 of W. Keep. Also, I think a number of npc's speak up about the "Imprisoned One" or the choice one has to make in his regards to that last level. I can't think of too much interesting in Saradush. There's an interesting part in the prison where the vampire big bad waxes poetic about how she stands no chance against you, a comment there about how powerful Amber and the Bhaalspawn have become at that point (or perhaps not so potent, given a planar perspective) could be interesting. The relationship between the witch and the Yaga Shura is one of the more interesting set up's in the game; maybe an opportunity for her comment. Then in the second half, well in Amkethran there's the lich with the Soul Stone and the smugglers (another opportunity for a parting shot at Saemon is often at the top of people's lists). In Sendai's lair, I've always thought it weird that the party can go 1,000 corpses deep in duergar gladiators without batting an eye. I know our favorite Bhaalspawn and company have more than exceeded the kill count of most any figure in Realms history, but it's a passing curiousity that no one complains about being forced to mow down slave warriors. In Abzigal's abode, meh, I dunno; that one's so campy I just try to get in and get. And Balthazar? I dunno, I don't think people play the vanilla ending much at all anymore with the option for Ascension on the table. Oh, lastly (thankfully, this post has dragged on enough) there's the personal trials that the Bhaalspawn goes through. While I don't think anyone would want or expect an interjection for each one, a chance to confinde in Amber after an especially jarring one (where the PC is monologued at by his/her mother seems an interesting choice) seems both in character and fertile ground for popping in a comment. Of course an interjection here might not translate so well for P2 romances. Okay, done bending your ear regarding interjections. 10 epilogues? Eeeee!
  4. Janissary

    ToB news

    "Has taken over" without consent of the original author, as far as I know. There would be other words for that, but I will not write them. Oof, I thought this sounded too good to be true. Thanks for calling out the BS for what it is Jastey.
  5. Janissary

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    My biggest complaint about the modding scene is the lack of very talented writers. That's not to say I don't enjoy the hell out of a myriad of quest and NCP mods, just that from the sample dialogue this one was shaping up to be excellent. Still looking forward to the possible mod, but I can definitely understand losing steam on a project and then feeling like it can't be picked back up. Either way wish you the best Bri.
  6. Janissary

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    That's pretty fantastic news, definitely looking forward to it =)
  7. Janissary

    Vynd Overview

    Heya, this still being worked on?
  8. Janissary

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    No need to apologize. Progress has been nil. I've been doing a lot of work for the Winter Wolves game (we are hoping to be done by early 2015). I know I need to set some time aside, and finish what little is left for Del's writing. It doesn't help I've been fighting in infection the last couple weeks; might see a little hospital time with it. Hiya Bri, hope you're feeling better. Just dropping by to let you know I'm still very excited at the prospect of the upcoming mod. Please take all the time you need, but know that there are still people following this mod with great interest. =D
  9. Janissary

    Things to come.

    Oooh, Anticipation!
  10. Janissary

    Things to come.

    Hmm, are all five npc's meant to work together as a sort of team evil canon party? Curious to see how this might flow into BG2 territory, ooh and the quests. Littlun and Flara seem especially awesome. And kudo's on t-he gallows humor, I can't remember anyone putting in any content referencing the rather garish/gruesome bandit scalping, but -that- little bit is hilarious.
  11. Janissary

    Things to come.

    This is hella exciting
  12. Janissary

    Preview: Driders

    1st. This sounds fantastic. It's like all the things I've always thought about the Drow but never found the voice to properly say. His inability to get along with Kivan is icing on the cake. 2nd. Do you plan for Vynd to be playable through BG 2 and ToB? 3rd. Cannot wait to take him along, he sounds pretty hilarious.