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    BG2 status

    Thank you for the quick answer SE, I actually meant saves from older gemrb versions, but I'm pretty sure its all fine. I believe I gave this project a try when it was around 0.6 or something, will give it another go now that I know what to expect. I'll also report any bugs I find obvisouly. Are you recommending the git version rather than stable? edit: what about BG1, is it working as well as 2? This project is awesome
  2. nerdy

    BG2 status

    Hi guys, I know there are topics about current games status and that most of them are "playable", but I'd like to have precisions. I gather BG2 works best with gemrb atm. Exactly what is different from the original game as of 0.8.1 ? What kind of bugs am I likely to encounter ? And a sidequestion, are gemrb saves backwards-compatible? Thanks
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